No One Can Change People’s Identify by Force

By Hailu T., Melbourne, Australia

The Kemant struggle for identity recognition and self-rule is legal, but the response of the Amhar Regional government is illegal and unconstitutional. When I read the Kemant’s lawful and constitutional request and on the contrary the regional government’s unlawful action has drawn my attention to take side in favor of oppressed Agaw Kemant people. I am one of this ethnic group which is called south agaw? The action taken by the Amhara government doesn’t consist with the EPRDF’s political principle and the Ethiopian constitution. I feel that current Ethiopian constitution treats and recognizes the rights of all nations and nationalities on equal basis.

My question is why Kemant Agaw treated differently and sent prison for demanding their constitutional right? The action of the amhra govrnemnt is ridiculous trying to make people amhra by using excessive force against lawful request lodged by the people. It is fact that Kemant were treated as second class citizens in their own country, like all other Agaws similar to the indigenous Australian. Now the time has passed, the new generation should not accept derogatory life in their own country, Ethiopia. We all Ethiopians should be treated equally before the law and constitution.

The request lodged by Kemant Agaw to the Federal government of Ethiopia is to restore their basic human right and human dignity they had lost for centuries. They are not calming compensation for the past social and political inequality. The demand is for future to gain their political and social justice equally as other Ethiopian fellows. Those people were absolutely denied their human rights directly and systematically.

I also would like to urge all agaws to stand together with Kemant Agaws to gain more political and economic rights. We also should support our other brothers and sisters in Gondar whom struggling for their human dignity. It is also important condemning the brutality of the Amahar regime for committing gross human right violation against the Kemants. The current situation in North Gondar can create hostility between all Agaws and the regime in the Amhara region. Because the regime’s action against Kemant is concerns of all Agaw and freedom loving people in Ethiopia.
Historical documents have proved that the designation, Agaw or Beta Israel, or Ethiopian Jews is description of the same people in the land of Kush, as Eldad identified. So, that, all people named Beta Israel or Jews must join the struggle for liberty and dignity, to reclaim the federal status in Gojjam and Gondar. As the same time, all Amahras should stand with their Agaw brothers and sisters in north Gonder to avoid further brutality.
Respecting Agaw as human being and citizen as equal as Amhara is important to live in harmony and peace. I’m also disappointed on the federal government of Ethiopian for ignoring kemants demand for recognition and self-rule in line with the Ethiopian constitution. The federal government of Ethiopia also has a major responsibility to safeguard the constitution and to implement the constitution which is currently violated by the Amahr aristocratic regime. Our people have been denied political and social justice for decade in North Gondar due to imposition of Amharaization. The regime has to change political orientation, it has to accept diversity and multiculturalism in the region; killing and arresting cannot bring a solution, but a create problem in future co-existence. Agaw should not and can’t accept brutality in North Gondar any more.

Still I believe the main political principle of the current government and its constitution is recognizing the right of all nations and nationalities and granting self-determination. This right is set in article 39 in the current Ethiopian constitution published in 1995. I urge the federal government of Ethiopia to intervene immediately in crisis ongoing in North Gondar.

A joint committee is required which is comprises all Agaws to assess the situation and to plan what to do in the future. I also would like to thanks to the web, for giving this opportunity to discuss the matter concerning the Agaw people as a whole. I’m proud of Kemants, keep up millions are behind you.

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One Response to No One Can Change People’s Identify by Force

  1. What is going on in Gondar? Hailu Tessema says:

    3>What is going on in Gondar?
    My comment to ANDM and its secret political wings.
    Recently Gondar city has witnessed an unprecedented unrest.It is obvious that organised and financed by Bete Amhara movement and Gondar Hibret in association with Region 3 senior cadres. The aim of the revolt in Gondar is not clear. My concern is it may be to destabilise and innocent citizens claiming self-rule and recognition.
    The campaign is launched by Bete Amhara and Gondar Hibret in association with ANDM senior cadres is probably to impose the old system on the Ethiopian people by force. These forces are working together to bring back the buried system. The system planned to be imposed on the Ethiopian people by these chauvinists has previously, caused instability in Ethiopia for a long time. It is rejected and refused by all Ethiopians due to not treating all nations and nationalities in equal terms.
    The aim of Bete Amhara and Gondar Hibret is to impose a new name on the Amharic speakers. The name Bete Amhara was previously the name of some area in South Wollo, and now they are trying to rename the whole area of Gondar, Gojam, and Wollo. It is important to consider Gojam’s name as a historical example. If the name Gojam is changed by other peoples without the consent of the Gojam people, that unacceptable. Gojam has been also currently has given to Amhara name without their consent. As we know Gojam, Gondar and Wollo provinces are embracing different nationalities.
    Continuing imposition of amharization on people affiliated with different ethnic backgrounds is the biggest concern of the non-Amhara ethnics who live in those areas. Amharising of people in Gondar, Gojam and Wollo is still ongoing in these areas. The movement erupted recently in Gondar is very dangerous and creates fear and frustration for non-Amhara who live in harmony in the aforementioned areas with other groups of people.
    Agew is a large nation in Ethiopia and has it is own language, culture and history. The majority of Agew live in Gondar, Wollo and Gojam in harmony with other nations and nationalities. The current tension in the region 3 captured my attention to express concern in relation to the political issue in the region, particularly the unfair treatment and discrimination toward Kemants. The Kemant claim is the major issue still unresolved in the region due to a lack of willingness to address the issue seriously. On the contrary, the authority in the region has made the matter more complicated.
    The main reason for tension in Gonder was against the Ethiopian government was due to the security force attempting to apprehend the Welkait identity committee. The Gonder inhabitants have interfered by opposing the law enforcement bodies’ activities in the city of Gondar. The tension has escalated and it has invited the people of Gondar to stage demonstrations against the activity of the law enforcement bodies. People gathered at Meskal square passed clear messages to the Kemant people and the government of Ethiopia. The messages were direct and indirect; the direct message was to Agew Kemants to make them silent by passing hallow and intimidating messages.
    The demonstrators were condemning the Kemant coordinating committee for identity recognition and self-rule. The major aim of the committee is coordinating the people of Kemant to stand for their rights. Demonstrators have been saying that Amhara and Kemants are one people but those who work to divide them should be prosecuted. Kemant self-rule and identity recognition committee works peacefully according to the Ethiopian constitution, therefore what is the committee’s wrong to be prosecuted? The message passed aganist the committee was denying people’s rights under false messages that give opportunities to the Amhara to keep superiority over Agew Kemant forever.
    Demonstrators were also demanding Kemant’s to stop claiming that which is granted by the Ethiopian constitution which is equality and social justice and to administer the area they live in. The demanders also called kemants to stop the constitutional right mentioned due to the social relation between Amhara and Kemant people. The demonstrators’ demands wish to deny Kemants’ their right to be their own self. This kind of demand is an offence and against humanity and at the same time can be considered as an insult to Kemants.
    The role of the Kemant committee is striving to make the area stable and secure by resolving the chronic administrative problems that have been going on for a long time and that divides citizens in the area into first class and second class. Still, such disparity in rights which has been imposed by the old system works in region 3 against Agew people as a whole. Opposing the Agew Kemants’ movement for equality and social justice is unacceptable and it creates tension between two brotherhood peoples: the Amhara and Agews as a whole. The recent targeting of Agew politicians who work for the ANDM is a sign of the existence of racial tension in the region 3. The region embraces Agew and Amhara nations, however, it is unfortunately named by one ethnic group, the Amharas, thus ignoring the existence of the Agew nation in the region
    It is unfortunate to hear from Gondar demonstrators such kinds of messages that condemn the committee that works peacefully by upholding the Ethiopian constitution and law. The purpose of the committee is to bring justice and equality to their community. Condemning the blessed operation which is conducted by the Kemant coordination committee is considered as standing against the principle of the committee. Denying equality and social justice creates misunderstanding and conflict between the Kemant and Amhara peoples. It is important to support each other to bring justice and equality in the region 3. The practice of disparity and the domination of non-Amhara ethnics in the region have been far too prevalent. Now it is time to establish social justice that makes all citizens in the area equal and respected. Condemning people who are doing the right thing for the community is against civilisation and it is against the human right’s principles.
    At the end, I would like to recommend the following changes/advice to be adhered to in the region 3 to correct misrepresentation and to make all ethnics equal:

    1. Region 3 must hold Agew and Amhara’s name
    2. Agew politicians must withdraw from ANDM
    3. Agew people should be represented by their own people instead of being represented by ANDM
    4. ANDM should stop representing the Agews because ANDM is not ethnically part of the Agew nation
    5. Agew’s basic human rights that have been violated by the ANDM and its secret political wings should be respected and upheld
    From Awi Agew Kimant Diaspora

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