To Kemant leadership and wlka

By Kenaw T

Recently, I heard the unconfirmed news that Womber Muluneh Mersha is passed away and the source of the news is from individuals; on the other hand, it’s simply through the mouth of words. Then, I was waiting for the Kemant leaders or local media to publish it onto one of the major websites such as wlka. Days and weeks passed by but nothing happens. Then, I came to the conclusion if Womber Muluneh Mersha is actually passed away or not.

If indeed, Womber Muluneh Mersha is passed away, then I would be very disappointed by the profession which handles the information. Then, I am asking the following questions: Is that true our religion leader do not deserve the media attention? Or is it true that still we are living unrecognized? Or just this is the orthodox leadership intention to not to say anything about our religious leader just because we are converted into Amhara by a virtue of accepting Christianity?

My point is that one of our major problems is that we are mixing religion and ethnicity. We heard several times that Kemants are Amhara just because we are accepting Christianity either by force or by systematic means. Therefore, Kemant religion is extinct! That is not true!!!

Womber Muluneh Mersha is our iconic religion leader and we want to know what happened to him! Many international organizations from the University of California Berkeley, from Cambridge university press, and many more world scholars know Womber Muluneh Mersha and they deserve to know what happened to him!

I am sorry that I put up such a tough comment but I am sure we have still a rough road ahead and that bumpy road gets worst if we don’t get up and speak up about who we are. The more reorganization we have is the better. We are not what a lot of people want us to be. The true nature of us always remains with us and someone can’t change it to what we are not. “Kemants are neither created nor destroyed”. I have equated Kemants to the famous 16th century science principle “matter is neither created nor destroyed”, by Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794). Antoine tried to show us the law of conservation of mass and energy so we should not think we create or destroy matters. Kemants the same way existed from the beginning of the earth and lived for many centuries (not created by any form of government) and will continue without being destroyed.

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2 Responses to To Kemant leadership and wlka

  1. Kibrat D says:

    Mr. Kenaw,
    Thanks for your comments. I information I have is Wambar Muluna Mersha is actually passed away. Regard to the news coverage, as you know, wlka is only our media which stood with us in the past 3-years in the time of sorrow or happiness. This time, wlka couldn’t cover the news on the departure of Wambar. I’m not administrator, but information I have about wlka currently is wlka has been facing system incapacity following its hardware components stricken by lightening. You see, wlka operates behind security wall provided with a small router. Because of the accident, its system is currently incapable of supporting videos, even its capability routine functions reduced by 80%. Use of a rental source for global connection is unsafe and costly. In Kenya market, a small router costs about US$3,800. This is beyond wlka’s financial capacity. Remember, wlka does not use commercial ad for income generation, because its agreement prohibits such ads. I believe silet of some ANDM members seems heard by St. George. One ANDM cadre said, my prayer is always St. George to destroy wlka.

  2. Kenaw T says:

    Mr. Ambaw,

    Please check the format of your founts. It came unreadable format and if you actually give me a value added feekback, then I want to know what it was and please relpy in a readable format.

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