Kemant Political Prisoners in North Gondar, Ethiopia

Kemant Political Prisoners in Gondar, Ethiopia
The people indicated the above photographs are among 34 political prisoners remained still in detention. They are from Chilga district. Accordingly, if they committed crime, their case supposed to handle in their judicial district, but they been detained in Dabat Prison, 140 km away from their home district in contrary to civil and criminal codes of the nation. They had been in the custody since April 7, 2014, but no charged has been lodged against them.

The prisoners have been on hunger strike since April 29, 2014, for an indefinite period of time. Its objective is to protest injustice committed against them. The prisoners notified all concerned government organs in writing on the hunger strike before taking effect one week ago.

According to close observers, there are two political reasons, for their detention. Firstly, demanding self-government in accordance with Ethiopian Constitution 1995, Article 39. Secondly, joining the political parry, AgDP which licensed by National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). For instance, Mrs. Yerome Malede in the middle is the AgDP central committee member. She was harassed by a police, interrogator allegedly being “a member of illegal party”, her answer was to the interrogator simple and straight, my party is legal and I will continue proudly my affiliation with the party. She added since you don’t know difference between a legal and illegal entity, I have right not be interrogated by you, and she kept silent. On the next day, another investigator was assigned to interrogate her.
Some observers believe that Amhara Region is still live in a jungle of law despite rhetoric they noise about democracy and the rule of law; in the reality, they act against it. The observers say imagine, how political party licensed by National Election Board of Ethiopia should be labeled as illegal. Photo was taken when they were on their way to court although no charge has been made.
In related news, Gondar City residents whom had a meeting with Mr. Gedu Andargachew, the Regional Governor on April 28, requested the Kemant prisoners be released without delay. Mr. Gedu promised to work for their release. Many non-Kemant Gondar residents wonder why Kemants have been deprived the rights of self-rule since it is the political system of the country allows.

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