16 to 18, April 160 Kemants Detained

In Ethiopia, Gondar, on April, 18, 2014, wlka’s informant contacted Aykel Police Station sent the following report: Since April 16 to date 160 people have been arrested following clash broke up after police started beating people whom were discussing on an examination issue with respective instructors and district education officers. The instructors held consultation with parents and students on an exam issue. The students have been on boycott to press for release of more than 60-Kemant political prisoners since March.
While the people gathered, a group of a special force began beating randomly and created chaos. The force is led by Desire Aseme, Head of Regional Security and his colleagues (Commander Worku, Inspector Yewubdar and Zewdu Amare). According the police source, 15-students haven hospitalized, 10 of them suffering from serious bone fracture. The police source also claimed 20-police men have been hospitalized due to injuries sustained during the incident. Following the event, the special force in collaboration with the local police has detained 160 people including 16 high school teachers, and many women and children (students). Some observers stated that some of detainees have been released.
Defense force was called to take measures against the residents, but after assessing the situation, the defense force declined to take measures. It reportedly said, there was no problem on the public side and pointed its finger on the administration. It was also reported that one of a senior official at Federal Security saying, reports submitted by Regional Security on Kemant’s alleged crime was fake, drama and they have cheated us by giving the false report.

In related news, on April 11, clash took place between residents and police, caused the death of 4 to 5 people and 1-police lost his eye, in Bahir Dar City, Kebele 13, known as Geter Menged. According to neighbors, the incident occurred as a municipal task force demolished the residents’ houses. The city municipality claimed the houses were illegally constructed and must be removed. But, the residents argued their occupation is legal and living almost for the decade, but they couldn’t secure the paper from the municipal office because they didn’t have money to bribe the municipal officials who put the condition to complete the paper work.

Gafat & Este

In the month of April, detention took place beyond Kemant areas. Some source claimed 60 peasants have been detained in Este, 110 km east of Bahir Dar. The same source stated that 50 farmers have been detained in Mecha, 33 km south of Bahir Dar. The cause of detention is the farmers’ refusal to give up the land under their ownership for development. In both cases, assault took place between the farmers and the government cadres. In the case of Mecha damage of a vehicle reported. Nowadays, Gafat area, especially, Este has been given serious attention, as some people speculate, Gafat will be another revolutionary frontier if the Kemant’s peaceful revolution succeeds. In the 2013, Este representatives who attended so called a security conference appreciated the Kemant’s struggle for dignity on the open discussion.

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One Response to 16 to 18, April 160 Kemants Detained

  1. Wambar says:

    Wambar Muluna Mersh, Kemant’s religious and cultural leader passed away almost his 80. His funeral supposedly took place outside of Aykel, North Gondar, Ethiopia on 23rd of April. On basis of Kemant’s traditional religion called Worship of Abraham, Wambar performs ritual duties, like the high priest of Orit. wlka has not reported news on the death, which means it has not yet received news. I cannot blame wlka, it does not have divine eyes or ears, how it know unless we send news.
    From: Yeshi wondson

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