More than 2,000 Students on Hunger Strike

A source from Aykel stated that more than 2,000 high school students are on hunger strike starting from this morning. The students are from Sereve and Aykel high schools. Some students also have joined them from junior high schools. The students have taken the measures to show their sympathy for more than 60 Kemant detainees whom in custody since the early March for their political views. The victims have been detained for demanding self- government in their area in accordance with Ethiopian Constitute. The students chanted and demanded the release of the detainees, and they said they would not return to the school unless they are freed. One farmer who observed the students said, “it is better to die with dignity rather than living without freedom.”

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3 Responses to More than 2,000 Students on Hunger Strike

  1. Balaaw: UN says:

    Kemants have no children at Diaspora? If they do, why they don’t write a letter of appeal to a permanent security members and UN Security Council ongoing genocide in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. You might heard what happened on the students. Once, the appeal to the Ethiopian Federal Government submitted and nothing is done to stop. The next step is submitting an appeal to the UN and the countries of permanent Security members. The Diaspora Kemants have to do their own way. The people inside the country cannot do this, you know the answer.

    • Ras Kassa says:

      Well, most of us from diaspora are very confused about the real situations. Is the conflict between the few Amhara elites and Kemant people or between government and Kemant people? If the conflict is between the few Amhara people, then we should fight, if howevere it’s with the government, should then we stop?

  2. Kabebe Digu says:

    Ras Kassa, whether our struggle is with a few Chauvinist Amharas or the government, our struggle must be unfolding. The struggle for liberty will stop only when the Kemant people are free in a sense that the Kemants are treated equally as the Ethiopian citizens. Did Tigreans or Eritreans cease their struggle during the Derg time, because of the power of balance? Some Tigreans say today you should not frustrate because of the situation. Oromos in land say today you should expect sacrifice of life not only detention since it is Amhara Region, democracy and equality is bitter. So, what are you talking about? What is expected from doing your share, financial support and working with human right agencies and international media. As you know, even though we do speak Amharic, the Amharic media is not ours that why Radio German and VOA do not cover the Kemant issue.

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