Questions to Human Rights Watch

My kind question goes primarily to Human Rights Watch Africa. Indeed, Human Rights Watch had valuable reputations in eyes of ordinary people for its strong, uncompromisable position on human right issues in the continent. Nowadays, the Human Rights Watch Africa seems not upholding its principles and values regard to human rights. I believe that there can be many reasons for down grading its stand, for example, due to:
1. Lack of information ongoing human right violations, including the absence of an easily reachable contact person who can provide in writing and orally detail report in a specific case and remind frequently.
2. The presence of misleading employees within the Human Rights Watch itself for their political or ethnic interests. These employees conceal a report they received for “virtue” of being agents of HRW, or create false impression in order to diverse the agency’s focus.
3. Human Rights Watch is probably compromising on the universality of human rights and covering only issues the Western powers’ political fever is high.
The reason, I’m forwarding these questions is since March 2014, more than 60 innocent Agaw-Kemant ethnic members have been abducted and detained by a government security force in North Gondar, Ethiopia. Twenty-nine of them have been held in the remote areas, the places called Debark & Debat, inaccessible to their families and visitors (Read Report). The reason for abduction and detention is Kemant’s demand for self-government, like other ethnic groups in Ethiopia, in accordance with Ethiopian Constitution 1995, Article 39. Despite gross human right violation has been committed in the region, I have never heard any thing from Human Rights Watch Africa and other western agencies. What is the reason? Are these people not humans? These people do not deserve respect of their human rights? I kindly look forward to hearing clarification from the HRW.
Balaw Awoke

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3 Responses to Questions to Human Rights Watch

  1. yohannes says:

    Thank you Balewu for your view. Every orginization has its own mission. Who knows, workers in the Human Right Watch may have an agenda which is not really about the right of people. But what ever they do and think, the truth will win later. God bless Ethiopia!!!!!

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