Four Kemants Killed, 50 Arrested and Oromos Feared for Their Life

According to a source wanted to remain in anonymous for personality safety, in Metema, Sudan border, four Kemants killed by a regional security force organized from districts of Alefa, Belasa and Dembya. The raid was made in the past weekend. Unconfirmed information indicates that the security force has been organized and supervised by Regional Security Chief Dessie Aseme. Other 50 Kemants arrested while some in their farming areas and others from their home. The same source reported that campaign was planned to uproot Kemants from their homelands to resettle other people politically suitable to the regime. More than 60-Kemanmts abducted by the security force in the early and middle of March are still in detention without charge (details may be updated as soon as the information is available).
About 700 Oromos who took part nation-wide sport games in Bahir Dar City were heard talking about fear of their life. One of Oromo young men called back home and said, “pray for our safety”. Another described that he would retaliate the aggressors when return home. Observers of stadium shouted “Gala, Gala, we are neftegnes” in the afternoon March 26. In the meanwhile, many people who consider themselves non-Amhara left the stadium in the protest, insult against the Oromos. Some observers believed that howlers likely organized and assigned by a clandestine entity supervised by Yaragel & Merhatibeb and the observers thought genocide in the region is imminent. What is paradoxical to this view is both named officials are active senior advisers of the regional government. There was also physical fighting between the people who identified themselves Amharas and Oromos. The observers also claimed police sided with the local people and beat the Oromo men.Consequently, some people taken to custody, no official charge was filed to date in any of them. On the closing day, March 30, Sport Commissioner, Mr. Abdisa and President Mulatu came to the stadium to give closing remarks, but their speeches were subjected to interruption by repeated shouting from audience.

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5 Responses to Four Kemants Killed, 50 Arrested and Oromos Feared for Their Life

  1. Mamo says:

    why you have linked two different headings non-similar news in a single statement, “Four Kemants Killed, 50 Arrested” and “Oromos Feared for Their Life”? How?

    • Mulu gojam says:

      Hi mamo i fully agree with your comment, why he talk different issues, kimant, oromo, he should go to school to learn sceintific writting rather than throwng poison to People or to be woyane slave

  2. T-Jamber says:

    New Updates: Some Corrections!

    I have read the news posted about the death of 4 Kemnats and the arrest of 50 Kemants at the border of Sudan. As of such information, I have tried to gather the truth on the ground and I came to know that corrections are needed. I feel must carefully examine its source of information before dissemination since no one will be benefited from unconfirmed information. Yes, these are the facts on the report:
    1) 4 kemants were killed and burned in public and 1 kemant was injured by organized “Salugs” from South Gondar;
    2) 4 persons from South Gondar were again killed and 3 persons from South Gondar were injured by unknown revenge takers;
    3) following such destruction of lives, police could arrest 11 persons (8 kemants and 3 persons from Dembia) out of suspicion for the homicide against persons from South Gondar;
    4) Now, the trial of the arrested persons are ongoing before the Metema woreda court;

  3. Mizigena says:

    Congratulations of ANDM officials,
    The war drum you have been beating for the last 20 years start to attract people to dance in it. Believe it or not you will pay the higher cost for what you have done sooner or—–

  4. mega says:

    Kkkk…who is writing this rubbish? I dougt that only government cadres do that not the Amhara and Oromo people. The writer byhimself had lack of trust. It is a one sided story, trash.

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