Security Starts Collecting Signature on Gunpoint

A reliable source wants to remain in anonymous for personal security informed wlka on the latest security operation against the will of the Kemant people. The security team called Task Force comprised of local Kebele chiefs, local ruling party cadres has begun going house-to-house to force residents on gunpoint to sign on a petition document prepared by the same security force. The statement of the petition document reads as follows:
1. The Kemant Committee members currently under control (in detention) are threat to peace and development. Subsequently, I support the measures taken by the government against them.
2. The Kemant Study Committee assigned by the House of Federation is illegal, has no binding power in the destiny of the Kemant people, and I utterly reject its involvement in the process.
Besides collecting the signatures on gunpoint, families of local ruling party members are persuaded or pressured to sign on the petition document. Those who displayed hesitation are warned about associated consequences including confiscation of their lands, but not limited. In addition to traveling house to house and forcing the people to sign on the petition document, the Security Force has also issued directives, the residents to attend public gatherings sponsored by the same today and tomorrow. According to the same source, the purpose of the public meeting is to condemned the detainees and collect more signatures. The process has been already in effect since yesterday in Lay Armachiho, Chilga and Metema districts, in Gondar, Amhara Region. As reported by wlka and other sources, March 7-9, 2014, more than 60 Kemant activists who have coordinated the struggle for democracy including autonomy for self-government in their area have been arrested or abducted and still kept in detention without due justice.

Updated on March 16

Wlka tonight received information that signals the reverse of the situation. The planned public gathering sponsored by the security was unsuccessful to date. The people rejected the move regardless of threats. Mr. Gizat Abyi who has been instrumental in execution of the operation reportedly apologized for what happened to the committee members. He stated also the Kemant’s request was constitutional, yet the committee members’ behaviors somewhat inappropriate and they would be released, according to a close source from Aykel.

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5 Responses to Security Starts Collecting Signature on Gunpoint

  1. mizigina says:

    Living Behind their Time
    Amhara officials are living behind their time. They are in the 21st century in time series but think like they are yet in the 16th, forcefully conversing people. The end result is changing Qemant to Amhara rather they are explicitly exposing how Amhara people are politically constructed. What they are doing now is the live example what has been done so far.

    • azmach deglehan says:

      what do you mean when you say this?
      “they are explicitly exposing how Amara people are politically constructed”
      who has a right to do ?
      your enemy is not the Amara people. find you correct target.

      • Mizigena says:

        Hi man cant’ u distinguish between Amhara officials and Amhar people? If u are defending your Amhara officials, I will reiterate my word they are behind the time definitely

  2. ESAT says:

    Thanks to wlka, which published Mr. Misigena’s critical comments on ESAT, it is now giving some coverages on the Kemant issue, but the coverages is only in Amharic. The Kemant issue in English program is not covered. Why that? The ESAT wants to hide the crime against the Kemant people from the international comment?

    From: Yihuna-alu

  3. Empty Diaspora says:

    Thanks to wlka, all of us read the report what happened to Kemants since March. Diaspora’s threat was empty. Most of them are still mentally slaves and cannot come forward to defend their rights, but beat the drum of ashikernet. They talked about demonstration at White House and Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. Leave alone demonstration even they couldn’t submit the report to any human rights agency. They didn’t either provoke any relevant media to give coverage. I can understand preparing the report to human write agencies may be challenge part, which needs experiences, and they could ask support from Americans. There are so many Americans like to involve in the human rights issue.
    We should not wonder on Regional Security Chief, Dessie’s remark last week at a meeting. He was reportedly stated that the action we took on Kemants is legal and rightful. If we were wrong the federal government couldn’t keep silent; if were not right our critical fault finders, so called human right agencies, like Doctors without Border and Human Rights Watch could have beat the drum against us. But, they didn’t because our action is justifiable and in continuity whenever a situation dictates.

    From: Bayene A

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