Number of Detainees Reached 60

by Jamber T

A tangible source indicated that, the number of arrested Kemants or representatives of Kemants reached above 60. They have been split in different locations and held in bad conditions: 14 in Debark prison, 18 in Dabat Prison, 23 in Metema police station and 3 in Tikil Dingay police station. The detained persons are claiming that they have been arrested for the simple reason that they have requested the constitutional rights, Kemant identity and self-rule recognition. All arrested persons are made under custody without a charge or conviction against the spirit very Article 17 of the FDRE Constitution…. They are far away from their relatives to be visited, unavailability of food, cloth and other materials, which are against their constitutional rights…
Other tangible sources indicated again, tension is becoming harder and harder within the Kemant community. Every Kemant, it can be said, is very annoyed by what the regional government officials had taken against the innocent Kemant people while they had working the assignments of the so called public officials (respecting the supremacy of the constitution). The very funny thing is that these officials had taken silly measures to suppress the constitutional rights of the Kemant people while the study committee from the House of Federation was conducting its official duties. Now, the Study Committee has finished its study in peaceful way by the due cooperation of the kind and wise people of Gondar in general. The Kemant community, particularly the farmers have been patient until the Study Committee from the House of Federation will complete and leave the locality, or finish the study in peaceful way. But, now it seem confusing what will happen in the future immediately after the Study Committee has finished its duties is unpredictable since people lost their hope in the system. As sources report, as of few days, the local arbitrators (shimagles) from both sides (Kemants and Amharas) have tried to approach the zonal administrator (who has been instrumental in execution) as go-between. They have aired out their concerns and feelings after the unexpected massive arrest. They warned the government that the current conditions are not good within and around Kemant community unless such government take positive measures. As sources told, the negotiation between the Kemant community and the government officials by such local arbitrators is ongoing.

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  1. Please watch documentary here. Brothers and Sisters, let us support EthioTube for posting this video and expose the suffering of the Kimant by using the comment section on EthioTube.–Community-members-of-Qimant-talk-about-language-extinction

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