AgDP’s Press Release on Kemant Detention

The AgDP Executive Committee held an emergency session on Kemant issue on March 9, 2014 afternoon. The committee discussed and appraised ongoing detention against Kemant people which is unacceptable, violation of constitutional and human rights. The Kemant people’s quest for cultural and political rights including setting up self-government in their area is legitimate, inline with the FDRE Constitution, Article-39. Thus, rather than using violence as a means of coping strategy with the democratic question, their demand should have been resolved in a peaceful political process. The committee has realized that since March 7, 2014, 53-Kemants have been abducted or arrested and kept in detention. Especially, twenty-nine of them are held in an inaccessible location for families, visitors and legal and medical services and the situation is very critical.

After assessing the situations, the AgDP Executive Committee has passed the following resolutions on the matter:
1. Kemant people’s quest for self-rule and equal treatment is legitimate by any political standard and deserves a constitutional solution.
2. The current violent campaign against the Kemant people by the state, which supposedly provide safety and security, is violation of the constitution and human rights.
3. What is happening against the Kemant people is an actual indication of the absence of a political system that guarantees lasting peace and stability in the region, which may be replicated elsewhere in the country.

Therefore, the committee calls on regional, federal, international community and all concern bodies to take immediate measures to stop violence, release detainees, and find lasting constitutional solutions to the people’s request by guaranteeing self government, which is a vital cause for the current crisis in the region.

All Human Beings Deserve Respect for Their Human Rights

Agaw Democratic Party/AgDP
March 9, 2014

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2 Responses to AgDP’s Press Release on Kemant Detention

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  2. yohannes says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable and never be thing on this 21st century. The only solution for the case is managing the issue accordingly.

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