Demonstration, Arrest/Abduction Continues

Approximately more than 25,000 people demonstrated in protest to abduction of 29-Kemant Coordinating Committee members on March 7, 2014 by a regional government security apparatus. Demonstration took place at the town of Metema Yohannes, North Gondar, Sudanse border. The demonstrators in four corners showed up and first police tried to chase them, but after while left them alone and took positions in every corner of street. Representatives of Amhara, Awi and Wag made remarks for the audience. The informant observed the event at 11: am in the local time. The number participants believed to increase as people arrive from rural kebeles.

More arrest and abduction:

From Metema District, Sunday morning prior to demonstration:

1. Melaku Tesfa (Chairperson of Metema)
2. Yegnanew Eshetie
3. Abate Asres
4. Yismaw Belay
5. Melkamu Bacha
6. Asnakew Mengistu
7. Aschalew Tefera
8. Yaekob Maru
9. Mulat Takele
10. Asmarew ayelign

From Chilga District (afternoon):
1. Mekashaw Aabew
2. Amare mazengiaw
3. Abiyu Fisseha
4. Tarekegn Gedamu
5. Abuneh Alemu

From Gonder City(afternoon):
1. Endeshaw Bogale (Executive Member)
2. Mulat Legesse (Executive Secretary)
3. Wubet Alemu
4. Meseret Tesfahun

The total committee members under detention since March 7 are 51. On March 8, there was also unconfirmed rumor that three persons from the Dangla town (south of Bahir Dar) were taken to unspecified location and warned for allegedly agitating people for demonstration.
In the related news, the latest investigation has indicated that what happened to 29-Kemant Coordinating Committee members of Chilge and Lay Armachiho is abduction not usual arrest, because:
1. Abductors didn’t display their identity even though they said they were ordered by the regional security chief;
2. The victims have been taken away inaccessible destination for their families, visitors, legal & medical services;
3. The assault took place in the dark time.

Updated March 12

Three more people arrested in Lay Armachuho District on March 11. The latest campaign is waged for holding demonstration last Sunday at the Metema Yohannes. Holding peaceful demonstration after notifying concerned body is legal under Ethiopian Constitution.

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  1. yohannes says:

    Please stand for the truth!!! ” LINEGA SIL YMESHAL”

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