Updates on Arrested People

by Jamber T

Yes, it is true that about 30 active Kemant Coordinating Committee
members and other active supporters including traders from both
woredas–Chilga and Lay Armachiho have been arrested and taken away to
Dabat and Debark prisons on Friday, 07/03/2014. It is also rumored that the leading committee members at zonal level (in Gondar town) are going to be
arrested by the regional government. Yesterday, there was a dialogue
between the administrator of North Gondar (Mr. Gizat Abiyu) and the
the leading committee members concerning the situations of arrest in
Chilga and Lay Armachiho woredas. It has been reported that the
administrator is highly determined to take such committee members to
jail since they are found to be “criminals” by their definitions by the
mere pretext of rule of law. As per his words, he could do the same.
The arrest of such committee members was conducted at the same time
starting at 5 a.m at night yesterday. The reason for such an
unexpected action taken against our brothers and sisters by the
government officials is surely deduced to be the intervention of the
federal government (the House of Federation) in neutral and genuine
manner. It is highly believed that the action of arrest by the
government officials is to abort the ongoing study by the research
committee organized by the House of Federation. According to source,
the members of the research committee are very annoyed by the gross
arrest of the kemant coordinating committee and they have already
determined to go ahead till the final stage by resisting the
challenges. The rest committee members (not arrested yet) have
discussed the issues and have taken decisions and some urgent
measures. Among such decisions and measures:
1) scrutinizing the motives behind the arrest, it has been triggered to create fear among the kemant people, of course, the Kemant people need to be patient and
cooperative until the ongoing study by the research committee of the
house of federation is completed at any cost whatsoever arrest or measures
are/will be taken by the regional government;
2) to achieve such decision, the incumbent or unrestrained committee
members have already established other committee members who can run
the duties in place of arrested committee members at all levels;
3) to support the arrested committee members in Dabat and Debark
prisons in terms of food, cloth, legal advice and other issues;
4) to report and submit the petition to the concerned government
organs and this has been already done;
As a general direction, the incumbent committee has called the Kemant
community at large to cooperate unreservedly for continuing the
peaceful struggle whatsoever challenges we may face and whatsoever
committee members at all levels may be arrested!
Freedom of Kemant will win over Soon!

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