Hello to all Ethiopian Diasporas

by Kenaw Tarekeng

By now, we all have enough information about what has been to the Kemant people back home. Kemants have been asking the local and federal governments about their constitutional rights on the basis of article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution. Their goal is crystal clear; they want self administration, for social and economical developments and identity restoration like all other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. They are not asking to create a new law or to change an existing law; they are not asking for separation either. If we support genuinely Agaw ethnic identity, then there is no reason why we can’t support kemant for the same reason. The two groups are two sides of the same coin.

Knowing the fact that their request is constitutional and beneficial not only to kemant people, but also to all ethnics; and knowing the fact that their request is beneficial not only to our generation, but also to many generations to come, we shall contribute our share of efforts. We should not expect something from nothing and we can’t wait for the good things to come for free. Our family and friends back home are paying the most difficult prices. They are forced to go to detention areas just because they ask constitutional rights. Amhara leaders are taking their freedom away from them. This is the most challenging time for our history and we are going to face more challenges. Diasporas should not close their eyes. It is just not the right time to ignore innocent farmers imprisoned for the crime they don’t commit. Please don’t ignore them. Instead, we should pay our share of the prices. The price is very simple. We should provide moral, financial, and material supports.

Best Regards,

Kenaw Tarekeng
Control Systems Engineer
Boeing Company

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2 Responses to Hello to all Ethiopian Diasporas

  1. tiru says:

    Dear all the aim of their orders and the major action and intention is to disturb the peaceful procedures of the kimant self rule and self governance asking procedures. Those evil minded, who cannot read and understand, and interpret even they could not know what is happening after here. they are the one who are directly involved in the processes of detention and throwing these committee members into the custody of some where Debark and Dabat. why, it may not be easy for our community members, they may deny or refuse of giving food which is fundamental human right. they took more than 30 committee members and took them to custody. If you know those who are involved in arresting please send information their names and let as upload their names through internet and let the Ethiopian community let them know what they are doing, because it is better to disclose their evil deeds and let our community know who our enemies are and identify from our friends it has advantage to let them know their errors.
    How they are seen legally with in limited hours and which courts seen their issue taking form their original places where food and family visits are available. If they took them why didn’t take them to Gondar town which is the center instead of taking them some 75 or 100 kilo meters passing Gondar town. It is to psychologically punish them. the worst may be by their evil mind. The Dergue Regime was once thrown the innocent civilians threw them to the over hanging cliff at Lima Limo which is found some five killo meters from Dabark. What is the reason and the intention of taking them to Dabark. If they did they are declaring war against the community members and never think it is easy as before with what Melaku Tefera and his followers did some years before it is another time and now it is another arena and never thing it will be easy. Is that illegal arresting legal committee running peaceful procedure which are stated in the constitution of the country. the committee is running action which is recognized by the federal government of Ethiopia established with the legal procedures of and with the willingness of the Federal ministry of Justice of he federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. It is to hide information and hide their errors or making them frustrate or to show their power and continue their chauvinist acts as before.
    Those who you are involved in arresting, giving orders and taking and participation directly and indirectly should stand and think over the position and the issues of the being in custody due to your corruption and coming to stand on your foot, even your current action of disturbing peaceful committee member and the general community. You are against, not an individual but millions, no one will excuse this issue because you are against the will and the laws of the country. We will face you on legal procedures.
    If you are to make your bosses happy they will not respond you or give answers on behalf of you because they themselves do not escape from being asked and even they don’t have knowledge of their own and even could not respond for themselves. there is an Amharic proverb saying that “A husband of a donkey could not escape from being eaten by hyena.”
    I will remind the higher officials to release all of them and ask those who are involved the psychological trauma they did on them is very high we need to pay cost for that and the government should see the issue and relate with what they are doing those who were the officials of Dergue took our community members with the same road as they were taking them and threw them to the cliff. Please see the same issue is happening, those Dergue butcher are doing the same thing and they may do the same we do not have guarantee and measure to release them should be done before evil action is decided by those chauvinists.
    I think the higher official should make immediate decision before the worst comes and release them if not take them to their home towns or to the Zonal town Gondar, the very amazing town our fathers Kemants constructed.

  2. Diaspora says:

    Let me ask this question to some kemant Diasporas live in the US. I know there are more than 50 Ethiopian orthodox churches in the US and most of them are financed by Kemant members. Do any of these churches say something like praying for those arrested in Gondar? They are arrested by individuals wearing masks during the night times. is that not good enough to call one minute silence and just prying?. If so then what is the value of supporting those so called Debre Tabot priests? They are wiling and ready to do your memorial services if that is what you are trying to say. I know you guys. You don’t have any self confidence. You are expecting to eat Amhara left-over. Again, You are expecting to eat Amhara left-over! You support them during ESAT fund raining. Go ahead and support them when Kinjit members are arrested. Or you just ask your wives to cook for them. Never mind, we know each other and Kemant people also lost faith on you. If you still have lives, please wake up and join us supporting those struggling for their rights, Or continue what you are doing.

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