Kemant Committee Leadership Acting Legally

by Tirue T

Standing committee is doing its independent activities of finding the reasons and performing its procedure safely. But some cursed chauvinists are trying to disorganizing the people and frustrating the community in general. The regional and zonal administrators are interfering and introducing their self guards to elongate their lies for ever. They are lying always and now they are lying too. Those you all involved and violating constitutional rights of the kimant community should act according to the laws, rules and regulations of the government. If you do not act according to the rules and regulation of the government you will once be in jail. It is according to the rule of the country not according to the order of the higher officials for whom you are working. You are recruited and employed not to disturb the peaceful members of the society. But the bring peace even in the times of disorder. It is for the peoples of Ethiopia, you are responsible to work for. Not to single mind less chauvinists who want to keep on lying and d enumerate the millions of people from the statistics. The time is even as harsh as the time of dergue regime. The very stupid butcher Melaku Tefera is no living after killing several tens of thousands of people. We are asking our right peacefully, and nothing is created to ask for federal people and federal police. Do you imagine how the demonstration was done. Several thousands of people were showing their demonstrations and there is no police at all. This directly shows their role is keeping the individuals. Never mind we are educated and can imagine the costs and benefits of disorder. we are asking questions peacefully and are going like that. Most peoples of Kemant are having the same and one idea that is recognition and self rule. What makes you to arrest the committee members. I would like to remind all the higher officials, the woreda, zonal and regional and even the federal officials you should know the objective of the organization for which you stand for. How people as people will be denied their names. People as people is not to quarreled about. Is that not your concern to think and think about more than millions of people asking their constitutional rights based on the constitution you sing for and about. How one quarrels with his own words and pillar idea of democracy. Be it late or soon, be it individual or group as a group if you let as pay cost for our peaceful quest, you involved in these bad activities are losers of the game because. No one will stand for you in front of the legal procedures.
I would like to remind all the kimant community members to peacefully follow what is happening and not to be frightened from unreserved peaceful procedures. It is the sign of the inability to give legal answers for their bad actions and lying. We are at the verge of getting our constitutional rights. To be recognized as distinct people and called as we want is not and should not be based on individuals interest. I want all who you read this text to independently see and evaluate all the things based on the constitution of the country, but not on their or your interests and even our interest. I here would like first set your belief system in your mind first. then think the one who love may be the first go to Go, the saints who you love most and think about five things you love most may be your mother or your most favorite friend. Then you assign your self in front of all you think about and then let be judge having your caliber facing all you called as the witnesses while you are judging.
Now you are judge thinking man is mortal, I am a man. I will die some time after my decision. what is your judgement. It is all about. I was disturbed, I think, while you are deciding is you are deciding on millions. not a single person, generations not a single person, it is not again a property or some fixed assets but human beings.
Think again about the former leaders who were leading the Greece, Roman, and other corners of the globe the lived some less than hundreds of years and died having their bad or good names. Your name is in the community for ever do good or bad unless you are evil from the devil your judgement is right.
thank for what ever you decided believe or not God knows all what you think even before the creation the world. Is that you decided about known by God be it bad or right it is with the willing of God and it is to the best interest of the community.

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