Entire Kemant People Leadership Arrested

According to a source, the entire Kemant people leadership of Lay Armachiho and Chilge have been arrested. Detention took place in North Gondar, Ethiopia. The arrest has come after the coordinating committee mobilized about a half million people for demonstration in Gondar City on February 16, 2014. The Kemant people about one-million has been pressing for self-government in their area for the past nine years. According to the latest information detains include district and sub-district coordinating committee leadership members listed below
i) From Chilge District/county:
1. Captian Tigabu ZegeYe
2. Nega Teshome
3. Wolde Ferede
4. Yerom Maled
5. Tadege Aweke
6. Abera Kebede
7. Kefale Mamo
8. Abera Zenebe
9. Abuhay Tadesse
10. Zenebe Mitiku
11. stegn Welelaw
12. Tesfahun Abibo
13. Aragaw Ayinshet
14. Bereket Abew
15. Nigatu Tsega

ii) From Lay Armachiho district:
16. Zerfu Eshitu
17. Eshite Nega
18. Feqadu Migibar
19. Feqade Mamo
20. Amare Mazangeyaw
21. Degu Genet
22. Getaneh Tsegaw
23. Father Abera Takele
24. Ayenew Alefe
25. Simachew Mazengya
26. Desse Derje
27. Afework Bayu
28. Selomon Tsegaye
29. Chief Demelash Badmaw

The latest source indicated that all leadership committee members, districts of Layarmachuho and Chilge working working for establishment of self-government in the region have been detained. Their numbers is about 50 including sub-district committee members. They have been taken to unknown location away from Gondar City.
According close observers, the main reason for detention was to distrrupt the House of Federation members the fact funding tour about Kemants. Many of Committee members taken to custody had meeting with the delegate to give facts on the Kemant case on March 6. Two of the House of Federation delegate members saw in their eyes three of committee members were arrested and put on a mini bus for unknown destination (the latest information indicated that the detainees held in Debat & Debark prisons). Detention took place on March 7, 2014, starting at dawn 4:30 PM the local time. Police brought machine-gun into some of detainees’ houses, placed there placed and took pictures to pretend they had guns to attack police stations. According to the same source, the arrest order was given by the Regional Security Chief, Dessie Aseme.

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7 Responses to Entire Kemant People Leadership Arrested

  1. Diaspora says:

    can somebody conform the news? I dont think the Ethiopian goverment arrest anyone who is asking legal and constitutional questions.

  2. Beshaw says:

    Mr Diaspora, it is not a matter of opinion. It is a fact. But, it is not the Ethiopian government, it is the so called Amhara government who imprisoned the Kemant leadership members, including judges of courts of law and priests, in Chilga and Lay Armchachiho woredas. The next imprisonment is expected at Gondar city and other Kemant woredas. Mr. Diaspora if you are indeed a Kemant diaspora please communicate this human rights violation to the international community. It is possible to give the names of the falsely imprisoned.
    This false imprisonment will cause the surge of the struggle for recognition and self rule more than ever!

    • If any of the readers live around the Washington DC metropolitan area, please spread the news and arrange demonstration at the Ethiopian Embassy and even at the White House. We will do the same in our areas.

      from: Diaspora

  3. qemantmolla says:

    The detainees have been taken to unknown place. There is fear that sever torturing upon the detainees will take place. we will update the exact number of. detainees after sometimes..

  4. Phillip Socrates says:

    who is the owner of this stupid web. you must be a chauvinist who open this web for espionage. thank you I have identified you.

  5. Diaspora says:

    As far as Amhara leaders, they thought they have created 29 victims but the truth is, they have created 29 heroes. Our heroes are going to jail to liberate one million people but Amhara leaders will go to prison for violating a gross human rights in the 21st century.

    Amhara leaders: please understand this. You are biting the dead horse! You can’t rewind the clock. Please don’t lit the fire you don’t know how to put it out. I am not talking about a full blown war. I am talking about a full blown conflict between Amhara and kemant which will last forever.

    Time is running out. Please reconsider what you are doing and correct it immediately

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