Police Detains Three Kemants

This morning police in the town of Aykel arrested Mr. Addisu Chekol Kebel, Mr. Alemnew Alehgn Asefa and Mr. Addisu Worke Lelem. Police didn’t disclose a reason for detention. The detainees are Chonchok Kebele (rural town) residents. They came to Aykel to check actuality of data collected from their Kebele. District workers were in the village to collect data to determine the town’s status for the future.
The survey workers had a form to register number of population and characteristics. Actual they asked name and family size, however, after they left village without knowledge of the residents, the workers checked in the form ethnic affiliation as Amhara all residents. The residents later got information and asked the workers to scrape the town’s registration because of labeling them Amharas instead of Kemants. After intensive dispute, the workers agreed and scraped the first form and filled the alternative form, characterizing the population as Kemants. Next, the residents told the workers they would not trust them and wanted to accompany them to submit the data to a higher body without distortion. Accordingly, both parties traveled to Aykel town to submit the data. After submission was completed and three men were at the bus station to return their village, the police arrested three of men and took custody.

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3 Responses to Police Detains Three Kemants

  1. Diaspora says:

    I have a very clear question to the survey workers. Why you don’t understand the people’s choices? Are you forcing people to be somebody they are actually not? Can you go into mekele and ask people if they want to be labeled as Amhara or can you go into Oromo and ask if people want to be labeled as Amhara? Absolutely not! The same formula applies in all Kemant population. Please understand this. People want to be actual natural being and the government has obligation to respect their constitutional rights.

  2. Ras Kassa says:

    Can all kemants shall wait until the government assures their self rule? until then they are Amharas, then they will convert into Kemant?

    • Mizigena says:

      Hi Ras,
      That means Amhara is a collection of people who ever wants will come in and go out? I was thought it was a unique race. thank you that you beleiive so Amhara is not a distinct identity.

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