Mr Alemnew Mekonnen under Controversy After Allegedly Insulting Amharas

by Dawit K

First all I thank wlka for its unrestricted democratic forum, and I’m seeking publication of my question and comment shown here. After having said this I humbly express my views on Ato Alemnew Mokonenn’s controversial issue. In recent weeks, Ato Alemnew Mokennen, the second person in the ANDM power hierarchy has become the target of dispute. He has been allegedly accused of insulting Amhara people.

Ato Alemnew on his part dismissed accusation as pre-election propaganda and character assassination devised by opposition parties. He disclosed his denial at a regional news conference arranged by himself on Feb 19, 2014. During his communique he didn’t directly disclose his identity who is he, but implicitly he attempted to associate himself with Amhara identity. Question, is he Amhara? If so why the people called him Raya. I guess people know for sure who is who including his comrades Mr. Gedu Andargachew (present governor), Ayalew Gobeze (former governor). My question is why Ato Almnew hiding his real ethnic identity? If he is not honest about his identity, how his response to the allegation can be trusted and convenience his audience? I believe Ato Alemnew and his colleagues shouldn’t mask themselves by Amhara identity just to rule Amharas. Politicians, like Ato Alemnew can hold highest political position without hiding their actual identity since their respective locality is part of Amhara Region. For example, look at Ato Kassa Tekilebirhan, House of Federation Speaker and Mrs. Shitaye Minale, Deputy Ethiopian Parliament Speaker, who declare their Agaw identity openly enjoy high political posts. Both of them are ANDM members. Kassa representing Wag is more popular in eyes of Amhara intellectuals and Shitaye is representing West Gojjam, Adet district. To the best of my knowledge neither of Amhara people are against their representation nor of delegates is against a regional interest.

I believe that being ethnically different from Amhara is natural and no harm. What is dangerous is masking with Amhara identity deliberately to infiltrate Amhara people, creating surrogate representation and subsequently depriving actual Amharas representation at every level. Ato Alemnew’s situation should be addressed in the similar context not as an isolated problem. Why Mr. Alemnew hiding his actual identity? We might not have a full answer for this question unless we should have right answer why his comrades mask their identity. Finally, I say that we should not victimize individuals, like Ato Alemnew, because it will not bring about a tangible solution to our chronic political problem, rather let us focus on the system and policy.

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4 Responses to Mr Alemnew Mekonnen under Controversy After Allegedly Insulting Amharas

  1. Teshager Kebede says:

    Mr. Alemnew’s statement was distorted. What he said was some Amharas (means individuals) who open their lihach are creating a problem in co-existence with other nationalities. His statement was distorted and generalized, like he said all Amharas. We should think about and easy our attack on mr. Alemnew. It can create disappointment with all Rayas and push them to Tigray. Please let us careful!

    • XXXX says:

      Wrong! Actually, his comment was directed against poor Amharas that were displaced from South. He is insulting them for they are poor. Is that not crime? Actually, it is not unusual to hear insults against poor Amharas. Tamirat and probably Addisu were some of the recent haters of poor Amharas. It has to do with the TPLF led EPDRRF who do not sleep with out disseminating hate.

  2. Anteneh says:


    • hailu says:

      ENOUGH is Enough internal colony must be stopped here, we need as Agaw our own state to develop our language and culture. We still can live with Amare but not by changing our Agaw identity. My question also goes to Agaw schlars why are you hiding your identity under fake amare identity. Yes we agaw lived together with Amare people by hiding ourselves under Amare identity. We were not living together in mutual respect and equality but we were accepting inferiority which was imposed by amare rulers by the solomonic dynasty.

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