Kemants Demonstration in Gondar City, Ethiopia (breaking news)

This morning, about 400, 000 Kemants marched in Gondar City. The demonstrators chanted justice for all and renewed their old quest for autonomy, Self-Rule. wlka will update the demonstration process as soon as detail information is available.

Update on Demonstration

February 17, 2014

The latest figure received by the walka from the participants of the demonstration raised the number of the participants to 500,000 through 600,000. Eritrean TV footage estimated the crowd around 800,000. Actually the demonstrators occupied the space from Mesqel Square (Stadio), Faciledas High School through Jan Tekel Worke Tree, approximately 3.5 km long. Also 600 Kemant military personnel including these currently on duties joined the crowd in the early morning to confirm their support. Mr. Abera, Kemant Steering Committee Chairperson gave a short remark to the crowd at Meqel Square. Tourists seen asking about the demonstration and taking pictures, but no one was there for translation and briefing. The slogans were written in Kemant and English; they had no ideas about the purpose of strike. The event exposed the Kemant Steering Committee’s extreme ignorance on a public relation.
According to sources, the demonstration was permitted by the government. Despite official permission, various measures were taken by the zonal officials to undermine the planned demonstration, including circulation of a message that harasses potential participants, assigning the local (kebele) chiefs to frighten, block automobile roads and stop regular bus services Gondar City-various districts.
The local chiefs/guards to stop travelers to Gondar City were posted, for example, at the following locations:
1. Sabya Geworgius, Diba Abo, Agara, Walka and Araba, extreme restriction was in place, especially at the place called Amba Geworgis, where a 10th grade student girl diverted a policeman’s gun as he target at her to shot.
2. New automobile road connecting Gondar City with Geba, Robit & Mindrabo indefinetly closed since Friday, February 14, 2014.
3. Regular buses were deliberately off from their duties and created transport scarcity on Sunday. Only one bus and two mini-buses were carrying-from Tikil Dengai to Gondar disregard to threat from the chiefs. The bus was able to take 12, two-way trips, Gondar-Tikil Dengai.
Many of farmers traveled on foot during the night time and arrived in Gondar City in the morning to take part in the demonstration. March was peaceful from the beginning to the end. The crowd seen carrying slogans: Justice for all, our natural identity is our honor, Kemant’s constitutional rights should be respected, we demand the constitution to treat Kemants equally (repeatedly vocalized by the crowd) and we denounce illegal actions of the regional government, including the treatment of Kement Steering Committee. The crowd photo will be displayed on this page, as soon as wlka has got it.

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16 Responses to Kemants Demonstration in Gondar City, Ethiopia (breaking news)

  1. Diaspora says:

    I think this tells me that the wait for Kemant question is coming to end and we are making remarkable history.

  2. Beshaw says:

    Enough is enough! The public has now conclusively shown that they are determined to protect their natural constitutional right to identity and self rule. Now, the Ethiopian people has come to know the sufferings of the Kemant people. Thus, the Kemant leadership and people should use all available alternatives to attain their goals! Enough is enough!

  3. mega says:

    This so shame, woyane is working hard to divide Amra people. There are many economical and political questions, your land is taken away by sudan and Tigre but you are asking backward questions that will not take you out of your local thinking.

    • Diaspora says:

      Mega: Please don’t mix things which is not generating any results. Boarder issue is different from Kemant issue. I think Woyane is not devideing Gondar either. Kemant request was dismissed several times by federal government. Lets take it simple. Can you support Kemants with thier request to have self rule and identity resoration for social and economical reasons? if you answer this question, then we can move on to the next issue which you brought about boarder and division.

    • Anteneh says:

      yes mega i agree with you. they are new employees of woyane.

    • Mizigena says:

      What are the steps to go forward ? To become Amhara? unless you accept Qemant as distinct people, you have no one to accuse but yourself. Qemant was not created by woyane yesterday, it is an indigenous Ethiopian. Why then considering Qemant as distinct identity will be disintegrating Amhara? In the first place Qemant is not amhara. secondly what is your justification that it is disintegrating Amhara permitting the natural rights of Qemant?

    • Mizigenea says:

      Mega! Do not go around the bush. You know very well who Qemant is. I afraid you do not where are u from. Let alone Qeman and Amhara the so called Amharas have showed no unity. they are only village bounded. For centuries you gave us your bad naming to Qemant. Why now you preach about Qemant and Amhara unity

  4. Beshaw says:

    Boarder issue is not an issue of Kemant people. It is an issue of the Federal Government or the concern of the all Ethiopian nation, nationalities or peoples. Mega, you care about Amhara peope, but not for the Kemant. Are you a sort of racist? Kemant’s concern is identity and self-rule which have been snatched by your relatives and ethnic groups.

  5. Diaspora says:

    My concern is that when a specific question like Kemant request is raised to the federal level, someone introduces a noise such as boarder and division issues. Such a political game plays a significant role not to achieve a specific goal. We kemants now don’t want to mix questions. We need our question to get answer, and then we may have time for other issues. But please don’t mix issues which makes difficult for both kemant and the federal government to focus on

  6. Baye Aregay says:

    Kimant is kimant yesterday, today&tomorow. leave us alone every body!

  7. Qew'n Bete says:

    A very misleading news. Gondar population is not likely to exceed 300,000 and the overwhelming majority of the population is non-Qemant. Why lie ? The demonstration wasn’t about Qemants , so please stop fabricating lies.

  8. Freddy says:

    Excuse me, Qew’n bête ,do you have any evidence or do you have any document ,befor you said lie, ? Befor write you have to have know clue .

  9. bereket says:

    we respect kemant tell z truth zr culture is similar to z surounding areas(gonder peoples).guys please wakeup whats wrong with GOnder.stop dividing rule.we are one and z same.please would u tell me z importance of dividing Gondar in to two?racisim is an indicator of narrow is a bad history and mistake for us.we r found below z line of absoloute poverty,let us fight poverty together instead of fighiting together.we are ethiopians.

  10. tarekegn abraha says:

    please let all ethiopians be patient and let,s try to be obsevant enough. kemant was right to ask for their right but the way they did the strike was not correct.Ethiopians are not racists but our problem is not to see long beyond the horizon. Who are the target enemis how are disturbing us. Egypt leading countries who hate the radical development of ethiopia must be the target of ours, the other ethiopians from abroad are fuel mixers for their narrow eyed objectives

    • Ernest Jackson says:


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