Asmamaw’s New Amharic Version Music in Audio

Dear customers, Asmamaw’s single clip audio music is now available. The message of music is combination identity and romance. The musician whom presumably in love takes an imaginary journey from Awi to Gondar, Kemant heger, then Wollo to East Gojjam and finds out these populations identity of Agawness. For instance, his music text reads in Amharic, wogene ligiresh zerhereg qotire; Awi, Kemant, Himira/Lalibela, Gojjamn chemire……. The musician also describes the Agaw language as the dialect of Mose, the famous Biblical figure. From a historical point view, Mose’s wife, Ethiopian woman (namely Helane) was the Agaw language speaker and Mose probably used to speake the Agaw dialect in a possible scenario.
If interested in the whole sales purchase, you can buy one copy with a permission note and sell in whatever retail price you want in your continent. The whole sales prices are indicated below, For:
1. Europe residents, US$299
2. North America residents, US$489
3. Israel residents, US$299
4. Russia and Asia residents, US$199
If interested in the product, please contact at for additional information, how to make payment and how to receive the product.


It is interesting, traffic has tripled February 16-20. The US leading Ethiopia by more than 100 viewers. Canada and Germany, respectively following by far.

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One Response to Asmamaw’s New Amharic Version Music in Audio

  1. guazgi says:

    I have understood the reality. Mr. Asmamaw’s song seems more provocative of collective memory of our being than ever, and I like it.

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