Semayawi/Blue Party’s Demonstration in Gondar City

wlka received information on the demonstration held by the Blue Party (Semayawi Part), in Gondar City yesterday. Approximately, 200 to 290 people reportedly took part in the demonstration. There was no well known reason the party’s inability to mobilize the public as it was expected. Mr. Yilkal, party’s chief complained the arrest of the party’ leadership; however, related information confirmed later release.
It was notable that the party dispatched pamphlet declaring it would hold demonstration in joint with Kemant people. The party distributed the pamphlet without securing consent from the Kemants. Of course, later it asked the Kemant community for joint demonstration. The Kemants discussed for three days on the issue whether to join the Blue Party or not. Before yesterday, they decided not to join and post-postponed their separate planned strike for another day. There were reasons for the Kemants to decline to hold joint demonstration with the Blue Party:
1. Lack of shared goals.
2. The Kemants felt joining the Blue Party would dilute their issue, Self-Rule agenda unless there was give and take agreement with the party.
3. The ruling party was also active to manipulate the situation to keep the Kemants away from the Blue Party and appeared to successful.
On January 10, on the separate demonstration, the Kemants mobilized around 65,000 people at the town of Aykel, 40 km out of Gondar City. The same type of demonstration is also planned in other north Gondar cities claimed by the Kemants. In related news, Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP)’s Zonal committee had been set up in Gondar. On January 13, three party’s officials, including its leader Mr. Andualem Tilahun visited Gondar for the same purpose, according to a source.

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One Response to Semayawi/Blue Party’s Demonstration in Gondar City

  1. 123kenaw says:

    I believe Kemant community made a very legitimate decision when they postponed the demonstration on a later day. The reason is clearly stated, but the main question is why the Blue Party tries to use Kemant for undesirable goals. Kemant had had the question for a long time and our question is very clear -identity and self rule for social and economical developments. Blue Party on the other hand, came to the picture just recently and know nothing about Kemant issues. I even dont think so if they know who Kemants are. Therefore, we are not playing a political game here. We are constantly demanding the government to guarantee our constitutional rights and restore our identity and save a lot of people from becoming a victim both socially and economically.

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