Is Ethiopian Electric Co’s Poles Robbed by Armed Opponents?

There was unverifiable circulating rumor on the removal of electric poles, on Yibab, Bahir Dar University campus, out skirt of Bahir Dar City. On the basis of this rumor, the electric poles were robbed by an armed opponent force, but it didn’t disclose its identify. Via ETV, Ethiopian Electric Co had reported the loss of the electric poles early this week. The agency which blamed thefts, estimated the stolen property about 20 million birr. Consequently, it also announced three days service disruption in West Gojjam, Marawi, Dure Bete, and Awi Administration, Dangla, Injibara, Chagni as well as Metekel, Benishungul-Gumuz. Some people say, the act was planned to put Bahir Dar City in darkness for possible anticipated attack.
Nowadays, the war rumor is circulating in the area. There was information regard to arm clash in Tach Armachuho, but cannot be independently verified. Another source indicated also ongoing child recruitment for expected warfare in Walkait and Wogera districts, including some Kemant children. An observer in Addis Ababa wanted to remain in anonymity said, if the Agaws do not have alternative force to promote their national interests, the armed opposition force can recruit their children to use them in the war, similar to EPDM and TPLF the two decades ago. The Agaws were simply instruments; at the end of the war they left with nothing, said the observer. As a policy, the Agaws should not join neither an opposition armed group nor ANDM; if the continuity of warfare in the country is imminent, they must form their own militia and secure their own national interests as the group without being the instrument to the others, the observer added.

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One Response to Is Ethiopian Electric Co’s Poles Robbed by Armed Opponents?

  1. Mizigena says:

    Agaw people were only a tool for centuries serving others through military, civil service and other obligations. This had happened due to lack of self consciousness and with a wrong thought that we are there only to serve others. However this day, a glimpse of Agawnes consciousness has been developed to act on purpose rather than on a mob. No matter the cause and the outcome of of the war, Agaw should be very prudent enough why they are joining the war, who they alien to and the end purpose of the war itself. in the past Agaw children lost their lives on the expectation that all human rights would be respected and Ethiopian unity will continue. However, its consequences resulted in a continuation of domination and forceful assimilation. Therefore, Agaw parents(Qemant, Awi, Wag/Lasta, Gojjamis still masking with false self and others) should advise and protect their children not to join neither side of the war. Rather they should form their own defending force if the worse comes to the worse to secure themeselves from an evil acts.

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