Kemant Self-Rule & Recogintion Committee Members, Priest LaaKamariam Adugna and Endalew Asnake Still in Police Custody, Gondar Ethiopia

Priest Laakamariam Adugna and Mr. Endalew Asnake arrested on October 21, 2013 in Gondar, Metema, Gendawuha Town, the border to Sudan. According to a local source remained in anonymous for personal security, both victims are in the police custody up to date. They had been detained for dispatching a pamphlet, let our voice heard, in relation to the Kemant’s demand for self-rule as outlined in the Constitution of Ethiopia.
The same source briefed to wlka stated that regional and local government officials tagged the committee members with “extremists”, messenger of Shaabia/ Eritrea, member of Ginbot 7 and Arbegnoch, deliberately to arrest them on pre-text.
Despite Mr. G/Hiwot Asefa, Woreda Administrator, promised to release the detainees, they have been denied even on bail. Mr. Asefa privately claimed he has been posted in Metema not to govern Kemants, but to sweep them out. Reportedly he added associating them with the “extremists” was political tactic devised by the regional security. Another anonymous source from the town informed wlka that there will be demonstration to demand the release of the detainees sometimes the coming week.

The same source stated that detention is planned. In the early October, the zonal and woreda officials called public meeting in Lay Armacho Woreda; about 50-persons turned up to attend it. At the session, the officials accused of the self-rule demand committee being “illegitimate”. The officials claimed the committee members are affiliated with AgDP and set collaboration with Oromos and Tigrians without our knowledge. This means they have some agendas in the future, the source added.

Priest Laakamariam Adugna and Mr. Endalew Asnake arrested

October 21, 2013
Two Kemant self-rule committee members, Mr. Endalaw and Kes(Priest) Laakemariam have been detained in Metema Woreda, Gendawuha Town since Oct 21, 2013 on the pretext that this individuals are member of extremist for the wrong allegation that this individuals are distributing a flying paper stating “let our voice be heard” or “dimitsachin Yisema” of Qemant people. They have been detained while conducting peaceful awareness to reflect the constitutional rigts of the people.

Detention is against the spirit of Ethiopian constitution Article Number 39; an Amara source told wlka, it can be remembered that regional Government has forcefully annexed the Qemant people to be called Amahara. For the last 20 years the people requested the regional government to respect the constitutional rights of Qemant people through their representatives. However, the government has given deaf ear to this constitutional quest. The same source stated, the regional officials took various measures to cease the peaceful constitutional quest of the people through various means such as firing committee members from their job, giving warning, demotion from their position and giving names like extremists, messenger of Shaabia/ Eritrea, member of Ginbot 7 and Arbegnoch, so on.

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