Injustice against Agaw People Continuous

The first AgDP’s information bulletin, entitled ǝmplita, Amharic Version, reported violations of the Agaw peoples’ rights. The document states ongoing oppression against the Agaw people socially, economically, politically and culturally. The bulletin highlighted the following and other issues:

  • The document starts with explanation of Agaw lineage and the Agaw emperors’ contributions to Ethiopia.
  • Deprivation of the constitutional rights: In this regard, the denial of Kemants’ constitutional rights including self-determination and Oriet/Judaism religious practice in districts of Chilga and Quara has been documented as the example of right violation.
  • Segregation of development: Relevant development has been denied in areas the Agaw people are residing in exception of Gondar City. The Agaw areas have been deprived basic infrastructures, like Information Technology centers, adequate power supply, community radio/TV services, internal roads, proper higher education institutions, health services, hospitals and clean drinking water supply, etc. The least developed area identified in the document is the Kemant homeland.
  • It states lack of proper education in compatible the medium of an instruction, more than imposition of Amharization at school.
  • The bulletin describes the road blockage between Lalibela and Wag as a political game.
  • The document has criticized the naming of the region. It says it does not reflect the diversity of the region, meaning it ignores its inhabitants Agaws and Oromos.
  • According to the document, besides deprivation of development, the ruling regional party, ANDM has attacked the Agaw people’s values, language and cultural and practices, for example, the ANDM labeled the Agaws’ horsemen festival as a harmful practice, and working to dismantle the horsemen association that lasted since 1939 e.c, for the past 66-years. The festival usually takes place every year on Aduwa Day in the memory of patriotism.
  • The document also addressed sufferings of the indigenous Agaw people in Benishangul-Gumuz Region, whom considered as later comers in contrary to the reality. The report highlighted the ANDM’s role for their unfair treatment.

The document has concluded the issue by outlining some of action plans to be taken when it assumes power.

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One Response to Injustice against Agaw People Continuous

  1. They are a deeply egalitarian people that have lived under a unique and complex indigenous democratic system known as Gada, in which political, military, and other leaders, including legal experts, are elected for non-renewable eight-year terms from among males who excel during five eight-year-long grades of continuous training. The religious, social, political, and economic life of the Oromo as well as their philosophy, art, history and method of time-keeping, have been based on this system for many years.

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