Recent Demonstrations, Clashes and Political Meetings in Ethiopia

Since beginning of July demonstration has been taking place in Ethiopia, South Wollo woredas, Kanissie and East Gojjam, Mota. All of these demonstrations are organized by the government. The demonstrators had shown condemning the Ethiopian Muslim militants, verbally attacking Unity Party, which described the death of Nuru Yimam the state drama. The government on the other hand claiming Nuru Yimam was assassinated by the militants and arrested at least two suspects. It used Nuru’s death for demonizing the militant group, which believed to be well networked especially in South Wollow.
On August 2, an event took place in Oromia, Arsi, Kofele, Wobi is very different. ETV on August 3, reported violence at the same location and reported the death of 3 persons including security personnel and loss of unspecified property. ETV blamed Muslim militants, called extremists, terrorists for the consequence, and declared the situation being under control.
On August 4 (Sunday), VOA reported occurrence of confrontation between the government security forces and the residents. According to this source, violence erupted after the security arrested some individuals from a Mosque. Its correspondent Amha reported explosion of bomb at a Mosque, loss of 6-person, and detention. In its final report VOA raised number of injured persons to 35 and hundreds of arrests.

Besides that there were non-government sponsored demonstrations and political meetings in northern parts of the country in Amare Region. The ETV displayed demonstration held by inhabitants of Wag, Agaws. The demonstrators demanded for the Seqota-Lalibela road pavement as promised by the government. The zonal government acknowledged the legitimacy of the public grievance and said it would be constructed within five-years plan, but there was no comment from the Ethiopian Road Construction Authority.

Unity Party also held demonstration in Bahir Dar last week, but a small number of people turned up to take part, at a maximum about 150 people were seen as they marched to the west of the city. The party demonstrators demand for repeal of the act known as Terrorist Law and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. The demonstrators also ridiculed on economic development in Ethiopia, they said, our country Ethiopia is only one, there is no another Ethiopia; one of demonstrators laughed and said our Ethiopia is suffering under hunger and malnutrition how the ruling party claim there is development. He added yes there are people who have become rich without doing anything. He was asked why people didn’t show up for demonstration, he replied, due to fear of punishment, but they are with us they are just waiting for an appropriate time to stand up for once and all.

In related news, Agaw Democratic Party/AgDP also held political meetings with public since July of the last month. The meeting took place at Dangla in the first week of July in small size and in Injibara the last week of July. The meeting at Injibara was initially planned for the 13th of July, but people didn’t show up. This is society which does not pay attention to posted notes. For the call the party personnel announced meeting on microphone loaded on an automobile, and on the second call the people turned up and the party leadership introduced the program to the audience. One participant said about 10-ANDM members who took part, like any other participants showed uncivilized and arrogant behaviors and tried to disperse the assembly. ANDM’s one of party officers in the zone insulted publicly the Chairperson of the party who was couching the meeting. Other ANDM members also aired their hostility towards to Agaw people at the meeting. According to the same source, one of speaker told the Agaws should not deserve the party in their name. Of course, majority of the participants expressed their support to the party, even some speakers comforted the leadership by saying there shouldn’t be surprise by such uncivilized behaviors. Amara TV, the local television appeared to be the part of conspiracy, it aired on August 28 only the negative comments given by the ANDM members, they didn’t include positive comments issued by the majority of the participants. One of a person interviewed by the TV reporter about the AgDP was Mr. Bazizew the ruling party, ANDM central committee member. His comment was aired on the TV, entitled the party has no support. As one observer put it, the Amara TV not only lacks journalism ethics and public accountability, but it also spreads misleading information for its audience due to its extreme bias towards the Agaw people.

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  1. sintayehu says:

    misleading people to the hell is not the sing of success. we never believe you who are on the desire authority. Go to the hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. congratulations all for the excellent text – very good

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