Ethiopian Unity Party Sponsored Demonstration in Gondar

According to sources, small people participated in demonstration called by the Ethiopian Unity Party in the cities of Gondar and Dessie. In Gondar City, about 100 people participated in the demonstration on July 14. They were believed to be the party members and party’s strong supporters. According to the report, demonstrators chanted and demanded the repeal of the act known Terrorist Law, which the participants described as a tool to suppress legitimate opposition party members. Also, the strikers complained religious inequality. According to the close sources, two major reasons for the failure of public turned up are:
• Kemants refusal to take part in demonstration. The Kemant people who have been pushing alternative struggle for liberty and self-rule declined to join the Unity Party sponsored demonstration because they see the Unity Party has nothing to do with their issues. A large number of residents of Gondar City are Kemants.
• The zonal, city and kebele officials harassed the residents door-to-door not participate in the demonstration, and they warned to shot anyone who would take part in the demonstration. Many of the city residents whom still suffer from Red Terror traumatic memory refrained their family members from participation. Gondar was the most intense hit city in Ethiopia in the Red Terror of the communist revolution three decades of ago.

Radio Dutch bela reported detention of Unity Party activists in the eve of the strike, including Ato Sisay the party’s senior official in the region. The activists were arrested in the pre-text of working for Ginbot-7 and Arbagnoch Ginbar, outlawed opposition parties in the country. Regard to Dessie, wlka has not yet received reliable information, it will update as soon as the report is available.

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