Kemanti Language Banned at School, but Learning Continued Under Trees

Kemanti Language Banned at School Premise, but Learning Continued Under Trees
A man who claimed NGO worker but not be identified by his name reported to wlka on schooling status in the area. According to him, in Askal town and surrounding alone there were five primary schools teaching Kemanti language. These schools include Askal Primary and Siraqo schools, but the program was banned indefinitely for an unknown reason and in the beginning of January 2013. The local school official, Mr. Beyene Merso described the closure was instructed by his zonal superior. The Kemant Council Quest for Self-Rule wrote a complain letter to regional and zonal government authorities dated on January 14, 2013.
Despite ban on Kemant language instruction on the school facilities, teaching-learning is ongoing under trees in more woredas, for instance, in Chiliga Woreda; localities of Angoba, Alemtsehai, Teber, Chinchq, E-yahoo Woreba and two locations in the Aykal town. Learning under tree is also in effect in Metema Woreda, the city of Metema Yohannes, and in Wogera Woreda, Adesge Kebele. Observers claimed despite suppression by the regional authority, Kemanti language is in a faster recovery rate compared to other Agaw dialects. The program under tree is expected to be replicated in other woredas including Lay Armachiho. Use of native language for children at school is constitutional in Ethiopia.
In related news, residents also complained alleged development deprivation such as roads woreda-to-woreda, lack of drinking water, health services, environmental protection and innovations to aging schools facilities.

Death of Nuru Yimam

In other news, the death of Sheikh Nuru Yimam, a Islamic religious leader induced mixed feelings. The Secretariat of EPRDF, the ruling party condemned the act. Sheikh reportedly killed on July 4, 2013 in the Dessie town. Some elderly Moslem population hold a Wuhabya rivalry religious group accountable for his death. Two days ago, the Etv showed footage of hundreds of elderly people demonstration in Dessie and surroundings. But, according to unconfirmed information, young Moslem people entertain or cling to divergent views; they don’t believe Sheikh was killed by Wuhabya. Nevertheless, the ETV reported on July 11 the arrest of two suspected predators citing the Ethiopian Government Security source. The ETV added one of the suspects was captured in Addis Ababa, while tried skip and the other got arrested from Dessie. Some observers feel conflict between Amhara and Moslem population is growing in the region.

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