70-Kemant Ethnic Members Disappeared in Ethiopia, Gondar

According a source wanted to remain in anonymous for personal safety, in this year alone, the regional government displaced about 3,000 the Kemant indigenous people from their land. Then, it transferred their land to new settlers and so called investors whom have been politically affiliated with the regime. For instance, find the report, entitled “Human Rights Violation Against Innocent Kemant People: Appeal to Ethiopian Government and International Community”, published on this site on May 9, 2013 (CLICK HERE). Atrocity was committed mostly in Chilga and Metema woredas. The majority of the people evicted from their land remained in the area and became destitute.

However, about 70-farmers disappeared since May 4, 2013. Their whereabouts is not known. Their respective family members have no ideas about their situations in the beginning and now. Their disappearance has become daily distress to their love ones beyond family disintegration and scatter.

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2 Responses to 70-Kemant Ethnic Members Disappeared in Ethiopia, Gondar

  1. Garo says:

    Keep up your struggle for freedom. Kemant You are not alone. In Ethiopia today, there are many ethnic groups that are under unbearable discrimination. Form a solidarity movement inside and outside Ethiopia with other groups. Contact other groups and work with them. Things are not going to get better unless we do something about it.

    • Alamyea says:

      Dear Garo, yes we need solidarity. Please let us make it in composition of all oppressed nations and nationalities. So that we can determine our destine to live in liberty and freedom.

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