Tension between Egypt and Ethiopia Runs High

In the recent week, tension has increased between Egypt and Ethiopia on the Nile Renaissance Dam construction. Tension heightened following President Mohammed Mursi of Egypt made a remark on Nile Renaissance Dam. On June 11, it was reported by various news services as Mursi saying, all options were on the table to stop ‘threats against water security’. It was also reported President Mursi appealed to the Ethiopian people and government in favor of his country’s position.
According to Ethiopian News Agency, on June 12, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemaryam Desalegn reconfirmed continuty of the Renaissance Dam construction. Prime Minister’s statement came in response to President Murmur’s remark. Prime Minister said, the project was undertaken to enable Ethiopia to overcome poverty and no one had right to stop. He was also quoted as saying Ethiopia’s position was based on mutual benefits and the construction of the dam was intended to benefit the countries of downstream too. Furthermore, Prime Minister claimed International Committee, which included of the experts of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia confirmed harmlessness of the project to the downstream countries. Egypt, on the other hand claimed the International Committee had no substantial information to examine adequately the effect of the project. Hailemaryam thought if Egypt considers war over Renaissance Dam, it should be going mad. Mr. Hailemaryam on the other hand thanked the government of Sudan and its people for their reported supportive position on the project. According to latest news, Egyptian Foreign Minister reportedly to travel to Addis Aaba on Sunday on the same issue.

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