NEBE Issued Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP) Registration License

NEBE Issued Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP) Registration License
According a reliable source, after long delay National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) issued AgDP registration license yesterday, June 3, 2013. It took about seven months to guarantee the legal license to the party. There were several causes for delay. According to the source, the most important two reasons were issues related to an acronym change, ADP to AgDP in the middle of the application process. Originally, the party was designated as the ADP. The change was initiated by the NEBE because of its similarity with EDP, Ethiopian Democratic Party in sound. As result, virtually the documents supposedly resubmitted in the new acronym. The other defense was coinciding of the local election season with the party’s application period and the NEBE presumably devoting its time on the election process. The AgDP is the fourth party to be registered under the new law, Revised Political Party Registration Act, No 573/2008. Other party registered under this law includes New Generation Party and Blue Party.

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3 Responses to NEBE Issued Agaw Democratic Party (AgDP) Registration License

  1. chambalala says:

    This is great! That is what we need it very much! Congratulations to all of the members and the Agaw people generally!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mizigena says:

    Let us be prudent enough to keep the party from Contaminators.
    AgDP has come into existence to gather those Agaw people who have lived fragmented for almost more that 800 years. During all these times, they loose their ties among the enclaves. Their one language has been diluted and converted to other dialectics, there happened a high level of cultural diffusion though not entirely lost resemblance, there was no people to people relationship over those centuries. The only cord that keeps those enclave(Awi, Qementy, Himita) and other) together it the blood of Agawness. This fact will make the task of the party to focus not only on political issues but also to establish sustainable unity among the different enclaves through people to people relationship before jumping into its intrinsic missions. The geographical location that the different Agaw enclaves live is far apart from each other. This makes the task of the party a bit tougher. However, we have to devise a strategy that ultimately restore back one Agaw people, culturally, economically and socially. This, of course needs steady and continues effort. The party leader should be strong enough to carry out all these and envisioned far.
    In doing so, the party may encounter various challenges that could stem from within and outside sources. For some of us it seems unrealistic to struggle together in the name of Agaw. Yes, it might take some time to avoid the cynical attitude that would be reflected among ourselves. This in turn will invites a good room to inject “divide and rule” poison by those who do not like our unity. To this effect, the party in particular and the Agew member in particular should be prudent enough to keep itself from such killing contaminators.

  3. antembemn says:

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