Human Rights Violation Against Innocent Kemant People: Appeal to Ethiopian Government and International Community

by Mizigena A

The Amhara regional state continues its brutal action against the Qemant indigenous people in North Gondar zone Chilga woreda. In Chilga woreda 55 kilometer from Gondar town in Alemtsehay kebele, awukivin village (gott) about 60 residents were detained in Aykel prison after brutally bitten by the regional and federal police starting on May 07/05/13. According to the source one grade 7 student (Wube Azanaw) who lives in the same village has been severely injured by a bullet fired from the federal police and admitted in Gondar hospital.
The source of the conflict was that the woreda administration forcefully grabbed the land that was under community ownership and transferred to a so called local investor without consulting the community.
A heavily armed federal and regional police came and open fire upon the community and left many people injured. After doing this, the federal police brutally bitten the villagers grossly and took them to Aykel prison ( chilga woreda). Some of the detainees are:
1. Priest Terefe Tsege (his hand is broken by the police)
2. Priest Tekle Belay (skull injury)
3. Mr Birhanu Zegeye
4. Mr Tegenu Degefa
5. youth demoz Adane
6. Mr Eyayu Kassie
7. Youth Yenehun Abera
8. Youth Andarg Getu
9. Mr Tadele Alemayehu
10. Mr Awoke Chekol
12. Youth Babey Abiy
13. Student Mulu Atanaw,
14. Ato Amare Demsie
15. Youth Babey Abebe
16. Youth Alemineh Mekashaw
17. Deacon Tadilo Tesema
18. Ato Baye Belay.

The villagers are still surrounded by the heavily armed regional and federal police. The federal police is enjoying by killing a fatten ox and sheep offered by the so called investor as a favour for what they did for him.

Before the incidence the villagers were repeatedly appealing to the woreda administration stating that land should not be transferred to an individual as it was the only grazing land in the village. However, the woreda administration never tried to solve the conflict amicably.
The community is still under threat as the police is stillcamps looking for the escaped villagers.

We appeal for the Ethiopian Government, Ethiopian people and International Community, Human rights institutions local and international medias to save this indigenous people from the brutal human rights violation done by the Amhara National Regional Government.

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3 Responses to Human Rights Violation Against Innocent Kemant People: Appeal to Ethiopian Government and International Community

  1. Niguse says:

    The cause the farmers to go demonstration is not only graping of the land. The investor who grape the land also diverted two irrigation rivers, Bangul and Alaqt without leaving drops of waters the farmers whom have been using the irrigation.

    • BAILE says:

      I believe present action shows the regional government’s despise to the constitution of the country.

  2. Detainees and Condition Up date says:

    Violence against Kemant community continues. More than 60-people are still detained at Aykel Prison without trails. Whereabouts of 35-people are not known. The village is still occupied by the armed force. Yesterday armed forces with wordage leadership assembled women and elders and told them to apologize if not would be prisoned. According to a source, two elders who came to Bahir Dar to submit their appeal to Ato Ayalew Gobeze returned home this morning. Because, messengers of woreda and zone misled them by providing false information. The messengers told the elders that the government apologized the people for committed human rights violations in the area and ready to take measures against the offenders. However, close observers of the event stated that the woreda leadership and arm force is acting oppositely.

    What makes me wonder is silence of our people in Diaspora. People in Diaspora (in the West) has access to human right agencies, including UN human right commission and others. They can report in writing and directly talked to them on phone on going atrocity. Or, they can even collect on-line petition from all humans and forward to UN. The Ethiopian Government will not act unless the situation is reported by independent human right agencies.

    Dawit Damissye from Chaina, Bejjing

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