Employees to be Dismissed from Job Because of Their Political Views and Ethnicity

Wlka received the following report on the fate of opposition party members. A source wants to remain in anonymous due to their safety claimed three employees of the local Small Trade and Industry, Dangla Woreda, Awi Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia to be dismissed from their job because they are not members of the ruling party ANDM and declined to join when requested. They are members of Awi community, one of tribes of Agaw nation. The employees are namely, Mr Shitahun Mengist, Addis-Alem Ambaw and Andualem Tilahun. The source stated the three of persons are presumably members of ADP, which Mr. Andualem Tilahun is its Chairman
The head of the local agency was reportedly said his agency was doing this to implement the assignment given by his superiors (higher body), but he had no personal problem with these employees. The report stated the head indicated that in order to dismiss the employees, we had to give them warnings regardless of their performance and criticize them before employees frequently, so that we can legitimate dismissal blaming their performance. Our concern is not only with these three employees, but other employees may follow their suit. One commentator described the action is in violation of the citizens rights laid down in the constitution of the country. Unfortunately, when it comes to Amhara Region, the constitution of Ethiopia has no effective power more than propaganda consumption; Amhara Region still remains in “a law of jungle”, in spite of it has a large number of educated persons.

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5 Responses to Employees to be Dismissed from Job Because of Their Political Views and Ethnicity

  1. chambalala says:

    What ashamed News We are Accessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is really out of the rule of law what they are doing! We should struggle step by step against such kind of acts! Never and nothing will hamper the “Big Agaw Peoples” from continuing struggling in civilized and democratic manner as per the words of the Constitution until such point of hopelessness that may force us to choose the other alternatives!
    We all should remember that we have to struggle together hand-in-hand to have our unity secured. We should stand on the side of these hero brothers by sharing them all available means( economic, social and political in nature) besides that it is their natural and constitutional rights to have jobs within the country! The actions of the officials cannot be legal by any measurement if it is true that these hero brothers are being dismissed on the mere fact that they are not members of ANDM! It is really annoying and shame of shame!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zeleke says:

    As we all know about EPRDF/ANDM systematic attack of opposition parties which they use such scary tactics to isolate the party with its members and supporters. I believe more scarification is expected from us “Agew people” as we go along the line to our goal to “Reclaimining Agew people’s identity and rights”. This is just start of harassment and intimidation and we have be ready for worst to come.
    Additionally we have to device coordinated way to support victims of the party.

  3. Mizigena says:

    To the web site Administrator
    this is Mizigena,
    I have posted some documents but could not see them. Today I tried again I could not see it even waiting for moderation.
    Anything wrong?

    Dear Mizigena:

    Your message, this one has been found from trash storage by chance. The reason for classification in the trash file has not yet identified. Usually, the administration does not deal with trash files since the automatic system takes care of them.You said you had sent posts to the site, but you didn’t see it even from modernization window. Possible reason seems from your system. If your system is using a proxy server, it might be stuck and remained there due to problems in the proxy, or it might be Deliberately filtered from the source proxy. Try from a different system.

    Upon arrival of WLKA, the post can be also sent to SPAM home page on the basis of the criteria described in the previous notice. Once it is categorized as the SPAM, WLKA security system recognizes the content and places at the same status related messages or posts. In this case, it is unlikely the problem is from the source.

  4. Bazezew K. says:

    ADP’s Chairperson seems moving in wrong. There is time for everything. As the opposition party, how can he try to fight corruption within the regional and city government and in the agency he has been working? This is absolutely naive move. I don’t believe this is his party’s policy, but individual chauvinism. Fighting corruption is life and death. He has positioned himself in ANDM’s political trap. He could seek piece of advice from his fellows unless he is extremely rigid.

  5. REZA says:

    Bazezew..?? Even if ANDM leaders may trap the chairman,he’s devoted to constitutional rights and implementation,in fact, with flexibility.

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