Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Communication Minister Warn National Election Board of Ethiopia

Source wanted to remain in anonymous disclosed that Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Demeke Mekonnen and Communication Minister Mr. Bereket Simon warned National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) not to issue registration license to Agaw Democratic Party, one of applicant parties for registration. The officials are senior party leaders of Asmara National Democratic Movement/ANDM, the former is Chairman and latter is the party’s Executive member and senior former guerrilla fighter. The Ethiopian law requires the parties to be registered with NEBE to work in the country including participation in election. The source claimed the officials of ANDM held a meeting following the NEBE’s announcement on Ethiopian Television, the applicant parties including Agaw Democratic Party. Usually, NEBE announces these parties satisfied the requirements. The television announcement was done on the 16th of January. The initial meeting was held in Bahir Dar and then the participants were called to Addis Ababa. The source stated that in exception of Mr. Demeke and Bereket, other ANDM officials are in favor of the party formation. The party’s head office opened at Dangla in the line with the application process as indicated in Revised Proclamation Number 573/2008, 9(5) closed down after brief raid on the office on the 17th of January. On January 20, the zonal Governor, Mr. Bazezaw traveled to the Dangla town and threatened to jail the party leaders. He was believed to be received order from Mr. Demeke. The Governor spoke about the issue at meeting with the county/woreda leadership.
It can be recalled that on October 20, 2012, in the eve of the Regional Government and Kemant representatives meeting, Mr. Bereket was quoted as saying, Kemants are not Amahara, like the people of Lasta, Gojjam and Damot and even though no need for self-governance. News about the warning against ENBE was not independently verified. WLKA informant’s effort to communicate with NEBE for comment was unsuccessful; the informant said no body was picking the office phone. The informant’s attempt to communicate with the party’ leaders was not also effective, getting their phone number was difficult, but one person who claimed the party’s supporter from Bahir Dar told WLKA’s informant that he was not aware of about either protest or support. But, “I’m confident with the integrity of NEBE and the constitution of the country, no reason to worry about, he reportedly said. However, close observers believe both senior officials interference in the NEBE’s affairs is clearly intended to influence the decision adversely.
In related news there is circulating information about removal of Mr. Ayalew Gobeze, Regional Governor from his position. This is the second attempt and he faced the similar situation in the past year. Mr. Ayalew, the former teacher is believed to be “open-minded for truth and a change despite the events are away from his reach.”

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10 Responses to Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Communication Minister Warn National Election Board of Ethiopia

  1. Biadgilign W. says:

    I live in the US. Two days ago I talked to my relative business man not politician from the Dangla town. What he told me was the party office raid and closure was led by a Board officer from the region not from the national Board. I think his name is Birhan Worknh, what is interesting is the lower Board officers are not loyal to the national Board, but to the ANDM.

  2. Thomas D. says:

    The objectives of Ato Bereket and Ato Demeke’s drama is clear. They don’t want to see the second largest Amara Region in Ethiopia. They want to destroy it systematically. Even a small child knows their profile of the past 21-years against Amara. Now they are acting hypocritically to cover up their sin. I’m glad, a majority of ANDM officials rejected their dram.

  3. tibe says:

    I think they are ignorant, specially Bereket is more ignorant accadamicaly and ideally so we must fight them until death. I believe with a few time Ethiopia will go into civil war, like DARFURE. Because this is the question of existence and identity.

  4. Mizigena says:

    These people are above the law of the nation.
    Even if the Agaw Peoples Democratic Party get legal license, they won’t stop putting their pressure to either split it or produce its replica like they did to other parties.
    But still I believe to adhere to peaceful struggle paying all scarifies including harassment, detain in prison and even death. Unless we accept this fact, do not expect that there will be fair political play ground.
    And do not forget that this party is to be established in the region where there is high racial domination and discrimination. unless Agaw Democratic party is ready to carry the ever heaviest cross by ANDM members and strong enough to throw it away, the party will move no where.
    If you ask me guess, the party will get registered sooner or later with no any problem, but needs all necessary scarifies to make it functional and achieve its objective.
    There is one fact we Agaw people should come to understand. “Freedom is not free.” Blaming others will not serve any one of us. We should always remember the Chines proverb “”When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

  5. chambalala says:

    The behavior of these two officials is clearly against the rule of law–the constitution and the political parties proclamations. Even they are acting against the principle of the Grand Party (EPRDF). Basically, the would be formed Agaw political party is almost affiliated to the ANDM or EPRDF since there is no any difference in terms of Policy issues. Rather it would stretch its efforts to change the principles enshrined under the constitutions and the Parties of the Governments into practice. This is by itself an arm hand of them. Therefore, the stand of these senior political personalities are in a position to be in clear contradiction to either political theme or constitutional and legal norms! Fight against their outdated view!!!!!

  6. Mizigena says:

    Book Review:
    A book on Ethiopian Federalism and the Quest for Qemant Nationality self Administration: From where to where. The book is on market written on Ethiopian Federalism and Qemant’s Quest for self administration. I went through the book swiftly. The book can be taken as ice breaker to write more on Qemant/Agaw people. It clearly indicated how Qemant was suffering and still has been denied of its identity and forcefully annexed. It is really interesting and clearly shows the influence of the regional government in general and ANDM cadres in particular to violet the natural and constitutional rights of Qemant people.
    All the process indicates that Amhara Regional state is not still ready to act according to the constitution. I believe that the book can serve to write a lot based on it. It also gives quite interesting awareness to other nationality that the federal system, one day, will regress back to unitary and one race domination unless we act together as early as possible. I would like to thank the writer


    • Yifterelkum says:

      That is great and best wishes for the Qemant/Agaw….. how can I obtain this book? By the way I really enjoy your hard work and dedication Mizigena. Keep up the noble work.
      Sincerely your northern fellow Agaw

      • Mizigena says:

        Dear Yifterelkum,
        Thanks for your encouraging words. If you are around Gondar or Bahir Dar you can find it in the street book vendors or else book shops. Or you can contact the Qemant committee in Gondar. Or else you can quest whom you know in Gondar or Bahir Dar to buy for you and send
        With Regards

  7. chmbalala says:

    In the same way I have tried to go through the Book in rush. I found it so interesting and timely. I hope the book is deserved to be essential at this time especially for the young generation of all Agaws–Qemants. The book tries to show the vision of building of Ethiopian nation taking the Qemant case as example–unity by diversity! The tricks of the so called officials in the Region have been revealed by such book in terms of treating the issue of Qemants. The book has also tried to warn that the federal system may face a big challenge! However, I think that the book should be revisited and rewritten for better acceptance as a tool to achieve its objectives it holds in it!
    I want to thank and appreciate the Writer…..keep it up!

  8. Beshaw says:

    Just a few comments for the poster and for those who commented on the post. Firstly, ANDM stands for Amhara (not Asmara) National Democratic Movement. Thus, please use appropriate language.
    Coming to the main points, dear Thomas, your concern is on geography, territory. You are worried whether the Amhara Regional State will remain as second largest in population and area. You do not care about the rights of the people. After all whether a certain region is large or not does not matter. It is still part of Ethiopia. What matters is whether each nation and nationality feels as part of genuine Ethiopia. If their rights are respected, surely, they will do.
    When I come to the two officials role, I think all the commentators have misconception as to how politics works. As individuals, they may have their own views, departing from the majority. However, in their official positions, they may not depart from the decision of the majority or the rights of the people. Although they might have their own contribution, they can not deny the claims of the people to have an Agew Party formed.
    On the other hand, claiming these individuals (officials) as weakening the Amhara region is not only nonsense, but also an act of undermining the people of Agew or Kemant to decide on their rights and interests. Of course, I agree that they are their own part to weaken the Amhara region in their reluctance to protect the rights of Kemant. It is not a prophesy, it is rather an imminent reality if the rights of kemant and other Agews’ rights are not protected properly and in time, not only will the Amhara region be weakened, but also it may be uttered in destruction!

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