Kemants Call on Nations and Nationalities for Support

Kemant Recognition and Self-Governance Coordination Committee called on Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities for support on the 7th NNPD celebrated in Bahir Dar on the 8th of December. The call was made on the Amharic pamphlet distributed and indicated below. Some of nations and nationalities representatives communicated back Kemants for further information. There was also another pamphlet from the Addis Ababa communities, but that was not dispatched to public because it was strongly worded protest to celebration of NNPD at Bahir Dar what the document called the oppressive region for nationalities.


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43 Responses to Kemants Call on Nations and Nationalities for Support

  1. kemantologist says:

    keep up please.

  2. gondarian says:

    Addressing our main issue to others is important to disclose how region 3 government is not even ready to recognize constitutional article 39.

  3. Zeleke says:

    This is big jump forward. Congratulations for committee members. I wish if the paper had more words to explain the deadlock of kement/agew people for the last six and more years since the committee is formed. Lets keep bringing the issue in any possible media including private FM radios and news papers to give more awareness for public.

    Good job

  4. anteneh says:

    ” kemants ” are working to divide semien and begemidir (gondar). this is the evile idea of ….
    what is the legal standards to be a nation or a nationality according to the Ethiopian constitution?
    what are evidences to consider kimants to be one of Agew clans?
    what is the unique characteristics of kimants that distinguish them from the rest of the people living in Gondar ?
    con-temporarily kimants are are the gonder people. actually i never support to extinction kimant language. i don’t know who is going to be responsible. as to me
    it is kimants them selves
    nature of language.
    otherwise there is no spacial imposition on the kimants in history.
    i really advice you not not to create trouble.
    actually you are given an assignment to weaken strong sprite of gonder people.
    they snatched our fertile land and our patriotic and lovely people and now they are giving you spacial assignment to destroy our history and people. please wake up. don’t be an instrument for the evil.
    you are the small creature in the sea, use the fruits of the sea, if you tried to drink all contents of the sea you will be the first to be blasted.

    • Mizigena says:

      people like you never thought of genuine unity among people. The type of unity you aspire for is like that of land grabbing. You do not mind if Qemant go to hell and leave Gondar for you like you did to Bete-Israel. (the derogatory word you gave them “Felasha”).
      what makes you worry most is not the unity that you are talking about, rather the economic, political and social supremacy that you have had upon Qemant people for century long. Now, enough is enough! You know what you were shouting about the secession of Eritrea. it was not the separation of the two brother people rather that you lose your power upon Eritrea and the sea (ports). Never have I read any article written by the people like you that Ethiopians missed their true brothers and sisters. They only shouted about the lose of the ports? You see who you really are.
      In the same token you are shouting about land of Welkayt-Tegede.But you said nothing about the people living on that land. It is up to that people to determine where they belong to. Give chance for that particular people to determine their fate. if you were farsighted and able to think beyond your locality, no matter which region a given locality administered by, you would have looked into the bigger picture- Ethiopia. Is Tigray region belong to Sudan, Egypt or Uganda? Are the people living in Tigray region from Kenya or Djibouti? They are Ethiopians. Had you been a kind of people who really felt about genuine unity, you would never have ill feeling about Welkayt-Tegede being administered by Tigray region so long as it is all under Ethiopia.
      If you feel that Welkay is forcefully snatched why didn’t you bring it back through your own means? You didn’t do because the question was not the Welqayt people. Had the Welkayt people refused to be administered by Tigray region, they would have raised it by themselves. They didn’t raise it because no matter which region they belong to, they remain under Ethiopia and call themselves Ethiopian.

      Let me tell you one plain fact. Qemant never has been serving as “Telalaki” or ” banda like that of you. It is you who is serving the present government institution. It is not Qemant that signed boarder agreement between Tigray and Amhara. It is not Qemat that signed and gave the fertile land to Sudan. It is you!
      For you unity occurs only when you govern Ethiopia and Ethiopian from end to end. The federal system that has given nationalities every rights to administer by its own people gave you deepest grief since it denied you the absolute right to snatch their lands and put the people under your tyranny. Do not wish that time to come again for you. You missed it not get it back.

      I know you do not like to read the constitution as it barred your limitless power upon other. But I still do tell you to read the federal constitution and Amhara region proclamation number 59/1994 if you like to know the definition of nation, nationality and people. I know it nauseates you. You do not like to read it.
      Why you waste your time for nothing about things that is not your business. Rather than asking Qemant peole whether it belongs to Agaw or not, why don’t you collect evidences and defend professor Mesfin who clearly said there is is Amhara in his book called “Yekihidet Kulqulet?” can you bring any source that talks about you? No, you can’t. You have sympathized for the extinction of Qemant language. Thank you for nothing! Let me correct you. First of all Qemant language is not extinct yet. it is still spoken though the speakers drastically decline and it is endangered. You know why this is so? It is because of you. How qementeny could grow under your undemocratic and chauvinist administration system. Qemant were penalizing for speaking their own language. Not only Qemant, but also Oromo, Sidama, Kembata, Tigre and all others were suffering for speaking their language. Thanks for the federal system all but qemant are free from your bondage and now they are busy developing their culture, language and history.
      Please tell me how qemant would be responsible for its endangered language having been under Amhara domination? Believe it or not Amharic is not only yours. It is all the contribution of all Ethiopian people (oromo, Agaw, sidama, welayta, somali, Afar and so on). Let me tell you one truth again: The owner of a language is all its speaker. If I learn to speak English I speak English, If I learn Arabic I speak Arabic no matter my identity or race. Denying this truth, however, a scholar like you conclude that a white guy who speaks Amharic is Amhara. Is Alula Pankhurst Gojame, Shewe or Gondarea? You don’t shame you will say he is from Farta-Debretabor.
      Anteneh! we would rather burst drinking all the water than to live eating meager fruits from you under your tyranny administration! Enough is enough!

      • kenaw says:

        Selam Ato Mizigena,
        First of all, I do appreciate your continuous efforts to educate most of us on here. I really enjoy reading your comments. I also enjoy reading the negative comments about Qemant. Let me tell you why. This is the beginning of the learning curve to most of the ignorant individuals who thought Qemant came from trees!

        I am happy to see more people start talking about Qemant because at the end, they will learn that Qemant is the indigenous of Gondar who built the Fassil castle, and most places still named after Qemant language which Amhara don’t even know the definition of it!

    • Beshaw says:

      I agree with you, anteneh! the difference b/n Kemant and the other gondarines is this: kemant stubbornly have stuck with their culture, language, history, tradition while the other gondarines opted or forced to waive their true self and acquire a new identity, amhara, for the sake of their belly. But, Kemants are not sea creatures;they are people.

    • tiru says:

      HI Anteneh First of all who are you to write like this. You are not real human being you can ask those kimants. If you are acting only on behalf of the government side especially on the side of the regional government it is because for your salary. You had better search for an other work for you instead of being a custody of your mind. You personally lost your identity or you are one of those little minded chauvinists or you are one of the big corruptions. Is that legal and fair to loss one’s identity and de-numerate from the statistics. to escape from one lye don’t add more and more lie. that is not good first of all. You should know what is happening and what is going on if you are not in the area you should have first know the situation and see with different dimension. What ever you say and what ever you sing for you can see what will happen in the near future. the standing committee will decide on the behalf of the federal government and we think will decide based on the laws of the country not on behalf of the your and your bosses. You can dream it is your freedom because you are always sleeping and don’t want to work. It is because you love your laziness and stay not to work because we here to work for you not for us because. We never see infrastructure in our vicinity but always collecting money and have infrastructures some where not in our surroundings.

  5. Gete says:

    How much true is the rumor that Walkaities are working underground with Agaws to promote their political interests? Anyone can confirm it?

  6. Abram Beyene says:

    My friends, I couldn’t access the article below in full. As can be seen, the title of article is ETHIOPIA: WHO IS AMHARA? INTERVIEW WITH JEMAL IBRHIM
    Publisher is and published on April 24, 2012. I tried to access to the article, but I couldn’t. Anyone who has the access to article can download and post on the comment window. So, I can read it. I hope WLKA will accept and publish it. Looking forward.

    Ethiopia: Who is Amhara? Interview with Jemal Ibrahim – Ayyaantuu …
    Apr 24, 2012 … It is believed that the Sabaean (Sheban) people began to settle on the …. tribes in the norther of Ethiopa like Agaw, Saho, beja meder, and … … For Oromo and others, you call us Amhara, but we are all Agew. …. I just realize that some Eritreans accuse Isayas for not being true “Eritrean”, he is from tembien.

    • Tatekendegena says:

      who converted agaws to Amhara?

      From Abram:

      well, what happened is Amharic is the state language since Queen Yodit because her hostility to Geez. As a result, Amharic had become the language of elites. As Agaw kings converted from Orit to Christianity including Ezena, they waged unfolding wars to convert the rest of the Agaw population time to time. As same time, they promoted the language of elites at the expenses of the Agaw languages.

      • kimant says:

        oh my GOD, could you give me the evidence which states agew convered to amhara not just saying bla bla bla. What we should believe is kimant should get thier identity, thier language should survive, we should fight but we should not seed negative thought such as no amhara people.

  7. Abram says:

    Gamst Frederic (1969) is considerable biases on his thesis. Even he failed to recognize Kements very famous religious practice, which is equivalent to the worship of Abraham. He called them “pagans”. Relating Kemants or Agews in general to Hebrew is not new. It is traditional view, but not supported with research work. I can tell you the truth, Kemants Agewness is not only supported by research works, also with DNA assessments. The same is true also for the other Agew groups who have no self-awareness. I believe it is probably the matter of time the people to realize their natural identity to come to oneness. It should be noted that the Agew groups’ oneness has no any purpose other than peace, democracy and equality. Everybody is welcome to join and support this novel mission.

  8. mariam213 says:

    please kimant is not agew give me reference before 1983 e.c , first read the history of kimant then post , yes we need our identity,we need our zone at least , and please try to include also welkayt tegnedie, humera from tigray as most of the people are kimant, I am from there, I was saying my self as amhara, so let us fight for our freedom, hopefully the goverment will give us good response,

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  10. kimant says:

    good point please keep up

  11. amhara says:

    silly idea all of you feel inferiority

    • Gosamin says:

      you are correct
      not inferiority
      they have no work
      they need power (shumet) in the name of the people
      they are given assignment to create turmoil in Amara region specially in Gonder and their masters want to see a divided, a weak, an undeveloped region.

      • Mizigena says:

        Qemant never tradeoff of its identity with “shumet” like you. It was not Qemant who was banda during Italy invasion. All yours so called heroes were bandas. If you ask me who, I will count to you one by one.
        By the way you didn’t answer my question that I have posed to Mr. Anteneh. Who is serving the current government? If Qemant were power monger, it would have converted itself to Amhara by now by denying God given natural identity, as you did.
        Who apportions power? is that you?
        Listen! I really longing the day that people like you start talking about their true itself rather than meddling on other issues.
        Meche naw silenante mawrat Yemitjemirut. Gobez Zarem kebalefeaw atimarum. Bemewaqim hon balmaweqabatochachihu beleloch Ethiopiawian lay YefeTsemut giff enannten eyankeratetachihu mehonun megenzeb akatachihu?
        When are you going to develop tolerance that says the “bygones are gone” and start to co-exist with others peacefully.
        Qemant is requesting about its identity. Never about division among Ethiopians. Why you try to deflect its constitutional rights for power? What kind of unity you aspire while denying one’s self?
        Ebakachihu melkam neger siru. lelijochachihu lela Yebekel betir titachihu atilefu.
        You know whether qemant’s quest answered or not, qemant never become Amhara to the dooms day because it is unnatural, artificial. It is scientific fact not just political position. That is why I say enough is enough.

      • amhara says:

        Gosamin you are totally correct, you know my sister marry kimant in gondar, he never have this kind of thinking, he always thinks as he is ethiopian , and I really love him I take care of his families, so we live in good harmony, when I forwarded this site he said exactly what you said , who wants money by losing thier rational mind, but from this site I support thier ideas on developing the language of kimant as it is on the way of extinct.Except this all are rubbish.


    is it question for me?
    ” Who is serving the current government?”
    any body who wants to serve tigres, amharas ,qimants, oromos, afars …. interested Ethiopians.
    what type of question it is? Mizigena.
    Mizigena! you say
    ” All yours so called heroes were bandas. If you ask me who, I will count to you one by one.”
    ” All yours so called heroes were bandas.” all , ………sorry
    bandas were in all nations and nationalities, and patriots were also in all nations and nationalities.
    please Mizigena ? your banda list couldnot include.
    abebe aregay, belay zelek, amoraw wubneh, adane mekonene , halemariam mamo, geresu duki, balcha abanebiso, bire zegeye, getaw zerfa, chane yemeretu,…
    but donot worry for tininish nebsoch atchenk.
    don’t suspect a cat for katikala but for milk.
    dimet bewotet engi beareki atiterereterm.
    Mizigena you will be respected not by your all talks but by the smallest fact you included in your stuff.
    blaming others never bring change.
    Mizigena if you are a tiger no one can take your spot.

    • Mizigena says:

      Dangia Sebetina Hura Anteneh
      Endemin senebetick lij Anteneh malet naw in Qementeny.

      This would be my last response for you. Because wasting my time dialoging with the one who does not accept one’s rights lacks something inside.
      First of all, it seems you are wrongly socialized. Your community and family socialized you in such a way that Ethiopia means only to you and your group is only you, Ethiopia true inheritor is only you. That is it. others came from enchet, Teil, Assa Anbeta etc. Your grandparents shaped your parents, your parents stained you and you in turn believed to be do the similar thing to your children in the manner your orientation was acquired.

      In the first place you have denied the “Ethiopianwinet” of others and you put yourself the only patriot and knight of the country. Others are migratory, encroaches and came from outside.
      You know what your pseudo-historian wrote about the indigenous Oromo people. Oromo entered from other African countries and migrated to the highland of Ethiopia around 16th centuries and invaded Ethiopia like a grasshopper. You know what your elder or seniors told to you? Qemant came from Egypt, and others came from here and there. This thought is the syndrome caused by a wrong socialization and patterned to push other people to the periphery or assimilate in your false identity.
      Had it not been this psychological chaos, you should have recognized the indigenous Qemant (Agaw) living in Gondar. If you are really, from Wogera, at least, by different means you came to know that Qemant resides in Wogera.

      How on earth a guys like you that denies the very existence of Qemant seek unity and talk about Gondar unity. What kind of unity you aspire? What kind of Ethiopia you want to see and leave for your future generation? Do you still insist on the hegemony of the past rotten administration system that tried to assimilate others forcefully to one culture, one language, one nation?

      I advice you and your masters to come to the self and think that Ethiopia is a country of diverse people, diverse culture, diverse language and diverse religion.
      |t is only when each nationality respect each others’ culture, identity, religion, history and language that we create a united Ethiopia, a strong Ethiopia and create a country where our children and grandchildren co-exist in peace respecting each other without any kind of ill feeling, without being affected by the ethnocentric feeling. Do not aspire homogeneity in the country of heterogeneous.

      First and foremost adjust you pattern of thinking Ethiopia is only for one nationality that you belong to. Forget this! Ethiopia is ours, (yours, mine, his, her, theirs).
      Can’t we bring Ethiopian a lasting unity having been different nationality (Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Afar Sidama Agaw Hadya, etc). Why you and people like you scare of diverse nationality in Ethiopia in the region particular? Why especially, your group in Gondar fear of the continuation of Qemant like a sharp spear? What in the hell Qemant self administration makes you afraid of? You like it ornot you, there are Awi, Himra, Argoba and Oromo nationality administration in the region. What kind of turmoil these nationality administrations caused to Amhara region? Nothing.
      please! please! please! together we can create a united Gondar, a united region, a united Ethiopia. But if you remain stubborn in your wrong stand you become rather the major cause for the disintegration of Gondar and the region at large. Rather than wasting your time in advocating the Amharaness of Qemant, accept the Qemantness of Qemant and create a common platform how we can make Gondar and Gondare Amhara and Qemant and other Ethiopian living in Gondar in prosperous, co-exist in peace. Let us leave for our children a peaceful Gondar that the Qemant respect the Amhara and the Amhara respect Qemant.

      If you deny the existence of Qemant as a distinct nationality in the same manner Qemant will not recognize the Amharaness of Amhara. This negative reciprocity would pass down to our future generation and make them to live like your grand parents did to ours and ours did to you.
      Believe it or not, you can’t suppress the Qemant’s quest after all. The Amhara state might deny the existence of Qemant and self administration but the Qemant Qemantnet remains to the dooms day. This decision does not bring peace rather conflict among people. Yenen Qemantnet Yemaykebel Gondarae Yerasun maninet bezih wusanew endabelashew ligenezeb yigebawal. Ante Amhara neh enae degimo Qemant. Together we are Gondarae. So what is the causes the turmoil? Is that my being Qemant that cause turmoil like that guy said it?

      Anteneh and others who provoke similar ajenda, if you are really human and want united Gondar and Ethiopia, why don’t we take the initiative to create a platform that both Amhara and Qemant people discuss on issues that Qemant people raised. If this question (Qemant self adminstration) is only those who need power, like you have said, Qemant activists will bow-down to confess for their wrong deed. But if you find it that this question is the question of the majority of the Qemant, you should come and stand by our side and struggle for our quest. Do you agree? if you shy off doing this, stop accusing Qemant activists for asking self administration. I m waiting for your reply in particular to this point. I will give you my mobile address to call me and call you to establish people to people discussion platform in Gondar. I afraid you do not have the appetite for this. Like your kegn Azimaches, you establish your own group to lobby the Amhara region to reject Qemant Quest. Why not this lobby group asks Qemant people as to why they raised this question rather than wasting their time for nothing?
      Otherwise do not expect me after now to waste my valuable time to response to your “tirchy -mirchy” You can take the horse to the river but you can’t make it drink the water! who said this?
      Ebakachihu wedelibonachihu temelesu! What do you think the major cause for Eritrea session? For TPLF armed struggle? It was the maladministration system of the past regime and the chauvinistic (superiority) syndrome of some people like you (dear Antenh). If you fail to adjust your pattern of thinking towards Ethiopia you will see many pieces of Ethiopia shortly. At least Agaw people won’t continue under your domination.And, of course, neither do others.

      Antenim Getochinim Gata Yibarkachew!
      Dehina Senbitlign! Bittelagnim enae hasabikin enji anten altelahim.
      Mizegina, ze-bihare Gondar

  13. Anteneh says:

    wondim Mizigena
    selam lante yihun endemin aleh
    This is also my last response too
    as you said i am not wrongly socialized.i told you that i am from wogera. I grown up from innocent farmer family. they don’t know socialization, personality developent etc,,,,,,,.
    ene yewotahut keyewuahochmider naw
    what my family did is they send me to school.
    Mizigena you said “Your community and family socialized you in such a way that Ethiopia means only to you and your group is only you, Ethiopia true inheritor is only you”
    wrong allegation.
    negate, criticize, … anteneh’s idea ,reasoning .views,…
    when we com to our main point
    i did not deny Ethiopian nation and nationalities include qimants.
    what i don’t accept is when all wrong historical happening are resided to one nation, Amara.
    this days including you many people see Amara not as nation but as an ideology, even wrong ideology.
    yihe yanadidal, enquan bier libkal lelam liyasnesa yichilal.
    all the historical ups and downs are being responded to Amara.
    do you accept it?
    i can write a lot of facts, ideas and suggestion to you but i am not in good condition because i am in addis ababa.
    when we come to the cases i did not say no qimant but they have oneness to amhara.
    as to me there is no antagonism between amhara and qimant .
    you say we are not brothers and sisters of gonder amhara and therefor we need agaws at large seeking ze-agwism, why you angry If gonder amharas deny you and cooperate with the shewan amhara to rebuild solomonic dynasity. You see, we divide ourselves. We paved the ways for weakness. These days we are weak and we planned to be more weaker,
    other wise i am not advocator of ethnic politics.
    bizu yekoselinbet neger ale.
    ye Anteneh getaw Egziabher bicha new.
    Egziabher hulun yibark
    I respect you regardless of your ideas and feelings
    becher yigtemen.

    • Mizegena says:

      Why you forgot my question that let us create a common plat forum for Qemant and Amhara? Didn’t you agree with that Idea?
      If not wish you all best!

  14. Abram, on Shuwan Position says:

    Mr. Anteneh, for your information, to the best of my knowledge Shuwan intellectuals have never said they are not Agaws or Oromos. You can refer the series publication of Magazine called Ethiopia Register used published in 1990s in North America, in the State of Minnesota. It Chief Editor was Shuwan senior intellectual namely Professor Getachew Haile. Of course, actually they said, people who speak Amharic are not necessarily Amharas. Amhara is the system of the state not the entity of the ethnic. In the existed system, anybody who wanted to join the ruling class had to speak Amharir; what thy said was wring. Further what they do argue for the past 21-years is no need for political ethnicity only Ethiopianism and individual liberty.

    Finally, I would like to congratulate WLKA.FORUM for creating such opportunity for diversities of ideas. The forum is not contributing its shares for democratization of our country; also it has played the role for understanding and realization. I believe a history will remember this forum for its constructive role.

  15. TESFAYE MAMO says:


  16. TESFAYE MAMO says:


    • habesha says:

      there isnot amhara ,tigre qemant wezwte,.they all lost only language left,original tigre qemant are sematic/white/ now u see all ethiopian area mix black .so u gays chika dirty , thats why we ended up slave for arab western.

    • tach armachiho says:

      continue to bring the “lost civilization” kemants

  17. yeshineh from lay armachiho tikldingaty town says:

    Ow Kimant is self-governed; managing its own affairs and preserved their culture, language and they still have historical heritagess like Faciledes kastel and Atse Teodros museum. pleas don’t talk about Kimant. kimant is self governed, not governed by Amhara. Yes, do you agree with me? ya it is possible to agree!!!! kimant is Kimant not amhara.

    From north Gondar lay Armachiho, Tikldingay town.

    • tiru says:

      Starting from my grade three language lessons, I have learned about the language gain not being gene dependent. My question is are all not learned the on how language is gained. I can perfectly write; fluently speak English. But could I can be and England in citizenship. Not please thing language is not blood identity but it is a matter of exposure.
      I have a question, if an Ethiopian diaspora in America gives birth of son or daughter and the offspring is speaking only English what is their the role of an Ethiopian blood for their identity and its relation with language.
      Please took all and teach them language starting from grade 2 or kindergarten. Language has nothing to do with blood and self identity.
      Sorry for all the meas and for all disorganized things created being created and unintentionally continues with out solutions.

      • tiru says:

        Dear all I am pleased to say a very nice word congratulation for the very successful demonstration on Kimant people self-rule. It is a very successful start. Those Amahara called as Kimant and our fathers were not giving that name the first letter with which they called our fathers is not from the word kementney which is a kimant language it is from their word origin. It was very nice classification and save even form being intermingled with thousands of years and it is nice for the present identity of the present we kimant peoples.
        we hard working peoples are very devoted to change their biases. We didn’t want their voices and we don’t expect our freedom from the the hands and mouths of the mass media from abroad and local agents. Their fathers were biased and they were socialized from their family of orientation and nothing new to expect from the VOA, ESAT and German Dochivelie. Some of the chauvinists are all one and the same and they never learn from time and never changed with education starting from their illiteracy to their professor ship. Most narrow minded persons are and were born blinded not to see and born deaf not to hear our voices as their mothers and fathers they might have some bad coding genes of DNA . The issues of hundreds of thousands in nothing in their mind and if it does not have political advantage.
        We did not expect honey from the dung, and good from evils. It is one and the same for them, the only nation and ethnicity is Amhara that is why they want us to be called Amhara instead of kimant. I personally want to tell and inform them the time being 21st century and the issue is self identity. We kimants are kimants and want to be called kimants. We are expecting some of these chauvinists to to learn from their mistakes. It is the time to leave us free go from shoulders and land on your feet we want to promote and build our own infrastructures. Please take all your lazy and idle cursed bosses form the bad, poor and corrupted administration system in our locality we want to see progresses from the fertile minds of the local indigenous people and feed the spirits and the minds, the spirits and the soul of growth staved people and development thirsted kimant community.
        It is better to think and I expect all higher official to understand and see our quest and give responses based on the rules you enacted and constitution the Ethiopian people agreed, you only have one and only one option that is respecting your own constitution if not I feel the other side of dictatorship is approved and we will pray and is you need to have wholly water from some of hot springs some seven years or have cold wholly water from one of the churches of the Ethiopian Orthodox churches or monasteries. I think it could be good for your flesh and blood and more for your soul. I did not see any single word from the wholly Bible that says, there are individuals coming from the trees especially from olive oil tree. and even there is nothing written from It that says there are people from Ethiopia are cursed and of substandard in there humanity.
        I might use some rough words for those violating the constitutional rights written in white and black. Others did write and you could not be consulted because they are not the one’s who drafted and interpreting the law.

  18. tiru says:

    The regional, zonal and district government officials were calling the federal defense force and police for keeping their lies. But the federal defense force did not accept their question and only by now the federal police is surrendering the town of Chilga which is dominantly a town with high proportion of kemant people. After seeing the devilish idea of the higher officials of the district, zonal and regional leaders. the federal defense force has released the force from the town and responded negatively, responding by saying very nice Ethiopian words and saying we are keeping the security of the country and the constitution of the government and the peoples of the country not to keep the lies and the cabin members.
    What is very annoying thing is the action of Federal Police. they are surrendering the town of Chilga and specially the ingenious Abrhamic religion leader Aba Wonberu it is the world most long lasting religious practice ever existing it the kimant community. They are surrounding and the house of aba wonberu, as witnessed from the inhabitants of Chilga.
    The Federal police is not acting according to the constitution of the country. they caught the Kemant committee members during the night of yekatit 28 from 2:00 am to 12:00 while they were sleeping peacefully.
    Do federal police ethics, who leads them. are they keeping the individuals let them to lie. We expect the same from the federal police higher officials. The people is highly disciplined we are asking only the constitutional rights. nothing created. please release them our brothers. they are in custody. you can make us keep quit. they are very very very few cursed recognized members of the kimant who are adding their lies and acting against their community. It will never stop the peoples from getting their recognition by acting in such a way. they know what will happen. they even know how hard working the community is it may not be good for them even they are ones to be first to be asked in front of the legal procedures.
    I want even to give them signals as they are no at the right track to act. there are even heroes and heroine to ask their full preserved rights stated and implied in the constitutions of both the region and nation.
    I would like to give the higher officials to act according to the rules and laws of the government.
    thanks you once again for the very interesting and adult mature answers of federal defense force. saying this the prison officers of Dabat and Debark do not have any reason to accept arrested individuals from chilga and lay Armachiho. Is there any model to receive the as fixed assets. what is there reason and how they accept them to custody.
    With no preconditions the prison officers of the mentioned areas should release the individuals and refuse not to have them in your prisons. they are not red handed they are Ethiopians asking their rights written in black and white and stated in the constitution of the country.

  19. tiru says:

    Andand yekabinie abalat ena dedeb amelkaket yalachihu, dedeb kimantoch kalachihu eneho yemdan ken ahun new tolo niseha gibu sewochin enante eyasaserachehu new yebalal yehin egizihabhare yikir yeamyilawu kebad hatiyate new yekimant banda taytom tesemtom ayawkim ende tewodros koften malet kalhon bsiwir yemihed kimant bezarachin taytom tesemtom aytawokim DNA kelyla kalametachihu besetequr atadergutim kehoune gin kimant aydelachihum haram hizibu yekir aylachihum kezafelay kemtegnat kemariet menqat yishal ena asibubut beamanregha yetsafikut mechem ketemarachihu atadergutem beye new. kehone gina eselam ena amara abran anbelam eslam yaredew wonze yegaredew yehinm kidus yohanis ayishirewum. you loss in both politics and also in you never can bring it back once happen. so try first adjust you caliber and live with your brothers. if others involved illegally the same will fate you.

  20. ቅማነት ማነው ቋንቋዉን አንብቡ እወቁ ቻው says:

    1-ከመንትነይ ድምፅ
    ኘ ኙ ኚ ኛ ኜ ኝ ኞ
    ጞ ጙ ጚ ጛ ጜ ጝ ጐ
    ኸ ኹ ኺ ኻ ኼ ኽ ኾ
    2-ከመንትነይ ሳብ
    2.1 ከመንትነይ ሳብ ሸካ አጛሽ
    ላኛ – አንድ—-1 አንኳ–አምስት — 5 ሰሳ-ዘጠኝ–9
    ኒኛ – ሁለት—- 2 ወልታ-ስድስት –6 ሸካ–አስር–10
    ሲኳ – ሦስት –3 ነኘታ-ሰባት————7
    ሰጃ – አራት— 4 ሳወታ-ስምንት——8
    2.2 ከመንትነይ ሳብ ነኘይኝ አጛሽ
    ሸኪላኛ- … 11 ሸኪ ወልታ……16
    ሸኪ ኒኛ–… 12 ሸኪ ነኘታ…….17
    ሸኪ ሲኳ- … 13 ሸኪ ሳወታ-…..-18
    ሸኪ ሰጃ-… 14 ሸኪ ሰሳ– ….. 19
    ሸኪ አንኳ-…15 ነኘይኝ– ….. 20
    2.3 ከመንትነይ ሳብ ሊጝ አጛሽ
    ወልትኝ .…60 ሳኞይኝ—-……..30
    ነኘቲኝ-………-70 ሳመቲኝ-………-80 ሰጅኝ– ……… 40 ሰሲኝ–…………-90 አንኮይኝ-…….-.50 ሊጝ—…………..100
    2.4 ከመንትነይ ሳብ ሸክ አጛሽ
    ላኛ ሊጝ-100 ወልታ ሊጝ-600
    ኒኛ ሊጝ-200 ነኘታ ሊጝ-700
    ሲካ ሊጝ-300 ሳወታ ሊጝ-800
    ሰጃ ሊጝ- 400 ሰሳ ሊጝ-900
    አንኳ ሊጝ-500 ሸክ—-1000
    1- ሰጅኝ ሰሳ
    2- ሸኪ ወልታ ሸክ ላኛ ሊጝ ሰሲኝ ሲኳ፡፡
    3- ሸካ ሸክ፡፡
    4- ሳወታ ሊጝ ሳወቲኝ ሳወታ፡፡
    5- ኒኛ ሸክ ነኘይኝ፡፡
    6- አንኳ ሊጝ አንኮይኝ አንኳ ሸክ አንኳ ሊጝ አንኮይኝ አንኳ፡፡
    3- ንኝ-ይር
    ኮና-……-እናት -ያን………..-አያት/ወንድ/
    ገና…….–እናት -ታን–……….አያት/ሴት/
    አባ–….…አባት -ንዋግ-…………..አማት
    ዘን-……..ወንድም -ያንሻት……….-አማት/ወንድ/
    ሸን-……-እህት -ታንሻት……………-አማት/ሴት/
    አግ-……አጎት -ይር-…………………ሰው
    ቴር…..- አክስት -ይረን-……………….ሰዎች
    ዊና-……ሚስት -እዠን-………………-ህዝብ
    ጉርዋ……..-ባል -ማኸል-………………-ጓደኛ
    – ኹራ-…….ሴት ልጅ -ከልሜድ-እረኛ
    – እውራ……-ወንድ ልጅ -ግርበድ-እኩያ
    – ለለማ………-ህፃን -አበኩና-እናት አባት
    – መሙ-……..ማሙሽ -ከበኔላ-መካን

    3.1 ተውላጠ ሽኑ (1)
    – አን–እኔ ኒ–እሱ ይ—–የኔ
    – እንት–አንተ/አንቺ ንሽ–እሷ ቲ—-ያንተ/ያንቺ
    – እኔው– እኛ ናይዴው-እነሱ አናጝ—-የእኛ
    ይሰኩ ፤ ይሰት ፤ ይሰኩን

    3.1.2 አረፍተ ጋቢ ሰራጝ





    ለምዳ /ምሳሌ
    1.አን ጎለንታው ይስኩ፡፡
    2.ንሽ አልማዝ ይሰት፡፡
    3.ናይዴው ጎለንታው ኩ አልማዝ ይሰኩን፡፡

    3.2 ተውላጠ ሽኑ(2)
    ኒሻው——የሱ እንትዴው—–እናንተ
    ንሻው…….የሷ እን…….ይህ
    እንታጝ……የናንተ እንዴው…..እነዚህ ይንዴው…..እነዚያ

    አናጝ—-እኛ ይን……ያ
    ናጝ—የነሱ ይት…..አንተን
    ይትማ—እኔን ናይ…..እርሳቸው
    አይሩ—አንተ (በርቀት ለመጥራት)
    አይኩ—አንቺ (በርቀት ለመጥራት)
    3.2.1 ግስ
    ጋላ…..ነው አን ጋይል—እኔ ነኝ
    ጋይላ…ናት ንሽ ጋይላ—እሷ ናት
    ኒት- –ናት ኒ ጋላ—እሱ ነው
    ጋይል—ነኝ ናይዴው ጋጝላ— እነሱ ናቸው

    አረፍተ ጋቢ ስራጝ



    1-እን ቢረ ኒሻው ጋላ፡፡
    2-ይንዴው ይረን አናጝ ጋጝላ፡፡
    3-ይን ጋላ ድባ
    አረፍተ ጋቢ ስራጝ




    1-ቲ ዊና አውኒ ይሰት?
    2- ኒሻው ማኸል አውኒ ይሰኩ?
    3- ናጝ ያን አውኒ ይሰኩን?
    4-ንኝዝ እንሰሲ
    ከማ—ላም ፍንትራ—ፍየል ግምላ—ግመል ክዝማ—መዝገር
    ቢረ—በሬ በጊ—በግ ዶርያ—ደሮ አንሽዋ—-አይጥ
    ገር—ጥጃ አቢር—ወጠጤ ሻሹና—ጫጩት ላግላ—ንብ
    ጀርኮ—እንቦሳ በይላ—በቅሎ ኡራጝና—እንቁላል ሸንሻ—-ዝንብ
    ሜን—ጓደር ድኹራ—አህያ ግዝኝ—ውሻ ብታ—ቅማል
    ቱምታ—ወይፈን ፊርዛ..ፈረስ ዳሚያ—ድመት

    ተዘራ ኩ ዘነቡ

    ነኘይኝ ኒኛ

    4.1 ግስ
    ሸይ – አለኝ
    ሸቲ – አላት
    ሸይጙ- አለው
    ሸይዶ – አላቸው
    ሸይል —የለኝም

    4.2 ግስ
    ዋይት — መግዛት ክዝ—መሸጥ
    ዋይትጙ—ገዛ ክዝጙ—ሸጠ
    ዋይሲት —ገዛች ክዝሲት—ሸጠች
    ዋይትዶ—ገዙ ክዝዶ — ሸጡ


    5 -ክቭናዝ እንስሲ
    ጂወይሳ—አሞራ ከውያ—ቆቅ ታምታሚያ — ድንቢጥ
    ጀል—ወፍ ሜዋ—ሜዳቋ ለምሽ—አዞ
    ጃኒ —ዝሆን ድኹሊ—ድኩላ ሸንኩላ—ሙጭልጭላ
    ገመኒ—አንበሳ ሚዋ — ሰሳ ሸሽባ—ምስጥ
    ወይ—ጅብ ኺራው —አሳማ ሸሻ—ጣጤ
    ይቫ—ነብር ምርዋ……እባብ ሻሳው—ጉንዳን
    ሽሽዋ—ጦጣ ግርሻ — ግራጫ አኻኺሊያ —እንሽላሊት
    ጅግሪ—ዝንጀሮ በንተሌ —ጥንቸል ኻልኻሊያ— እንቁራሪት
    ኮዚል ዋነኩ ቃላት አረፍተ ጋቢ ስራጝ፡፡

    6. ጊዜ
    6.1 ግርክ (1)
    ሰን—-ሰኞ ሳውት—ሳምንት
    ስሉዝ—ማክሰኞ አርፋ—–ወር
    ለቦ —ረብዑ አመይ—-አመት
    አሞዝ —ሐሙስ ሻጉ—–ሳልስት
    ትው——-መጣ “ለ”
    ቲት——–መጣች 1-ችጎይ አውን ቴጝ?
    ትንጉ——-መጡ 2-ችጎይ አውን ትው?
    ቴጝ——–ይመጣል 3-ኢንዛኩና አውን ቴቲ?
    ቴቲ——–ትመጣለች 4-ችጎይ ኩ ኢንዛኩና አውን ትንጉ?
    ቴታጝ——–ትመጣለህ/ሽ 5-ኢንዛኩና አውን ቲት?
    ቴኩ———-እመጣለሁ 6-ችጎይ ኩ ኢንዛኩና አውን ቴኩን?
    ቴኩን——–ይመጣሉ፡፡ 7-እንት አውን ቴታጝ?
    1-ችጎይ ትው፡፡
    2-ኢንዛኩና ቲት፡፡
    3-ችጎይ ኩ ኢንዛኩና ትንጉ፡፡
    6.2 ግርክ (2)
    ናን—አሁን ይኹም- ——-አምና
    ሲን—-ቅድም ናኙ————ዘንድሮ
    ግቶ —-ኃላ ከውንቶ——-ድሮ
    ንጝ—-ዛሬ መሽ———-በጋ
    አመር–ነገ ሻጝ————ክረምት
    እንጅኝ—-ትናንት ግበር ግርክ——-እኩለ ቀን
    ክስና – ጠዋት ግበር ኺር ——–እኩለ ሌሊት
    ኩና–ማታ/ምሽት ግበር አመይ —ግማሽ አመት/መንፈቅ
    ኩነው —- መሽ ኩንሴ——–ምሽት
    ክስነው —ነጋ ኺር———-ሌሊት
    አረፍተ ጋቢ
    1-ናኙ ሻጝ ከመንቲነይ ዋጘር ኪነይ-ንኝ ብዝዋነኩ፡፡
    2-ናንዝ ጊዜ ዲሞክራሲዝ ጊዜ ጋላ፡፡
    3-ናኙዝ ሻጝ ከውንቶዝ ሻጝ ተከኩ፡፡

    7-ገላጮች (1)
    ፍራግ—–ትልቅ ሰራ——–ቀይ
    ሽጎይ——ትንሽ ሻዣ———ነጭ
    ለገዛ——-ረጅም ባልቲ——አሮጌ
    ግሌይር—-አጭር ሸመኒ———ጥቁር
    ጂከክ——–ከባድ አዚ————አዲስ
    ሸራጝ——ጥሩ ይዝም—-መጥፎ
    7.1. ገላጭ(2)
    ካርት—-እሩቅ ካጋ——–ደረቅ
    ተይ—–ቅርብ ዂተኔ——-እርጥብ
    ካርትጙ—-እራቀ ሽጎጙ——–አነስ
    ተይጙ—-ቀረበ ናጝታ——-ብዙ
    ሎው—–ቀኝ ድኙዝ—–በጣም
    ገብ——-ግራ ሳይኝ——–ጎን
    ኮዛ——–ላይ ንኙዋ——ከፍታ
    ኮዚል——ከላይ አመርት—-ቆንጆ
    ንኛ————ወደላይ ግበር———-ግማሽ
    ዳግ———-ላይ ኳሪፊ——–ምስራቅ
    ዳግዝ——–በላይ ኳሪቱ———ምዕራብ
    ልውድ——ውስጥ ……..ደቡብ
    ልውድል—–ከውስጥ ይሽጙሼ——-ሰሜን
    ዳይ————ዳር ሳጎለውዝ——በታች/ከታች
    ዳይል——–ከዳር ወለሽ———-በፍጥነት
    ዋነ———–ዋና ወለሽታ——-በዝግታ
    አረፍተ ጋቢ
    1-ድኙዝ ሽራጝ 6-ሰራ አባ
    2-ልውድል ንኝ 7-ካጋ አረ
    3-ካርት ከው 8-ለገዛ ቢረ
    4-ናጝታ ይር 9-ሻዣ ዶርያ
    5-አመርት ዊና 10-ፍራግ ሸመኒ

    8-ይርዝ ጉብኝክ ክፍሎች
    አወይ -እራስ ክርሻ -ጉንጭ
    ሸብካ–ፀጉር ኹም–አንገት
    ይልት–አይን ጋኛ-
    ገሽ—– ግምባር ጋዶ- ማጅራት
    በው—–ፊት ጅውር–
    መከይ—አፍ ተንከል-ትክሻ
    እርኩ—ጥርስ ኩዝራ—ክንድ
    ምለይ—–ምላስ ናንት—-እጅ
    ኹንባ—–አፍንጫ ሻብ——የእጅ መዳፍ
    እኹ—-ጀሮ ናግላ——የእጅ ጣት
    ተክረሲክ—ግንጭል ላንግላ—-ጥፍር
    ጉብኝክ—ገላ/ጉኛ ጋው/አምብ—-ብብት
    ቲር—ደረት/ፍርምባ አንጉ—ጡት

    ጎዝጉ—ሆድ ልብከ–ልብ
    ኒደንብ –ጭን
    ግርብ……..ጉልበት ሲያ——-ስጋ
    ሻምኘ–የእግር ጫማ
    ልኩ——እግር ማሞ—ቆለጥ ሰንካካይ—ጉበት ብዙዃ– ምራቅ
    ኩንቻ—ቁላ/የወንድ ብልት ቲያነስ –ፅንስ
    መርያግ—ሀሞት አንጎል—አክታ
    ክማ—እምስ /የሴት ብልት ርዂ-ሒወት/እስትፋስ
    ተቫ —ጣፊያ ተውር—-ሽንት
    ጅረይ—ጅራት ከምጊያ—-ቀንድ ሳጓ—–ሳምባ ዳግራ—–ሰገራ

    9- ቢያዝ ክፍሎች
    ቢያ –መሬት ስብሪ——ስፍራ/ቦታ
    ቤዝ—አፈር ሳይኝ—-ጉድጓድ
    ክርና -ድንጋይ ጎዝ——-እርሻ
    ድባ –ተራራ ድዛጝ—ጠፍ
    ኩራ –ወንዝ ሸሻ——-ጭንጫ
    ወለጋ —ሜዳ ኳረ—-ፀሐይ
    ክቭና —ዱር ምዝበራ—–ጨረቃ
    ጋጛ—አቀበት ሰዊ——-ዝናብ
    ገኣ—ገደል ወይና—-አውድማ
    በዣ–ፊፋ ኮላ——-ቆላ
    ገዝናጝ–ጥርጊያ/ ዲያ—-ደጋ
    ገውራ —መንገድ ከው—-አገር/መንደር
    ሽኻ -ጭቃ ደብሳ—-መቃብር

    ንኝ—–ቤት ወዛ—–አመድ
    ከሳ—–ጎጆ ታዛ——ጢስ
    በዳ —ደጅ ደርቢ——-መደብ
    ታባ——አጥር ይርዋ–ንኝ—እቃቤት
    ትወና—–መግቢያ/በር ዳዛ———–ዳስ
    ጓርዝ—ጓሮ ሽዋ———ቆጥ/ማማ
    በላ—–መዝጊያ ኮለፍሳ——መቆለፊያ/ቁልፍ 12

    11-ዂይሳጝ ኩ ጃኸሳጝ
    አረ——እንጀራ ሸቭ—ወተት
    ላላ—–ቂጣ/ዳቦ እርጉ—–እርጎ
    ብውራ——ገንፎ ጎርብ—–ወገሜት
    ቱቱን—–ንፍሮ ሸላኹ—–አጎት
    ታዝ——ቆሎ ሸላኹፍር—–አጓት ፍሬ
    ሻዂ—-ወጥ ስላጛ——ጠላ
    ሳጊ——–ማር ፍሻኹ—-ቅራሪ
    ሳያ——-ጠጅ ትክዘው—-አረቂ
    አዂ—–ውሃ ትላ——-መድሃኒት
    ሊኳ——ስንቅ ጎርሻ——-ጉርሻ
    ስና—–ቅቤ ቡር———-ብቅል

    ኹ ———ብሉ
    አረፍተ ጋቢ ስራጝ
    1-እንት አረ ዂይ፡፡
    2-ችጎይ ሽራጝ ብውራ ዂይጙ፡፡
    3- ችጎይ ኩ ኢንዛኩና አረ ሲያዝ ሻኹ ኹ፡፡

    12. አር/እህል
    ታቭ —-ጤፍ ዳንሻ———ድንች
    መይላ—ማሽላ እምብራ—–ጎመን
    ዳውሻ—-ዳጉሳ አማ——-ዱባ
    አርፍ—–በቆሎ ቢዋ——–ቅል
    በልጋ——ገብስ ፍር——ፍሬ
    ጎዲያ——-ዘንጋዳ ብባ—-በርበሬ
    አተርባ—–ባቄላ ትርባ—-ተልባ
    ይተር—–አተር አዘር——ሽምብራ
    ፊዝጙ—–ዘራ መውትጙ—–ተሸከመ
    ሻንስጙ—–ጫነ ታኸነጙ—ፈጨ
    1-ችጎይ ጎዲያ ፌዝጙ፡፡
    2- ኒ ሲኳ ጀይዳ ታቭ ሻንስጙ፡፡
    3-ቲ ቴር ዳውሻ አውኒ ታኸነጙ፡፡
    4- ይን ላኛ ኩንታል አተርባ አውኒ መውትጙ?
    13 ይርዋዝ-ንኝ/የቤት ዕቃ
    13.1 ይርዋዝ ንኝ ላኛ
    ጀኽሻጝ—መጠጫ ሳባ—ሰፌድ
    ኹይሻጝ—መብያ ሳግና—ስፌት
    ሽልባ—ጭልፋ ከረትማ—ቅርጫት
    ከምኒ—ዋንጫ ቻንችካ—ጎተራ
    ግበይ—ገበታ ማንታኸን—ወፍጮ
    ከተምሳ—መክደኛ መዉ—ሙቀጫ
    ሻርሻ—መጫሪያ ካናካ—ድርጎ
    ክቡ—እንቅብ ባከር—ቋት
    ገምስና—ማዉረጃ ወንተብ—ወንፊት
    ልማግ—መክደኛ ጀይዳ—አቅማዳ
    መጉና—ምጎጎ/ምጣድ/ ለምዳ—ጥላ/ምሳሌ
    13.2 ይረዋዝ -ንኝ ኒኛ
    አርግ—አልጋ ሻጋ—ጠመንጃ
    ሰንኮታ—መጥረቢያ ከቢያ—መቀስ
    ተኮስምሻ—መቀመጫ መይተል—እንዝርት
    ናኸስ—ወንበር ምራይ—መስታዉት
    ዉሻጋ—ምንጣፍ ኹረኒ—ሻንጣ
    ከርበይ—ቆረንጮ/ቆዳ/ ክርሚ—ከበሮ
    ሻኹካና—-ወጥእንጨት ይርዋ—ዕቃ

    13.3 ጉዘንቲዝ ይርዋ
    ንዉ—ሞፈር ሸይሳ—መያዣ
    ሸሌ—ቀምበር ሸይነይ—ጭነት
    ደንደዋ—ማረሻ ክና—ማደሪያ
    እርፍና—እርፍ መኮት—የንብጎሬ
    ሸሊካን—ማነቂ ሸዉያጝ—ወጥመድ
    አገር—ጠፍር ሰንኮቲካና—የመጥረቢያእጀታ
    ሸዊ አኹ—አምቦ
    ክምብ—በትር ሸረክሳጝ—ስንጣቂ
    አበላ—ማጭድ ሰጋጝ—የሚሰፋ
    በኹርናሰ—መሮ ሸጋጝ—ጭጋግ
    13.4 ካና
    ካና—እንጨት/ዛፍ/ ገለብና—ገለባ
    አርማ—አረም አሻ—ቅጠል
    አቲና—ሸምበቆ ደርጉና—ዋርካ
    ሻንካ—ሳር አዛ—ምሳና
    ቲያ—ጥጥ ቦሻ—ዋንዛ
    አሙ—እሾህ አሸሪ—አጋም
    ካንቻ—አገዳ ሰርኪና—ሰርኪን

    14. ሸውዛ
    ሸዉዛ—ህመም አጚያጝ—እበጥ/እባጭ/
    አንፊ—ጉንፋን ይኮይ—ቋቁቻ
    ገምሽ—ጉንፋን ጝሲያ—አጓጎት
    አጝያጝ—ቁስል ዊዊ—ምናምን
    ኪያጝ—ሬሳ ገሳጝ—ጥራጊ
    ለዉ—ነጠላ ታዛ—ክር
    ኽትራ—ጨርቅ/ልብስ/ ለኬለከ—ንቅሳት
    ደበይ—መቀነት ኻልሻጝ—መነፀር
    መሽከክ—ቀበቶ ምራያጝ—የሚሳይ

    16 ጎለይስጙ/ልዩ ልዩ
    ሲኳልላጝ—ሩብ ሻጓ—-እበት
    ሮዎና—ኩበት ጉምብልዛ—መኪና
    ኹቢያ—ፈሳሽ ድኙና—ምዕራፍ
    ዱካ—ኮቲ ትዉሻ—መባቻ
    ቡቲ–ትገል ምኻዣ—ደሞዝ
    ነበይትና—ጥምቀት ቢዉይፊዚን—መራራ
    ኻሻ———እስላም አቭን——–እንግ
    መለይሴይ—-ድንግል ዲኸላ——-ዲቃላ
    ኻሽኒ——-ሌባ ድኺ——–ድሃ
    አቪ—–ክ/አባት ባጘር——–በኩር
    አምኒ—አማኝ ሳበንታ——-ቆጣሪ
    አወየን—እርሶች ጃኘንታ——–ሂያጅ
    አደሪን—ጌቶች ክልኘንታ——-አዝማሪ/ዘፋኝ
    ረበጋጝ—የማይረባ ልመንታ——–አጥፊ
    አዱ—ጠላት ባዘንታ———ገጣሚ
    አዱወን—ጠላቶች ድወንታ——ጠንቋይ
    አኸንታ—ሊቅ ድወንቲ———ጥንቆላ
    መስገነሳጝ—ምስጉን ይረንታ———ሀሚተኛ
    ጓጘንታ—ፈሪ አዠንታ—ገቢያተኛ
    ለንታ—አስተዋይ ዋይተንታ—ገዥ
    ናብቻት—ብቻዉ ክዝደንታ—ሻጭ
    አዠ—ገቢያ ሳብሳጝ—መቁጠሪያ
    ወኒ—-ምንድን/ምንድን ነዉ/
    እን ወ ይሳጝ ?
    ዶርያዝ ዋያ ዊ ጋላ ?
    ይን ወኒ ?
    ወስ ኹይጙ ?
    ወዝ ከው ይር ጋላ ?
    ወዝኒ ትዉ ?
    ኒ አዉኒ ይሳጝ ?
    እንት አዉት ፈይታጝ ?
    ንሽ አዉን ቴቲ ? 19
    ወ ኪዛጝ ?
    ኩ—………………..-እና ኒምክኒያት—-ምክንያቱም
    ገን—…………….-ግን ዋ—-ወደ
    ወይር–…………..–ወይም ጋቢ—………….-ነገር
    ድክ—…………..-ጋር ናይክ–……………-ሁሉ
    አጛሽ–…………..–እስከ ኒትኪር–………–ሁሉም
    አጘነር—-ቢሆንም ለምዳ
    አጘገነር—-ባይሆን ሸርጝ ጋቢ ?
    አዉን አጛሽ ጋላ እንት ስምቤጘ ?
    —ር—ም – ሲያ ዋነኩ ገን ሽጛ ባ :: ሳብእን- -ኒምክኒያተኒ እንት እንል ስብሪ ገነይና ሸይስጙ
    —-ሳጝየሚ— -ችጎይ ላው ንኝዋ ፊይሳብ ኩ ኪዝም ኹይሳብ
    —–ያጝመ——— /የሚ- -አን ኪዝም ኹይ ዋነኩያር እንት ኹይ፡፡
    —–ሻጝ—-ያለዉ -ልውድል ንኝ አውኒ ዋነኩ?
    —–ያርስለ—– ነኘይኝ ሸክ ሸጛ ወይር ይ ሻጋ ለይ፡፡
    ——-የ——የ አኒር እንቲር ኒር ላብረ ጋሽኖሳብ፡፡ አናጝስ ዋጘር አኔው ጋሽኖሳብ፡፡ ፊይ ኳሪ ፊያጝዋ!፣
    አኸና /እውቀት/
    ኪንትናር ——ተማሪ ኪነይ ንኝ ——-ት/ቤት
    ኪንሽናር ——–አስተማሪ ኪንተኩ——–/እማራለሁ
    ኪንታጝ ——-ምሁር/የተማረ ኪንተጙ————ተማረ
    ኪነይ ——–ትምህርት ኪንተይ———–ተማረች
    ፈይ————መሔድ ትንጉ–…….–መጡ
    ጃኝ—————-ሒድ ለሽነል—-አናመጣም
    ፌል—-…—-አልሄድም ለይን–…….–ይስጥህ
    ፊያግ/ር-..—የሚሄድ ቲት—-መጣች
    ፌኩ———–ሄደ በሾ—-አምጣ
    ፌንታ—-..-ሂያጅ ትዉ—-መጣ
    ላዉ-…… —ና/ነይ ትታ—-አትምጣ
    ለሽ—….-አምጣ/ጪ ሸቲ—-ያዘች
    ለይ—…..-ስጠኝ/ጭ ይዉ—-ስጥ
    ፈሽ—…–ዉሰድ/ጅ ይኖ—-ብለው
    ሸይ—….-ያዝ ድዎኩ……እናገራለሁ
    ሻይል—የለኝም እንያጝይሶ–እንዲህ ብሎ
    ሸይጙ–.-ያዘ ይነዝይሶ—-ለማለት ብሎ
    ከለብትጙ….–ተቀበለ ይኩን—————–ይላሉ
    ከለብትኩ—–ተቀበልኩ ጋኽ—————-ሩጥ
    ከለብታ—ተቀባይ ቴኩን—-ይመጣሉ

    ትንጉ—-መጡ ከውያ—ጩኸት
    ቲት—-መጣች አዝጙ—ከፊት
    ለ/ነሽነል—አናመጣም ልማጙ—-ዘጋ
    ላይን—–ይስጥህ ልምስጙ—ተዘጋ
    በሾ—–አምጣ ዳድጙ—ረገጠ
    ትው—-መጣ ብዝ—መክፈት ብዘንታ—-መክፈቻትታ—አትምጣ ለም—መዝጋት
    ሸቲ—–ያዘች ብዝስጙ—ተከፈተ
    ይው—-ስጥ ዋነኩ—-አለሁ/አለ
    ኻንጙ–በላን ዋነት—አለች
    ኹይ–ብላ/ይ እላ—-የለም/የለችም
    ኹ—ብሉ ዋነል—-የለሁም
    ይጙ–አለ ሰሚል—-አልነበርኩም
    ይት—አለች ዋለል——አልሰማሁም
    ዋኔይ—ያለች ሸንሲያ——ጭቆና
    በይ—-ተው ገርሽ———-ቻለ
    ብትኹ–በቃኝ ማል—–መጣል
    ሸበኩ—-ሆነ ጉዝ——ማንሳት
    ሸብኩን—ሆነልን ጉይ—–መነሳት
    ገርሽጙ—ቻለ ጓርትጙ- –ተጣ
    ገርሸላ—አይችልም ሰኸለጉ—ሰቀለ
    ገርሽኩ—እችላለሁ ጉየኩ—–ተነሳ
    አጚላ—አይሆንም ደበጙ—-አረደ 22
    አጎ—-ሁኖ ፈጘጙ–ጋገረ
    እዣ–አወ ጃዝጙ—ጣደ
    ሸበጙ—-አደረገ ታኸነጙ—-ፈጨ
    ሳበጙ—ቆጠረ ኸደጙ—-ቀዳ ሳብና—-መቁጠር ኸዳግና–መቅዳት ፊዝት—አወጣች ኸድዋነኩ–ቀድቻለሁ ፌዝጉ—አወጣ ገዝጙ—ጠረገ ፊጉስጙ—ተነፈሰ
    ገዛግ—የሚጠርግ ተክሽ ተክሽጙ—ተመሳሰለ
    ለከምና—መልቀም ደስይጙ—-ደስተስኘ ለክምጙ—ለቀ ድሻግ——ሸሸገ
    ሻን—መጫን ድሸንታ—–ሸሻጊ
    ሻንስጙ-ጫነ ከበርና—–መሸረብ
    ኳሸረጙ—–ቋጠረ ኳኘጙ—አዘለ መለይሻጝ—-መጠበቅ
    መለይሽጙ—-ጠበቀ መለይተንታ—ጠባቂ
    ሸውና—መለመን ኹይሳግ—-የሚበላ
    ይው—-ስጥ ከባጝ—ቆራጭ
    ኹሽ—-ጋብዝ አጛ—-አይደል
    ትኝና—-ማግኘት ከበኒት/ከበኒአነት—-ወለደች
    ኪርና—-ማሽተት ከበነጙ—ወለደ
    ታምና—መቅመስ ከበኒእሳ—-አልወለደችም
    አከለሽጙ—-አቃለለ ሚስጙ—–ረሳ
    ነከነክሽጙ–አነቃነቀ ሸውዛ—ህመም/በሽታ
    ጉዘጉሸጙ—አነሳሳ ሸውስጙ—-ታመመ
    ሸለመጙ—-ሸለመ ሸውሲት—ታመመች
    አመስገነጙ—አመሰገነ ታብና——መውቃት
    ታበጙ—–ወቃ ድክር—-ርሀብ/መራብ
    ለከምና—መልቀም ታመጉ—-ጣፈጠ
    ለከመጙ—ለቀመ ድዝና—-አለቀ/ማለቅ
    ጃምኹ—እንቅልፍ ስመርና—-ማፈር
    ኸርና—-መባዳት ጠበብሽጙ—-አጠበበ
    ጀመውና—ማንቀላፋት ከበበጙ—-ከበበ
    ገንጁና—መተኛት ለመለመጙ—-ለመለመ
    በን—-እዳ/ብድር ኳኘጙ—-ቆረጠመ
    ስካ—-ዝምበል ገባዝጙ—-ቀማ
    ትንቢ—–መቆም ገበዝና—-መቀማት
    ትንብና—-መቆም ገነይነጙ— ደከመ ገነይና—-ድካም ጀሉና—-መዞር
    ትንብጉ—- ቆመ ይኮይና—-መሳቅ
    ትንብሲት—- ቆመች ማልቱ—-ችግር
    ኢኮይ—-መሳቅ ነብ—-መጥባት
    ፈዋ—-ልቅሶ ነበጙ—-ጠባ
    ፋ—-ማልቀስ ነብሲት—-ጠባች
    ታንቦ—-መምታት ሸዉና—-ማሰር
    ላቨ—-መዉደቅ አደግና—-መቅረት
    ሸይስበይና—-መልቀቅ ኳኝ——–አላምጥ
    ባዝና—-መግጠም ደብ——ቅበር
    ባዘንታ—-ገጣሚ ገወትና—-መመረቅ
    ካብ—-መርዳት ገውትና—-ምርቃት
    ታይና—-መምታት ሽውስጙ—-ታሰረ
    ገርያግ—–ደካማ ኻይሳጝ—የታጠበ
    ክሻግ—–ማሳደሪያ ተኮዛ—ትኩሳት
    ፌጉ———ረፍት አጊላ—አይደለም
    ማጎርና——መስፈሪያ ዋንኸር-ጠይቅ
    ማጎርሳ——ሰፋሪ ኻል—እይ ቱ—ግባ ፊይ—-ውጣ
    ልመንታ—- -አጥፊ ሳግንሽ—አንቀሳቅስ
    በቴ——-ትተሽ ገመርስኖ–እንነጋገር
    በየ——ተዉ ጓረኹ—ቆፍር
    ስምብ—-ቆየን አሰብሽና—መታሰቢያ
    ስምብኛ-ቆይ አጘኩ—-ይሆናል/ሆነ
    ጋሽና —ማደግ ጀርበል—-እምቢ
    ጋሽዘንታ-አሳዳጊ ግርግዋነኩ—-ዋልኩ
    ሳኟነኩ—ዋጠው ኒፋጘኩ—-ይገባዋል
    አግግ-ሳይሆን አንዋነኩ—-እኔ አለሁ
    ግቶ—-ኃላ እንተዋኒ—-አንተ አለህ
    እልግቷ–ከዚህ በኃላ ልትዶ—-ይመችህ/ሽ
    ጎለይስነይ–ልዩነት ዋጎ—-ምንሆኖ
    ስምበኒር–ቢኖርም መኒ—-ነዉን
    ከደምሻ—በማስቀደም አኖዛ—-እንግዲያስ
    ግድዝየንታ–አስፈላጊ/ግድባይ ዋሰኩ—-እሰማለሁ
    ይንዝጊዜዝ–የዚያን ጊዜ ናኒር—-አሁንም
    ዳው—በፊት እኗ—-እንግዲያማ
    ወልያጝ—የወል አንር—-እኔም 25
    ታገስጙ—ታገሰ እንዝክና—-እንደዚህ
    ሸይሳግ—–የተያዘ ዋስካ—-ትሰማለህ

    ክልኝ—-ቅናት ኪነይ-ንኝ—-ት/ቤት
    ስምባጝ—-የነበረ /የሚኖር ኪንትነኙ—-እንማር
    ዋናጝ–ያለ ኪነይ—-ትምህርት ዳንግ—-ደህና
    ስምቢያ–የምትኖር ላብረ—አብሮ/አብረን
    ኮንኩል—-ቆርጥም ይደርሊ——–በእግዚር
    ፍዝና—-መዉጫ ወንተረሽ—-ምላሽ
    አበብና—-ማጠን ደስሸክ—–ደስተኛ/ደስተኞች
    ፍዝጙ—-ዘራ ጃቦ—-መጀመሪያ
    ፈንገይጉ—-ነፈሰ ዮዉበይ—-በለዉ
    ይሸጉ—-በራ ዋገር—-ጨዋታ/ወሬ
    ሳበንታ—-ቆጣሪ ግርበደ—-እኩያ
    ጃኜንታ—-ሒያጅ ገመርስኖ—-እንነጋገር
    ክልኘንታ—-አዝማሪ ሰራጝ—-ስራ
    ዋይተንታ—-ገዥ(ለዕቃ) ኪና—-መሞት
    መላክተንታ—-መላክተኛ ኪጙ—-ሞተ
    ይረንታ—-ሃሚተኛ ኬሳብ—–እየሞተ
    መረጥሴይ—-የተመረጠች ድንኟነኩ—ጨረስኩ
    ዳንግነይ—-ቸርነት ገብር—-የሌላ/የሰው
    ኪንሽናር—-አስተማሪ ኪዛጝ–ይሻላእልልቲ—-እልልታ አየጉ—ሌላ
    ኽለንታ—-አስተዋይ ታገን–ብሆን
    ኪንትናር—-ተማሪ ለወይነር–ለውጥ
    ኪንተን—-ተማሪዎች ይከለኩ–እወዳለሁ
    ኪንሻጝ—-አስተማሪ ኹዋነኩ–እበላለሁ 26
    ኪንታጝ—-ምሁር(የተማረ) ጃግስጙ—ሰደበ
    ሲሸንቲ—-መምህር ወርሳ —–አውራሽ
    አውሽና —–አግባብ ጋቢ .ነገር
    አዱ —ፀር/ጠላት
    ኻልስጋጝ –የማይታይ እኒ ወኒ ——ይህ ምንድን ነው?
    አድዊል —ከጠላት ወ ይቶኒ ——–ምን ብለህ ነው?
    ቡጢ/ሸሹ—ትግል ቲ ጅሪ ወኒ —–ብሔርህ ምንድን ነው?
    ጎዝጉተት—አረገዘች አውን ቲያ—–መቸ መጣህ?
    ንሽደው—ንገራት ኒ አናጝ ይር መኒ—-እሱ የኛ ሰው ነውን
    ኹሽና —-ማብላት ኒምክኒያት ወኒ——ምክኒያቱ ምንድን ነው?
    ኸተይና —መቅደድ ወ ሸቢናር———ምን ልታደርጉ
    መርግና —-መምረግ አውን አጛሽ———እስከ መቸ?
    ኮርና —–መኩራት ጋኝኩ ቴኩ——–እሩጨ እመጣለሁ፡፡
    ዋግሽጙ —-አስኘኝ ቲወስ ፊሽ——-ያንተውን ውሰድ፡፡
    ታኽን——-/ዱቄት አን ዋነኩ ——እኔ አለሁ
    ገምሻ—ውርጃ እንት ዋኒ——-አንተ አለህ
    ትገሽጙ—መቅጣት/ቀጣ ናይዴውስ መኒ—-እነሱን ነውን
    በብጙ —–ዋኘ ናይዴው ጋጛላ ———እነሱ ናቸው
    ካድጙ —ካድ አን ጋይል——–እኔ ነኝ
    ብትካርማ—አልጠገብክም? ሃር ላይ ———ነፃነት ስጠኝ
    ግቶ የጙ —ወደኃላ አለ ፍንትራዝ ሸቭ———–የፍየል ወተት
    ከበውጙ——-ቀዘቀዘ ኒ አወይስ ጋርሽ———እራሱን ቻለ
    ጎለይሳጝ—-የተለያየ ይሜን ክስት———-የኔ ጊደር ተሸጠች
    ሳብሳጝ——-መቁጠሪያ ይዘንቲማታዋይትጙ—-ወንድሜ ወይ ፈን ገዛ
    እንደክ —–ኖር ቲ ልበኪ ሚስጙ———-ልብህ/ሽ እረሳ 27
    ብልኸ —–ብለህ ሸመርዝ ገኒ ——-የጦር አለቃ
    ለምዳ —–ምሳሌ ሽጎይ ላንግላ———-ትንሽ ጣት
    ኒ ልበኪ ከርሷነኩ—–ልቡ ተሰቀለ
    አዚ ጋቢ ———አዲስ ነገር
    ሽራጝ ጋቢ——–ጥሩ ነገር
    ይንዴውዝ ዶካ ——-ለእነዚያ ንገራቸው
    ይንዝ ድውካ ———ለዚያ ንገረው
    ኻሽኒ በላስ ከልጙ——-ሌባው በሩን ሰበረ
    ሰዊ ናጝቷነኩ ——-ዝናቡ በዝቷል
    አመር አዠ ፌኩ—-ነገ ገቢያ እሔዳለሁ
    ይ ፊዘን ምኻላ—– የኔ ዘር አይሆንም
    ወ አዳጎኒ ———ምን ቀረባችሁ
    አዳጎጌ ———ቀርቶብኛል
    ይረን ዋጘርሳኖአነኩ——ሰዎች ያወራሉ
    ናን ኳሪ ፊያነቲ —–አሁን ፀሐይ ወጥታለች
    እልሴዛ ወ ትተኪና——-ታዲያ ምን ትመስላለህ?
    ቱዋነኩ ሚልት ————ጠብቀኝ መጣሁ
    ደስሽ ፊሻ———–ደስ ካለህ ውሰደው
    ድውኖሳብ አጛ———እየነገርናቸው አይደል
    ቶሳብ ጋላ—————-እየመጣ ነው
    ጋቢ ግን—————–ነገር ግን
    ግርጊ ማለኩ———-ቀን ይጥላል
    ግርጊ ገዘኩ————ቀን ያነሳል
    ግርጊ ፌኩ ———–ቀን ይሔዳል
    ግርጊ ቴኩ————ቀን ይመጣል 28
    በልጋ አሸጙ———-ገብስ አጨደ
    ድሾሳብ ጋላ———እያጠፋ ነው ዋሰኩ——-እሰማለሁ
    ኹይሳግ————የሚበላ/ምግብ ዘመንዝ ሳብሳጝ—–የዘመን ቁጥር
    አጎ አነኙ——-ሆኖ እያለ እንዴት ይቴኒ——-እንዴት ያለች?
    አከኹ————አውቃለሁ ገር ነበጙ————ጥጃው ጠባ
    ይልላጝ——-አንድ ዓይና ኒያ ሸራጝስ በጙ—-እሱስ ጥሩ ነበር
    ወዝኒ አዳጘጋጝ—–ለምን አልቀርም ክርና ከል—-ድንጋይ ስበር
    አውት ሰረንትኖ———-የት እንገናኝ
    በቲበይ በከኩ—–በልተወው በቃኝ እንኮ ስናግ ———እንኳን አደረሰን
    ኪኝ አፋፍል——በሞት አፋፍ ኦጚ———–ሁን
    ሻኹ ካና———-ወጥ እንጨት ኦጝዶ————ይሁን
    ሸረብሳ ካና——-ጥርብ እንጨት ኦጝቶ———-ትሁን
    ምዝገና አገን——-እግ/ይመስገን ኦጋ————ሁኑ
    ድኙዝ ናግተኩ—–እጅግ በዛ ኦጝኒ———-ይሁኑ/አክብርት/
    ንኝዝ ምራያ——-የቤት መስታውት -አውሪ ጎርዋ —-አውራ መንገድ
    ብትከርማ——–አልጠገብክም -ክብሻጝ ፊርዚ—ክንፍ ያለው ፈረስ
    ዳግዚ ፊያግ———-አውሮፕላን/የሚበር -አኹዝ ፊያግ———–መርከብ
    አውኒዝ ድክ—————-ከማን ጋር ቴናጝ?——-ትመጣላችሁ
    ተይሻጝዝ ————በቅደም ተከተል ቴጝ———-ይመጣል
    መኸኸርነዝ ———-በመመካከር ቴኩ———-መጣ/ይመጣል
    ተፍቀርስነዝ———-በመፈቃቀር ቴቲ——-ትመጣለች
    ላግነይ—————በአንድነት ቴታጝ?——-ትመጣለህ/ሽ
    ከው ይከልነይዝ —-ባገር ወዳድነት ይሳጝ——-ይባላል
    ትውስትስነዝ ———በመግባባት ዋስካ———ትሰማለህ

    • Ow Kimant is self-governed; managing its own affairs and preserved their culture, language and they still have historical heritagess like Faciledes kastel and Atse Teodros museum. pleas don’t talk about Kimant. kimant is self governed, not governed by Amhara. Yes, do you agree with me? ya it is possible to agree!!!! kimant is Kimant not amhara.

  21. We’re a flock a group of volunteers and opening
    a brand new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with helpful helpful information and paintings on .
    You made ​​an impressive process and our whole neighborhood will grateful to you.

  22. BEREKET ASMARE says:


  23. teddy says:

    what is the intention of Armachiho regarding to the superiority of previews period over kimant

  24. muler best fb account says:

    የማንነት ክብር አገው ፍቅር ናት አገው ጥበብ ናት
    አዊ ዞን ክጎናቹህ ንን

  25. Nancy says:

    First of all who wrote the letter??? It must be Azeb who is the late prime minister wife who is working hard to dismantle the unity of Ethiopians especially the people of Amhara,

    Second, to fulfill their greed grabbing more land ignoring the voice of the people of Amhara, Afar to return the land they have been taken without any consultation using power, killing innocent, evicting citizens, and resettling Tigrians to the evicted land.

    Third such greed new r stopped but growing each day which brings disasters to those who is taking over someone home, jobs, lives while others killed, jailed, and evicted.

    When do they realized things can change immediately and people will claim their property as they deserve??

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