Agaw Democratic Party Formed

The wlka has received information on formation of Agaw Democratic Party (ADP), from a reliable source preferred to remain in anonymous. According to the source, the party had been formed in the early Novmber 2012 in northern Ethiopia. The party formation was carried out inline with the constitution of Ethiopia and Proclamation Number 573/2008. It is the first independent Agaw people’s political entity since collapse of Zagwe Dynasty in 1270.
The party leadership, Central Committee was elected in compliance with the party’s draft bylaw and Revised Political Parties Registration, Proclamation 573/2008. The Central Committee consists of nine members including Chairperson, Deputy Chairman and Secretary. Mr. Andualem Tilahun had been elected as the party’s Chairman. The elect Chairman is well known with his adamant position on the rights of the Agaw people in general. He was quoted as saying in his remark following the election, “the ADP is keen to work in cooperation with all democratic or revolutionary forces, including ANDM, as far as they are not against the legitimate aspiration of the Agaw people. But, there will not be compromise on the constitutional rights of Agaw, under Article 39.”
According to observers, the party formation was delayed due to resource constrains, which is up-to-date intact in the process. Public fundraising activity will be possible only after acquisition of the license from National Election Board of Ethiopia. The observers say, no question, support is essential for the new party’s progress and sustainability. Detail on the party formation will be updated when detailed information is available

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26 Responses to Agaw Democratic Party Formed

  1. kemantologist says:


  2. REZA says:

    CONGRATULATION TO ALL AGAWS! IT IS THE FIRST STEP FOR OUR RENAISANCE .we should be hand in hand for its realization.

  3. chambalala says:

    This is a good news! However, I have a question to be clarified. What does it mean when we say the party is form? Does it have a legal personality? I mean whether the Ethiopian Electoral Board has accepted it and declared its legal personality? Wish all the best for All Ethiopians!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shitu D. says:

    The Board recognition usually comes after formation and opening of the head office. A Board personnel has to visit office before recognition, as stated in the same proclamation. The proclamation also outlines that all concerned body to cooperate in the process.

  5. Zeleke says:

    Congratulation for all freedom loving peoples. I wish if I were there in this historic moment. All Agew factions should support the party and in return party leaders should be democratic and accountable.


  6. belay says:

    “This is what I want” said the artist Helen Berhe on her famous popular song accompanied by twist.But the party organizers should take care of the watchdogs.

  7. gondar root says:

    Good news

  8. Mizigena says:

    It is a step forward!
    Ethiopia is rich enough in political organizations since EPRDF is in power. The problem is lacking a single party that could bring genuine change to its people. At last they fall in the tricking hands of EPRDF and cracked to serve their self interest. If my memory serves well, there is already registered party in the name “Agaws’ people Democratic Party.” However never have I heard about it doing anything to Agaw peoples. My question goes to anyone interested to answer it: Is this new party substitute the old one or entirely different one? If different, what makes it different?

    The other point that I would like to pose is: what promotions have really been made to create awareness among the different Agaw people (Awi, Himira, Qementy, Lasta and the rest) to develop sense of oneness and gather under the umbrella of one Agaw and its people’s party?
    Anyway, thousand km journey starts with one step walk. I appreciate those people who initiate the idea and took all the effort to establish the party.
    I afraid unless there is strong public relation among all, it will remain stunted. we all should pay every attention and contribution to enable the party fulfill its goal- Agaw Renaissance within reasonable time line.
    Last but not least the would be Agaw party should be totally free and strong enough from the dominant arm of ANDM which looks it as a potential rival.
    Long live Agawism!

  9. Tasheger D says:

    Dear Mizigena, per you’re your question, I think there was the organization you mentioned, but the point is it was not an independently established party and was unable to stand for the causes of the Agar people that is important difference. I don’t think it is in existence today. Anyway, I’m not sure whether leaders knew what they were doing. Just they were there to fill the space, like the current Agaw representatives under ANDM. What I remember about that party is it declared opposition to the independence of Eritrea. Is it the burning issue for the Agaw people? The answer is no, we are the people whom have been deprived basic rights as the citizens. It should not be our business talking about Eritrea nor the river either, unless we want to be artificial rather natural us whom lived under subjection and deserve separately liberty.
    Regard to sameness of Agaws, there is hard physical evidence, it is not because of our subjective desire, and it is because of factuality. As we learned from the past experiences, the truth can be hidden for an uncertain period, but it is neither destroyed nor vanished entirely. The modern technology is facilitating discovery of hidden truth. As you said, our role is also important in disseminating disclosed truth. We should be proud of being the disciples of the truth rather than disciples of shameful myth.
    I believe as the matter of the policy, the current Agaw leadership should not characterize anybody or any entity as enemy, but it has to align its partnership with these who support the cause of the Agaw people. They should be considered as strategic friends of the Agaw people. That is what I can say to you.

    • Mizigena says:

      Thank you for answering my inquiry.
      I still wonder to know what strategy has been put in place to bring those people together other than forming political party. of course, this is the one but there must be mechanism that acquaint those people who lived separately for centuries without knowing each other? Let’s make the foundation strong rather than beautifying the finishing.

      • Kamazana says:

        I like to expound on Teshager’s last point that our journey should not be about making enemies. We are a people whose history of survival has made us into steel by not playing the role of those who persecuted us for centuries. In actual fact our strong stand to come together as people is going to be a lesson for those who tormented us in many ways. They tormented us to the point we hated our identity. We hid our identity as if it was a shame to be known as Agaw (Kemant, Awi, Bilen etc.) We lowered our heads in silence. But all of this made us very strong in the process and that is why we now talk of coming together. This togetherness is not just to celebrate ourselves. We cannot exist without the beautiful others. Our collective beauty when it becomes a reality is going to be the covet of people all over the world. We are just becoming the instrument of world peace, understanding and of love and compassion. This is in effect a spiritual journey. Our Creator will be blessing us for carrying the cross in patience to ultimately become victorious with His help. We really have to remember in our journey that we are concluding what our forefathers began years ago to make peace and love come true on the earth. This our journey is in effect a blessed journey to complete the task of freeing the human spirit by freeing ourselves from the bondage of slavish mentality. So, in a way, let us be cautious as Mizigena points out that we do not fall in the trap of worshiping ourselves or beautify our journey just because forming a party is possible. If there is no genuine responsibility about this journey, we are likely to stumble and fall. Remember that we are a special people of the Hega Lebuna. We kept our faith in the purity of our hearts and not by a structure like a party or association. We are not to worship party formation or even by the idea of an association. We need to continue purity of heart. That is where our Maker (Creator)meets us; and that is the source of our unity.


  10. Harboy says:

    It is high time for Agaw family reunification. Please keep updating your followers in regards to such developments.

  11. dagnachew ayenew says:

    ok it is good but how much we are sure whether it represents all agew people, Kemant, awi,sekota and others with agew blood?

  12. Danny(Awi Ya) says:

    Arten yetse

  13. Zeagaw-awi says:

    I am very grateful and congratulate all of us regarding for the establishment of Agaw Democratic Party which is an Umbrella to unify all agaw ancestors. For most of Agaw people, such kind of claim for democratic right and human rights are seem to be narrowness, in view that it will undermine feelings Ethiopian-ism. I do not think so, rather it is a step forward for large Ethiopian democracy and human rights. If you want to devote to democracy you have to start from your self, your home, environment, community and society, the country at large. God and History will remember the contribution of Agaw people to Ethiopian and Ethiopians. This is the time to Agaw Rise, reclaim Agaw civilization, freeing From injustice, confirming loyal to all Agaw people and all other Ethiopians whom committed to freedom and Democracy!!

  14. Injibara says:

    Let us continue discussion using this democratice forum. Genuine democracy is developed through quesion and dialgue. I love such environment and support it.

  15. HimrAwi says:

    It looks great here.

  16. Netsanet says:

    I Love it. I need this to grow big and bring change in the region as well as in the country. The history of Lalibela tells us, we are peace and freedom loving people. I wish we all collaborate and bring peace and democracy into practice.

  17. mandefro A. says:

    congra! i am proud of starting this journey. but what i want to say about Agew family is, every one must be in need of knowing one’s identity with being lovely to each other.

  18. Gedifew Ayele Birru says:

    I m supporter in heartdly committed. So please be committed. I want to tanks Mr Andualem for ur sacrifice to form the first Agaw political entity since after Zagwa Daymasty.

  19. enkokow dangla says:

    I am proud being an Agaw, but from the beginning this political party will never find solutions for the social economic and political problems of Agew people experiencing. Rather some of the central committees of the party, specially the chairperson is poor in leadership and believed to a r seeker.Dring the previous years, he was Dangla worwdas educational office vice leader but due to his activities he was ousted from the power by EPRDF.So as to this, i don’t think that it is a good political party for the Agaw people.

  20. Abie kebede says:

    true enough tilahun, A is a stupid son.he is just running for his benefit only. As enkokow said he was a vice educational leader.but now after loosing his power became chaire person.what does it mean? Is ok?

  21. malik says:

    dears none of the above is meaningful. what is right at this time is to bury imperialism,partialism zemene mesafint,marxizm,tribalism and all cushitic semitic hamitic poletics and be one to survive.
    amharas tried to destroy all other tribes and failed tigreyans tried to destroy all others to get the greatest share for them selves,oromos tried to destroy christianity and keep ethiopia islamized.israelites governed,agows governed.sidamas governed. where are all those those who are murdering now also will go soon if not leading peacefully and equally.instead of sowing trees and crops to rely on you are sowing blood in the ground which will dry the country.

    you have to learn from past bad things none of the bad ideologists won. unless all ethnic groups are equally treated no one will sleep in peace.

    all human being are sons of NOAH.
    Today even two brothers from one man and woman are disagreeing. no neighbors are leaving in peace etc etc.

  22. Hello, I’m King Hebrew TUT, My organization is called The Agaw Dynasty, we are located in Memphis, Tennessee of America….. I have a wife and 2 children, above age 20, and our goal is to rally other open minded Black Americans like ourselves to help the Agaw form their own state, for as well as it benefits Agaws in Ethiopia, it’ll benefit Black Americans who want to leave America to join them….. My group needs Agaws from Ethiopia to come visit us and help us communicate with Agaws as a whole…. We hold Qimant Falasha studies every Friday evening from 6:30 to 8:00.. ….. It’s time for us Agaws to form our own state in Ethiopia and be we can be……

    Dear King of Hebrew TUT, the wlka administration has declined to publish your phone number for your privacy, because some people may try to abuse it.

  23. From King Hebrew TUT and The Agaw Dynasty, to wlka, thanks very much for your concern about my safety….

  24. King Hebrew TUT and The Agaw Kemant Dynasty….Malik I feel we need our tribal identity; but we need to accept one another’s differences to unite and have our own State…. I don’t know if you are familiar with Isaiah 19:2 where the land Egypt had more than one Kingdom inside of it, but the land Egypt was given to their enemies because the Kingdoms in that land were fighting each other; so my point is that the original Egyptians were Agaw Kemants whose land Egypt was given to an Arab race called Assyrians and Babylonians in Ezekiel 29:19, Isaiah 20:3-6, 45:14-15…. Notice its not often that you see Arab Muslims fighting Arab Christians and White Christians fighting over their denominations, but you see Sudan Muslims and Sudan Christians fighting each other, thus our enemies depend on us fighting over religion or anything in order to defeat us, for its an age old trick that works all the time; and now its working on the land of Ethiopia….I must point out that the Bible or the Semitic Bible Versions are very Anti-Cushitic; so we need to go back to the Cushitic Version, but as well as the Roman Catholics; the Arab Muslims like Ahmad Gran who invaded North Ethiopia tried to burn the Cushite History writings, but Agaw Kemants hid the writings that they could save in caves of Ethiopia…. Our history trace all the way back to the King TUT who ruled Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt; which is Cush Ethiopia

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