Dear Kemants, Friends of Kemants/Agaws and All Freedom Loving Persons

If self rule is the issue here, what Kemants need to do is consolidate the ties with the other Agaw peoples. Enough consciousness has to build within the entire Agaw community in Wello, Gojjam and Gondar. The history of the community has to be studied. University students who study history and those who can do research about history can also assist. University students who belong to any of the Agaw constituents should take it as their task to do research and write the history of each locality. Names of people and places as well as rivers and the entire geographical border of the Agaw communities should be studied solidly. The languages should also be studied. It is important to tap the knowledge of the elderly Kemants and other Agaw elders by way of interviews. Ato Nega has written a good book already, but that is not enough to achieve the ultimate goal. Elderly Kemants and other Agaw elders should cooperate with the young students in their effort to record the history and language of the broader Agaw peoples. These studies need to be distributed to each member in form of books and studied. This forms the ground for enough consciousness to emerge from among the new generation to effect a separate self rule in the near future. In actual fact, the coming generation may determine their own fate they way they see fit.

Mr. Bereket and those who came to address the inquiry have done their share in letting us know where we stand in terms of our final question. If genuine, the recognition of Kemants as an entity is a step forward and not backward. It is a victory to be celebrated. No government member will allow self rule to a people at the first request. What they are saying is that the ties between the various components of the Agaw peoples is not yet consolidated. Just because the name Agaw is recognized by its members does not mean they are ready to be one in unison to form a self rule. This is not to be expected before enough consciousness is achieved. Then it will not be the question of just the Kemants but of all the Agaws especially from the three major localities. While the history of the Kemants as part of the larger Agaw population is studied, it is possible to include in a book the idea of self rule and its history. Please do not expect this to happen right now. Do not make a mistake of simplifying the complicated nature of governance. Those in responsible places in government do seem to understand the issue, but would not allow the question of self rule to go into effect right away for it sets a precedence to other regions and complicate their political balance.

I see the response of some of the respondents regarding this last conference with Mr. Bereket. Many of the opinions seem to be harsh and negative. What do we get out of early confrontation with the government without amassing enough knowledge. It will be suicidal not to appreciate what is already recognized and proceed with diligence and care to the next step. The next step is to educate ourselves about ourselves and about the broader Agaw peoples. Create enough consciousness about our common heritage and about the necessity of self rule. In the meantime work with the other members of the Agaw peoples to consolidate solidarity. We have to be prudent in our going and coming. We need to apply the wisdom of our elders and proceed with caution. There is no need to rush to judgement and involve our people in a situation where they will lose everything.

With respect and love…

Z. Kamazana

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25 Responses to Dear Kemants, Friends of Kemants/Agaws and All Freedom Loving Persons

  1. Alamirew says:

    Dear Kemant representatives who are struggling for Kemants Self=rule!
    In your task of preparation and presentation of ageda for discussion of Kemant ‘s case with the Federal and Regional State, was it directed to mere recognition of the Kemant language or realization of Kemant peoples’ self-rule? I think


    the agenda was directed to the Kemant language ,it will be a silly mistake.This is because the Kemant language has been known in Ethiopian history for centuries and even that could not be denied by the regional and the federal government authorities whatever.The Kemants as one of the indigenous people, their language, Kemantney has been known and generated interests of historians,sociologists and linguists. So, the major agenda could be focused only on the Kemant people’s self-rule as a national self-determination question rather than on the issue of language recognition.
    I think this tendency is a wrong sign to discard the genuine ,legitimate and right demand or quest for self-local government of the Kemants.This nature of agenda and approach needs correction and revision before appeal is made to the House of Federation.
    For me ,the assertion made in general about the Agew people, particularly to genuine Kemant people as “Amhara” or favor of Amharization is highly chauvinistic theme.At the same token the phrasing of adopters of Ethiopic (Geez) alphabet and is a fake.This idea is highly aggressive.In this regard I fully agree with alagha’s comment.Here, the whole Agew people are teased.Agaws are Agaws they should not anythinelse.By the way the Amhara region is not a homeland of only for Amharas.It is also home of indigenous people, like Agaws,Argoba,Oromo,Tigray,Gumuz,Shenasha,Old Gafat and some minor Communities.This might lead to Amhara identity crises.All these people had made the Ethiopian history and civilization with equal footing.The Ethiopian State is made of Tigrean,Agaw,Oromo,Argoba,Wolaita,Harari,Sidama,Kembata-Hadia and the same,but all used the Amharic language; that would not make them Amhara. Associating self-rule with adequacy of speaking Amharic is presumably philosophically and legally wrong. In conclusion,I advise the Kemant activists to continue their struggle in legitimate, peaceful and democratic manner.

    • Dear our kemants, a peacefull struggle ,loving your neighbour and self recognition is a prime achievement first. I am very much glad to hear the voice of Agaw in the year of the lord 2013. A late voice from cradle of mankind. Anyway, the stakeholders of present day ethiopia are Ethiopian nations and nationalities, Somalis one of them as true citizens by which today Ethiopia is my country without doubt. Frankly speaking the Agaw ethnic tribe is an indigenous nation which existed before time imemorial and thier cousins are many including myself. I have never met a female or male,short or tall,old or young Agaw Kemant in my life before, but one shall greet them to share a chat. Iam Somali by ethnic community and too much proud of you.
      Please keep your open minds and share it with the rest of your fellow Ethiopians and surely nobody can ignow Kemant.

      • Thomas says:

        Dear Abdinoor Ali Khansoy

        Thank you for your fruitful comments. Your support is highly important for the Agaw people’s peaceful struggle for equality, justice and democracy. Of course, it is impossible to materialize aspiration of “Ethiopian Renaissance”, the nation where its indigenous people are treated as second class citizens. Our case requires national and international attention the address the issue seriously. I hope our brothers, like you can play an important role in this regard.

      • Dear Thomas,
        Everything has a start and this is already proving good progress searching for legitimacy of
        Agaw ethnic people in Ethiopia. History is that the Ancient Agaw community also proved they
        are sociable tribe who accepted Judaism first and then later christianity .What happened
        is that they were totaly absorbed by other tribes as the Amhara.Just recall the Zagwe dynasty
        and today where is thier head lying? I shall not cry over spilt milk on the dry sand dunes. That
        issues of second class citizens in thier own country is never acceptable at the current stage
        where nations and nationalities enjoy thier rights in the ethioipian constitution. I am feeling env
        envy about the whole matter. If I can recall Somali Shiritam, such deregatory terms etc.
        But this matter or serious concern in politics needs tolerance in the long run and the concept
        requires sustainability to develope. We shall continue the
        peaceful struggle according to its dimension nationaly. My knowledge on Agaw is very shallo
        w ,forgive if I might upset anyone. I have beg your pardon if it is too much for me.Please keep
        up the strategy , the eyes of good samaritans are watching Agaw very closely and soon at
        least something could be in pipeland after all such legitimate noise!Thanks

    • Brother I am a So-called African American, and I agree with you, but Ge’ez is not a Semitic language, it’s Cushitic, because all Semitic languages are read from right to left, but Ge’ez is read left to right, yet Qimants are the original Egyptians from The King Pharaoh, so it’ll be stupid to replace our Ge’ez Alphabet for Arab letters and numbers and English Latin letters, yet these people mix with us to use their religion to erase our identity, it’s called the art of incorporation, thus we need our own state with our own language QIMANT, for QIMANT is ancient Ge’ez, so keep the Alphabet and the number system, for I’m trying to Unite us so-called African Americans to go team up with the Agaw Qimants for self-rule and a state under Qimant religion, yet we must be a benefit to Ethiopia as a whole, because outsiders need us to fight each like they wrote in Isaiah 19:2, to stay on top of us, we know Black leaders in Ethiopia who converted to Arab Muslim religion and White Christianity sold Agaws to America and to Black Kingdoms in West Africa, so that African Americans want know themselves are from the Agaw Qimant Nation, yet those Black leaders used Ephesians 6:5 and 1st Peter 2:18-25 to justify their evil deed, that says slaves obey even your unjust masters with fear and trembling like you do Christ, (That Christ in Matthew 5:38-39 who said turn the other cheek and don’t fight injustice, yet the Old King James Version of Exodus 21:20-21 and Isaiah 20:4-5, 45:14-15, Deuteronomy 3:6 supports abuse and slavery, and Sirach 33:25-33 in the Old Rome Italy Catholic Bible in English, and also An-Nesa 4:92, 4:25 in the Arab Muslim QUR’AN Bible, thus we need our own State under our religion QIMANT, for our religion rejects owning slaves, however we need Agaw Qimants to come help our group learn Qimant language to teach our children and get them ready to go live in Gondar, We know Falashas are Qimants who had the name Israel put on them Google Kemant People Wikipedia

  2. Endalamaw A. says:

    Dear Z.Kamazana, I agree with your standings. There is no as such a new thing than expected. What has been done is of expect-able. It is just a step up!!! And mostly things done in steps have a better accuracy, stability and sustainability. Bu””’t it does not mean that we need to cool-down. All what we should feel shall be as it is a good step up and as we need to do more hardly in re-engineering the process, reassessing the scenario, {clearing-out the scope (possibly wider)=> it needs time for us itself}, and developing ownership of it among the people anymore. All the way; we need to go our path, no other cross-comparisons of words to insist pride or so over the other/nearby/ brothers should never be exercised. I hope most of we concerned people are not in that stance but we need to overlook such things not to happen among the ordinary/gross/ people social interactions which may lead unwanted frictions.

    Let us move forward together and build our future. We intellectuals, specially, should go out of our reluctance. You know, we intellectuals should not be there to fear the future, we should be there to shape the future!!!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Waiting for great intellectuals intervention than ever!!!

    With regards,


  3. Abram says:

    Mr. Abdinoor Ali Khansoy
    To me your comment is realistic and to the point. The Ethiopian Somalis success is example for others, like Agaws. I’m sure the constitution is equal for all, but the difference is organizational, application and insistence. There is no reason, the Agaws will not succeed in their struggle for liberty and self-determination. It is the matter self-awareness, the people of Gojjam and Gondar including qomitataw Beja are Agaws soon or later they will search their true natural self, Agawness.

    • Dear br. Abraham,
      Mine is not only a wishful thinking but I mean no stone shall be left unturned making sure the self determination of my agaws is of priority and paramount issue. Or delayed justice to me seems on the verge of denial. Nevertheless let agaws create more consciousness regarding the whole matter in depth. Agaws are pure farmers probably for many centuries they never bothered to look what is in focus for them, in other words we the Somali nomads are politically aware making
      a difference. Thanks.

    • Dear Br.Abraham,
      Apart from the mentioned Ethiopic state tribes, I would be interested to hear about the Same ethnic
      tribe, are they cushitic or Semetic stock? Sorry for asking this question and I apologize in advance.
      I am doing a research on ethnic people called Masara where I personally belong to and being a Somali, our noble ancestor is as well called Samale where the name Somalia is derived from. The
      country of central highlands of Ethiopia is an Agaw country , a kushitic nation I am double sure.
      Thanks .

      • Mizigena says:

        Dear Abdinoor Ali hansoy
        Who is Semitic in Ethiopia at all? The issue of Semitic came with the pseudo solominic dynasty. Otherwise, I personally disagree that there is Semitic origin people in Ethiopia. If we argue there is, it very thin and diluted with the dominant chushitic origin .

  4. Abram says:

    Dear Abdinoor Ali Khansoy
    Not only Cushetic community, but they didn’t know Amharic Language before conquer of Amda-Siyoum 1314-44, East Gojjam, Wogera and Dambya. Despite his success in these areas, Amda-Siyoum’s attempt to take over the shore of southern Lake Tana, such as Zegye was unsuccessful. Even his successors failed to conquer the southern shore of Lake Tana. However, the Agaw language gradually vanished in both conquered and unconquered areas usually from east to west. By the 18th century, the Agaw language virtually disappeared from East Gojjam exceptions of a few districts and linguistically Amharanized. The same is true also in Northern Gondar.
    I believe the Agaws political philosophy is not necessarily limited to the family stocks. They have to take into consideration the political positions of others on the Agaw issue. Who is on their side and who is against their liberty and self-determination. This issue may be important in Agaws relations with others generation to come. They must also understand every Agaw race cannot be administrated within a single state or region. What is important is creating a viable state that can restore its identity and civilization once again. In other words, in the some cases, it is the matter of acknowledgement and way of networking with others for peace and development, like Europeans and Americans.

    • Dear Br.Abraham,
      Indeed I agree with you on the point that who is on your side who is not. Now something is
      shading light in my mind about the would be nature of Ethiopian Agaw state possibly in
      pipeline after all these legitimate struggle. To this effect what I gather from you is that Agaws are residents of many zones in Amhara and Tigrai regional states. So kemants
      integrated with different communities to the extent that they have lost thier native language some of them.
      correct me If Iam wrong what the Agaws require is a common regional state for them, for
      they live amongst other Ethiopic tribes. Is it a common question to be addressed or a single regional state Agaws have in mind for them to exercise thier rights in the constitution of Federal Ethiopian state? However, history here is distorted for so long untill
      many ethnic groups lost thier identities.Europeans and Americans are melting pots,there is nothing like unique culture but only power, stable economies and high technology and/or investments.
      Restoration of Agaw civilization takes time and resources,much interlectual energy and tolerance after all.This forum is a better arena to act in the interest of Kemants in terms of
      legality in accordance with the constitution frame work of Ethiopia. But on the grounds of Kemants identity revival let the natives unite and stand up for thier rights.This is my opinion.Thanks,

  5. Abram says:

    Dear Abdinoor Ali Khansoy:
    Remember my words, which reads “in some cases, it is the matter of acknowledgement”, meaning there is no need to bring Shewans, Eritreans or Tigreans into a single Agaw state. What is important is their considerable role in the creation of the Agaw state in a viable region to fulfill historical responsibility for the better future for all of us. It is my understanding that those vast regions of Ethiopia appear to be in favor our aspiration except Amhara Region, but I don’t want to name them here. You might read wlka’s older publications and publications by others on the Kemant or the Agaw issue as the whole. I believe they are our genuine brothers and friends who brought our case to a global stage. Yes, the Kemant issue is prime agenda, on the other hand, I also understand that rehabilitation of Kemant Dialect and culture might not be easy without having the State of Agaw, in this case, you can see, the situations of Awi, Wag and Oromo Zone, just with nominal autonomy.

    • My dear Br.Abraham,
      I think I am running out of ideas in this struggle of bulding Agaw state.Only words and feeling, but remember restoration of a disapeared civilization is not just opening our eyes in a day or so.Kemant state needs the shoulders of other big cousins for support material and moral. That is why we actually are demanding to see thier dignity in place, identity respected ,its native unique culture pronounced. Such a situation happened with the amazighen(Berbers) of north Africa and it was too late for them reclaiming thier language
      Tamazight once again.In Libya they were not allowed to call by thier own names ,only at homes before.The Amazighs to date are nationals of many countries.These people had thier written language and culture during the Roman empire ruling north Africa before Arab invassion to thier home lands. Most of them were Islamized and forced Arabized.Only one religious woman leader by the name of Kahina resisted Islam and she was a big chalenge to Arab invaders in north Africa.
      Berbers are the native people of North Africa before the Romans and Arabs.So please the
      Agaw/Kemant have to change with all what is happening around them and it is the only chance perhaps in the history of Ethiopia. This is wake up call!
      Another good case study is the question of Nubians who were displaced from thier old Ancient Egypt which is occupied by foreigners (Eurasians) today who live in pockets in the south of Egypt.Imagine Egypt or Kemet was a black nation of Kushites or puntites name
      Br. Abraham I am left in the middle of nowhere.
      Thanks alot for giving me your attention!

  6. Abram says:

    Abdinoor Ali Khansoy, Reclaiming the Kemant dialect is the matter of time in the favorable conditions. What we have seen in the past 20 years is Nations/Nationalities those secured the regional status revived their language, in some cases it was in verge of appearance before 1991. The Kemant language is still spoken and a number of speakers are increasing every because of movement for liberty. The problem is only lack of conducive environment in the region for the Agaw nation. Any way, speaking Amharic does not change their identity. If that is not the case, Africans who speak Fringe language could have been Fringe-man and those Africans who speak English could have been Englishman. Leadership in Amhara Region has been using regional status for reclaiming false identity and eradicating the true identity of Agawness in the region. It is absolute shame in the history of mankind. How man at least three-times intelligent than monkey can be shameful for its own nature and claim something else? Is this not disgrace? Regard to Berbers, it may be the matter of time; in Libya now they have already created their autonomous region. Democratization other countries, like Algiria also create an opportunity to them. I believe if they want to liberate the whole northern Africa, they have to work with, like Tagears.

    • Dear Bro. Abraham,
      Man is a social animal with the intellect of reasoning and judgement far ahead of animals .Sometimes when you capture attitudes or human behavior then it is much of muchness and no difference to lesser intelligent animals.Beasts shall never agree their fellows to be sold or enslaved , man agreed man slavery . Our intelligence and conscience drove man to abuse in many aspects or ways of living and misrule his own animal race.
      Why on earth any one would be against the Agaw state or Agawness? Personally Abdinoor is very uncomfortable with such people opposing Agaw/kemant statehood. Surely i can see light on the other end of the channel, Agaw state, and pray it happens before I go to my grave.One day i will be a guest of Agaw folks, sleep in their Tukul, have Doro watt with them and breath in the state of Agaw on the shores of Lake Tana. I have full confidence to witness this destiny.
      Thank you my dear

      • As King Hebrew TUT; one of the leaders of African American Agaw Qimants; we know the word Kemet which is the true name for Egypt, is a bad spelling of QIMANT, yet we must form our own State in order not to be absorbed by White Christians and Arab Muslims who like to convert others to displace their written language and identity, however we must fight to keep our mother Ethiopia united and from falling apart even when we get our own State, for it seems that White Christians and Arab Muslims are tag team partners who pretend enemies of each other to keep Blacks fighting each other over religion, thus I believe Ethiopia can remain a Unites State it lets every group has independence and self-rule as in days of old, that way if outsiders attack Ethiopia, every group will unite across religions to fight the outsiders, just like they did when King Menelek II ruled Ethiopia, but when King Haile Selassie ruled Ethiopia, he tried to force all of Ethiopia to be under Christianity, and that divided Ethiopia, and made none Christians groups in Ethiopia refuse to help Haile Selassie fight the Italians, that’s why Ethiopia lost that war, Psalms 83:3 says United Nations use a clever plan to get rid of the chosen Nation, yet we know QIMANT is the chosen Nation

  7. Abram says:

    Dear Brother Abdinoor Ali Khansoy:
    Your philosophical statement requires reassessment of animal behaviors, as well as, nature versus social environment. That means it may take life span one to understand and come up with reasonable justifications and test it again and again. What some people call it a recycle process.
    Having said this, let me comment on your statement regard to creation of Agaw State. My dear brother, I have no right words and expressions to rephrase your solidarity statement with the Agaw people. Surely, I’m grateful to hear such supportive statements from you. I think many Agaws share my feeling in this regard and let me say once again thank you and strongly hope you will see emergence of the Agaw State during your life time.

    • Dear Bro.Abraham,
      Already we are in the middle of the peaceful struggle and that is why I need the shoulders of our Kemant/Agaw for the anticipation to achieve agaw regional state. When the agaw nation welcome others to thier native lands in history this is what happened to them.Yes, a dramatic Irony beyond thier expectation! The paralel similarities between animals and human race-animals themselves or thier comparative natural behavior, attitudes to describe what they could share is perhaps little. I put it this way:
      Human beings think but animals don,t.
      Human race reason but animals no.
      Human beings do judgement but animals never.
      And that is our difference in nature and when mankind is falling from that edge of humanity , this is what happens.My support for Agaw is solid and clear.
      Dear brother Abraham thank you for the comments on nature,animals and social attitudes.
      But first of all who is abdinoor in the case? He is very ordinary /common man ,not even a professional person technically speaking. My hoppies include:
      Nature,vegetation communities,creative writing,cultures,geneology, poetry,archeology,kushitic music and history.Therefore if I speak or play with words it is my nature-that attitude of a nomadic pastoralist in a hurry-Zalan people! What do you think?
      You are welcome once again.

  8. redafitawrari says:


  9. Tsegeye says:

    Dear Kemants, I appreciatie you sturggle for freedom, self rule, identity be continue we are with you. I hope we will back the strength of Agew like our fathers would be. of cources we are separeted we live in differnet geographical land we live in differenet currcumstance, right now the time of unity all Himra, Awgi, Bellen, Kemant and others who kept silent let as stand on side of our brothers and sisites. Kemants self rule, keepin their culture and represention is mandatory, please I ask you, the regional goverenement to give freedom and justice for the people of Kemant…my aim is always making the Agew tirbes one; this is the time to come up with a single Agew region. I am Himra Agew May the Lord be with us….

    • Tsegeye, I’m King Hebrew TUT, I’m inspired by your words, I feel we must hold to our identity by all means, it’s sad that so many of our Ethiopian brethren have given up self love to pray to a White image of Jesus and have White images of Moses and King Solomon and follow an Arab Mohammad, when Qimant predates all 3 of those religions, and those Ethiopians act like the most High God didn’t exist before those religions, but why did Enoch the Ethiopian Prophet in Genesis 5:25, and Enos in Genesis 4:26 know God before Abraham who Arab Muslims, White Christians, and Israel Jews all claim is their father, thus Jews call us Anti-Semitic, but their Bible is Anti-Hamitic Cushitic, compare Genesis 9:25 with Zechariah 14:21, it has Canaan a slave rejected by their God forever, but if their God punished Egypt and King Pharaoh for having Israel slaves, why does their God accept Israel to own and beat slaves with a rod in Exodus 21:20-21, thus the real Moses was King TUT Mosis, but they fabricated Qimants Bible and put many Agaws in America in Year 1619, yet our God is from QIMANT as in Hosea 13:4, it’s only one GOD OF GODS

  10. It is encouring that agaws are heading to the best way forward about their contiousness in future self rule and earlier i said before my grave let agaw achieve their decision

  11. From the King Hebrew TUT, Dear Qimant Family, I don’t want any to get the idea that I do not tolerate of the religions of others, I just want others to respect our religion and stop trying to convert us, for we don’t want those religions that agree with slavery, and no other religion, just ours, yet I know many White Christians say forget the past, but if your New Testament is New and forgetting the past why does your New Testament of Ephesians 6:5 says slaves obey even your unjust masters, thus I’m sure Black slaves didn’t start Christianity, however, I know Whites and Arabs will write things under the name King Hebrew TUT, but my trademark is unity across religions, for the True God loves good variety.

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