Mr. Haile Maryam Desalegn Swears as Ethiopian Prime Minister

This Morning, Mr. Haile Maryam Deselegn swore as Prime Minister of Ethiopia before the Emergency Parliament session. Mr. Desalegn promoted to the post of Prime Minister to replace late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Desalegn who was Deputy Prime Minister at the time of Zenawi, was elected as the Chairman of EPRDF, the ruling party in the past week. By default, the Chairman of the party is the nominee to the position of Prime Minister. The ruling party’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Demeke Mekonnen also swore as the Deputy Prime and Education Minister after introduction by Prime Minister. For the first time since the 16th century, both appointees are non-Orthodox faithful/religious who assumed positions as the state executive heads, Mr. Haile Maryam from Protestant and Mr. Demeke from Muslim community, the son of a first settler in Awi at the time of Haile Sillassie. Both appointees appear to be qualified for the respective positions. Prior to his assignment as Deputy and Foreign Minister, Mr. Desalegn served as President of Arbaminich University, Governor of Southern State and Federal State Affairs. Mr. Demeke Mekonnen on the other hand served as State Security Bureau Chief and Deputy Governor in Amhara Region before his designation as Minister of Education. According to observers, he has also a positive relation with the Agaw-Awi people where his constituency is.
In his remark following approval of the Parliament, Mr. Desalegn pledged to promote the legacy of late Prime Minister Zenawi, without revision including transformation and foreign policy. He gave emphasize on agricultural productivity, private investment, research & competitive training, moths and science, manufacturing, small enterprise, renaissance dam, cooperation with oppositions those work under auspices of the constitution. He declared also need for curving inflation and causes of corruption. Observers say Mr. Desalegn’s commitment has to be appraised in his ability to promote multi-party democracy without restriction, human rights and tackle inflation, which has jeopardized the survival of the citizens.

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4 Responses to Mr. Haile Maryam Desalegn Swears as Ethiopian Prime Minister

  1. Teshager Gibre says:

    I heard when Ato Haile Maryam Desalegn introducing Ato Demeke’s background to the People’s Representatives, Parliament. Unfortunately, Haile Maryam’s statement induced more doubt about Ato Demeke’s background. Many interpreted oppositely, but when I read the report on this site I have got convinced, thanks and I promise I will revisit this site again.

  2. Zeleke says:

    I disagree with statement about good relation of Ato Demeke with Awi zone where he was elected by representing Bihereseb Zone. We were in contact with him to assist us on fundraising for Awi Limat Mehiber and he told us not push the rich so that they could have time to contribute for Amara Development Association. With the same subject we had meeting on Ethiopia Hotel where he was a guest of honer. He repeat the same type of statement as we have to work for our zone excluding himself from his birth place. what he did for that area? what was his contribution for Agew Awi?
    I am not against his election but he has failed to represent the people who have given him the opportunity to safe guard their interests.I will not expect anything better from him for people where he represent and for the country either.

  3. Mizigena says:

    He swears for the continuation of the legacy of Mr. Meles nothing else.
    I do not think this guy will be more exclusive than his party members.As an individual he might be sturdy but as EPRDF member, he will do only as EPRDF.

  4. Zeleke says:

    Dear Mizigena

    If we know direction of the coming government, what do you think about our direction?

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