With Hope and Frustration New ‘Ethiopian’ Year to Agaws

By Mizigena

Constitutional bylaw, proclamation number 251/2001, clearly stated that any appeal regarding self administration or any other related to the violation of the constitution should get adequate and proper answer within two years time. If that particular administration body (level) fail to reply in two years time, the same appeal can be submitted to the House of Federation (HOF) and the HOF should give the final decision within two years.

It is now exactly six years that the Qemant people requests for self administration. In this six years time, the Amhara Regional Government still ridicules on the constitutional quest of this people. Even the House of Federation has been biased towards the mockery reaction of the regional government rather than applying and respecting the law they enacted.

The regional government has very poor appetite in acting as per the constitution; it rather proves that it is only the government of Amera and struggle to annex Qemant to the dooms day. There are many signals that the Regional Government also grossly violates the constitutional rights of these recognized nationalities (Awi, Himira, Oromo and Argoba) living in the region. In this nationality administration, good governance has become a thing of luxury, education quality absolutely deteriorates, higher officials in the zone who decides the fate of these nationality is one who is subdued and surrendered to the domination of the amharaization system.

The Qemant people’s self administration request seems going from bad to worse. From the previous continues and tricky actions, one easily predicts that the regional government has unofficially decided Qemant should not have self administration. They are probably buying time until possible termination of the constitution; or till the government come up with some sort of strategy to label them as “bandits” or “terrorists” or shaiabia “missionaries” and detain them or else wait until the people bored of the quest and abandon it by themselves.

However, it is imaginable that the peaceful struggle of the Qemant will continue until the Regional Governors officially terminate the constitution and replace by their own village rules and regulations.

After all, it is impossible or highly unlikely to reverse the constitutional rights quest of Qemant by any means. It is my personal point of view that delay rather would have the following consequences: The first scenario: Kemants may resort to a political party legally or join with other political organization that struggle peacefully and respect its rights.

The second scenario would be this people may try to ensure its freedom through alternative means if they think all civilized means has been closed and the constitution would not work in Amhaara Region. Indeed,let us guess majority will choose the first scenario against the second path because of their keenness to peace, democracy and development.

On the other hand,there is very little hope that the regional state will respect the constitution by reacting positively to the constitutional quest of Qemant. This New Year is a year that comes to the Qemant People with conflicting scenario hope and frustration.

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10 Responses to With Hope and Frustration New ‘Ethiopian’ Year to Agaws

  1. Asmammaw W. says:

    What is Article 251? Do you mean constitutional bylaw? It should be corrected, like that.

  2. Mizigena says:

    To wlka web administrator,
    I m sorry, if I have said article 251/2001. But this is proclamation number 251/2001 not article number. If you can, please, correct it

    The other point is I used the term Ethiopian not Abyssinian. It has been moderated to Abyssinian. This year for me and the qemant people at large is the same new year too. I appreciate the moderation you make , but at this particular time around. For Qemant people in particular there no special new year different from that of non-qemants. This new year is a new year both to Qemant and to no-Qemants.
    I am sorry for what happened. I wonder if you put the original title, else ” With Hope and Frustration of New Ethiopian Year to Agaw”


  3. Asmammaw says:

    Dear Mizigena
    The Ethiopian Calendar is fundamental mistake. The present Ethiopian empire includes Oromia, Sidama, Moslem and Christians, etc. For example, Oromos, Sidamas and Moslems have their own calendar. Why don’t designate these calendars, Ethiopian Calendar? Meskerem 1st is Orthodox calendar, which often referred as Abyssinian Calendar because it was practiced by the northern Orthodox followers. Talking about freedom and liberty does not make sense while we are advocating for the bandage system that put us second class citizenship. We have no problem with blood and flesh, they are our undeniable brothers. Our problem is with the system. Unless we change this bandage system gradually or dramatically, our aspiration for freedom is nothing, but vain fantasy.

  4. Mizigena says:

    Dear Asmammaw.
    That’s all water under the bridge now

    Thank you for your opinion. But for my own reasons I do not appreciate the following things:
    1. Zero sum game and starting from zero.
    We Ethiopians have many things in common and individually. We have shared them through different means.Now we are where we are now. In the name of nation building many things have been done for Ethiopians. We can’t make that not happen. The bygones are bygones. You can’t declare your freedom by avoiding all things you you believe “it is all theirs” or else it is not ours. But we have to focus on how we use those things to our current benefits.

    I can give you many examples,many African colonies speaks the language of their respective colonizers. Yet, they still feel that they are Africans. Yes, when they dropped their native language they missed a lot but if they were trying to reverse their local languages they would have incurred much cost than they had paid .
    2. Rejecting all things that someone thinks is not one’s own may not be solution.
    We all are the subset of the universe in many respects, in one way or another this world is the world of reciprocity. You give something and receive in a return. The problem lies when a certain group snatches something from and say all are theirs and consider others as if they contribute nothing.
    What we should not forget is that at least we all have one thing in common-Ethiopia. You can give it another name if you like. Our country is an output of all Ethiopian cultures, languages, religions and customs. We should accept that without any change and modification. What I disagree is if someone come and say, all culture belongs to A or B not to C or D. If someone forced me to speak the language that is not mine. If some one tries to smear me with an identity that is not mine. But there are many things that I take or receive voluntarily and at my own conscious will. You may argue here that if you accept something that are not yours you are no more yourself. But that is not always true so long as it is based on win-win relationship.
    As the matter of chance, Qemant and other Agaw people have many cultural and historical ties with “Amhara” than with their siblings Cushitic blood lines (Sidama, Oromo, Afar Somali——). In that case do we advise and drive the North and Central Cushtic people (Agaw) to abandon (reject) everything that is believed to be from “Amhara”?
    Doesn’t it cost us a lot again and lead our people to another crisis? We have to be very prudent enough not to through the beautiful child with the bathing water. We should be very careful that our freedom quest should not be hijacked and serve the purpose that will bring undesired effect up on our common nation and our people.This does not mean that we should forgo our natural rights for nation building sake. I have no room for negotiation upon my identity and at the same time I have no any interest to go back to millennium time history and drop everything at my hand and look for the ‘birds in the bush’. Let us start from where we are now and direct forward rather than going long steps back and lose in between.
    Take Chance!

  5. aderayet says:

    It is good idea to say that changing the bandage systemand aspire for freedom.for maintaining the Agaw dignity and gravity.But considering the Ethiopian Cale ndar as a mistake might lead to too much debate/argumentation.No wory for Oromos,Sidamas,Moslems have their own calendar.Do not forget that many Oromos are the followers of Orthodox christianity adopt the EThiopian calendar.This is a matter of assimilation and cultural change.

  6. Zeleke says:

    Dear Mizigena

    I would like to appreciate your view to move forward from where we are now. Looking the right identity will also have better effect to build the society that has been assimilated to different culture and language. The difference will help changed society to learn who we were and where we are now. For instance any part of orthodox follower agew society may not claim our ancisters religion. But we have to know how were were forced to orthodox religion through semitic rulars.

    For me the time is moving for the kids that were born last six years since struggle for Qement was started. They will join the school where they will be marginalized as Qement among the kids of converted Amara. I regret all peaceful fights to-date without fruitful achievement from current government.

    It is time to start thinking the other way to get our right.

  7. Kulu D. says:

    Forming party that can represent the Agaw people’s legitimate interest is not only essential for Agaws, but also the region and ANDM in particular. The regions, like Tigrai, Oromia, Somalia and South are dealing with the real political process. The emergence of regional parties have given them an opportunity to exercise diverse political process. When it comes to Amare Region, ANDM is only the dominant party at the regional level. The situation has caused one step setback in democratization as manifested its pattern in Metema. Any party to be formed must respect and protect the constitution of the country. The constitution is only reference to people’s legitimate demands.

  8. Zeleke says:

    Dear Kulu
    Constitution is the base of all rights of Ethiopian nationalities, the same has been exercised by other Ethiopian ethnic groups to preserve their culture, to build their society, self governess and developing their area. On contrary Agew society has been forgotten and let to assimilate to Amara culture, and language for the last 20 years of EPRDF ruling period. For me this is paradox that I couldn’t figure out why this is happening in contrast to our constitution. We can evaluate weather Agew is deserves the right of self determination with the following parameters
    1. Is Agew factions (Awi, Qemant, Himira) treated like Amara and is there real discrimination on the ground?
    2. Is/was there language difference between Amara and Agew regardless of the current status?
    3. Is the culture of Agew society and Amara society the same?
    Based on the above parameters we should have our right to decide whether to proceed as Agew or to assimulate to Amara by ourselves.
    For me, I couldn’t assume my conversion to Amara with any means. We are among society that contributed civilization for mankind including teaching farming for Ethiopians in early stage of development that can make our life better without help of outsiders. I believe it time to ask for ourselves the question “why constitutional rights couldn’t be implemented in Amara region? Why Agew is forced to be supporter of Amare lead kings by history and Amara lead governors in our Age?”
    Lets join our ideas to create better environment for Agew kids to be proud of being Agew.

  9. getplus125 says:

    There are over 36 nation and nationalities in Gojjam and Gonder only. We, the rest of Ethiopian, must help all ethnic groups in Gojjam and Gonder. Thousands of years ago, these large number of ethnic groups from Gojjam and Gonder were forced to be Amhara (Artificial Ethnic group) made by Neftegna monarchy whose dream was to be non-black instead of true Ethiopian ( African). By adapting Amharic from Hebrew (Ge’ez) language how come someone change his or her identity? In this way there are so many African countries that were colonized by English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. But none of them consider themselves as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. Amharas wake up. There is no where you can go with false identity. Your true identity is exposed, so be yourself and live peaceful life with the rest of Ethiopian ethnic groups.

  10. The real Hebrews (Ge’ez people) are Qimants who are the original Egyptians that were Black Ethiopians from King Pharaoh the Negro, but Gods of outsiders divide us by religions like the God in Isaiah 19:2, 20:4-5, and Ezekiel 30:1-4 to make us fight each other and hate who we are, so we cannot grow, yet if we American Blacks go back to Gondar Ethiopia to live with the Qimants we can get self rule and make all Ethiopia as big as America and China, for our Most High God is Gusyene Gusey, so let Israel Jews have their God, and Arab Muslims have their God and White Christians have their God, but we will serve our own God, Gusyene Gusey, and be united across religions to accept each other’s differences and beliefs, because fighting each other is what got American Blacks taken from Egypt and Ethiopia to be put in America for slavery in year 1619 and told lies that we came from the coast of west Africa, so we want return to the Qimant people in Gondar, because they fear we’ll get to close to Egypt and get it back

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