Ethiopian Politics Can’t Be Achieved Through Old Approach

By Chambalala M

Political entities and their leaders within and abroad of Ethiopia should be vigilant at this time. The Ethiopian politics could not be achieved through the old approach— integrationist or assimilationist way of Nation Building. The multiculturalism approach is the best solution to build the Nation called Ethiopia as being done in other diversified countries like India and Nigeria. The old approach in Ethiopia had been tried for such long period of time—- around 300 years. But, it could not be achieved. After this, it would be nightmare to think creating Ethiopia through the old approach. The only panacea would be to respect
The rights of all nations, nationalities and peoples through genuine federalism and rule of law. It seems genuine federalism and rule of law have failed currently in Ethiopia and particularly in Amhara Region. I don’t know why they missed the important point that the respect of constitutional rights of Agaw-Qemants(Agaw-Kemants) mean respecting the rights of Amharas too. This is because the Agaw-Qemants are the forefathers of them. History confirms this fact. Truly, scientifically and politically speaking, the recognition and respect of the constitutional rights of Agaw-Qemants is so fundamental for the interests of others around too.
Concerning strong political party, it is no doubt that each nationalities within the Amhara—the three Agaws, Oromia, Argoba and others do have constitutional and legal rights to form political parties to effectively enforce their rights equally with the Amhara nationality as majority in the Region. The Amharas and others should know that being oppressor would not be a solution rather compromise, tolerance and rule of law within the region would be essential to accommodate the diversity at large. Accommodating the diversities within the region would be the manifestation of civilization and democratic attitude in the Region like Tigray Region and SNNR in certain degree.

The Agaws should form strong political party to effectively enforce the rights of the Agawian peoples including the highly oppressed Agaw-Qemants who had faced no single political system to respect its rights in history. There was a big hope on the part of all Qemants that the currently existing political system would respect the rights of Qemants like other nationalities. But, at this stage, the situation seems to show that the behavior of the Regional Government goes against. We Qemants are confirming again and again that the Ethiopian Government at all levels must give the constitutional rights of Agaw-Qemants without any calculation of political game. The consciousness of the people is more than what the Government officials expect at this time. We are all in this dilemma– “death or freedom”. We all don’t forget that each and every Qemant is being attacked by those chauvinists against the rule of good governance!

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One Response to Ethiopian Politics Can’t Be Achieved Through Old Approach

  1. bitew says:

    Ethiopian politices can not be achieved through an old approach,yes because lets take the Agaws people:the rights of Agaw people have not yet respected.

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