Update on Agaws Detention, Harassment and Release

In the past 5-days, I made two reports regard to Mr. Melese (Mesele) Desta, who has been detained since Aug. 3, 2012, in the town of Metema, North Gondar Ethiopia. He appeared this morning at the local court, Metema Woreda Court. No charge was filed, simply the woreda attorney said, “we got him red handed”, but without any clarification. The defender said that he did nothing wrong, just he exercised his constitutional rights. Then, the attorney asked the court to adjure for two more weeks and the court accepted without condition. Then, Mr. Mesele Desta has taken to the custody. Request for release on bail was denied. Mr. Mesele was accused of by collecting signature from residents to form a new party called, Agaw Democratic Party. The process is legal in the Ethiopian law, Proclamation Number 573/2008. As stated in the previous report, observers believed collecting the signature is lawful and they cannot charge him under this context. Unless they create a fabricated story and charge him. Regional government and ANDM officials passed curricular information from Wag to East Gojjam on the new party formation. The information recipients were warned to be on surveillance and report the movement to the regional officials. Some of recipients confused even panicked; they though multi-party law was scrapped from the constitution of Ethiopia.
In related information, wlka received reliable information from Addis Ababa. A senior official from Ethiopian National Election Board official reportedly contacted the Chief Policeman from Metema Woreda, named Inspector Shambel on July 7, afternoon. The Inspector told the board official, he had no information in the case of Mesele Desta and promised to investigate the case and report back. However, this evening, a senior regional government official from Bahir Dar, hinted his possible release at any time. Any progress will be updated tomorrow on the same page.

Mr. Mesele Desta Released

WALKA on its correspondence window had received the following information this afternoon (Aug. 13, 2012):

Ato Mesele Desta had been released this morning in the local time, on monitory bail. He is in a condition physically and psychologically.

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8 Responses to Update on Agaws Detention, Harassment and Release

  1. Alemaiehu Kachie says:

    This is my first visit this website. If the report stated above is accurate, constitutional violation in Amhara Region must be serious concern for Ethiopian nations and nationalities. It is not only Agaw issue. It is lawlessness of the country and return to the Dergue area. It has grave consequence in stability of Ethiopia as the whole

  2. belay kasa says:

    The agaw people like any other people of ethiopia have the right to be united,so why the Amahara Region Government does wrong.i believe there is a fear for the unity of Agaw people. The government thinks if the agaw people are united,many people under pseudo-amahara identity may loss and become less in number in Ethiopia. This ideology is believed to be the big issue for the government. So that,it is desperate to breakdown the unity of Agaws, furthermore fueling resentment to Cushitic peoples.

  3. from Metema Yohannes says:

    Reply to belay
    Well, don’t worry, we will not kill you or destroy you Agaws (Kemants), we are christians, but we want to create strong fear on you, so that you will not try again “talking about your constitutional rights.” Whether you believe or not we are your masters.

    Reply: From Damis to Metema Yohannes

    Baby, is Metema your real name? you crossed a red line. Stop abuse!

    Reply: From Metema Yohannes to Damis

    What I said o belay is correct. We are capable of creating fear on you. Look at your Professor Yigzaw Kebede. He needs another Doctor who will treat him from sickness of fear. I must recognize my enemy Kemant hero on his strength; he is Ato Mesele. We call him ultra nationalist (tsinfegna). I understood the cause of ultra nationalism is Qemant “self-administrative” issue. I believe, the government has do some thing else to resolve this issue. I’m sick of ultra nationalism. I call myself Metema Yohannes because I’m your chief whether you like or not.

  4. Damis says:

    Replay to: Metema Yohannes
    I believe you are in good mood today. You see, you made three points. You said, Ato Mesele, is hero, “ultra nationalist”cause of “ultra nationalism” is Qemant self-rule problem and something has be done to solve the problem. You are in touch with the reality; you have to us me also your real name.

  5. Mizigena says:

    Reply to: Metema Yohannes
    Like a father like a boy. It is not you, it is your parents that makes you rude. You take after your parents behaviour. You call yourself christain? Haaaaaaa! Christian? Christian never spit hypocrtic words like you. You only call yourself christain but far from the deed of true christain. Anyway, you learn your rudness from your parents. Petty for your children who will be rude like their father and brag and inflated for nothing by calling themsellves Amhara even without knowing for sure where they come from. please try to socialize your children to become person and live in peace with all human being regardless colour and race. Tell them their true identity rather than branding them with false identity. May God help you to be human!

  6. Alamirew G/H says:

    Damis and Mizigena appear to be appropriate, by calling spade, spade. The man who called himself Metema Yohannes represents anti-Agaw views. I don’t know personally either Ato Mesele Desta or I have no information about his party. One thing is true,the world is open for tolerance than any time. The society, like our is should be accommodating tolerance in practical reality not just for the matter of principle. Natural democracy accommodates diverse interactions, movements and ideas; Ato. Mesele’s move could be tolerated in that context. Even if the forum like this is tolerating abusive views, like Mr. Metema, why it is difficult to entertain Ato Mesele’s political diversity?. I believe the started democratization process in our beloved country,Ethiopia is appreciable and I hope this trend can be also applicable in the Amhara National Regional State. I believed the State of this Region is in a right democratic direction.I think the promotion of good governance starts with tolerance of diverse democratic principles rather than hindering them.Democracy is part and parcel of development; existence of popular movement is key for the success of the country’s development and progress. Indeed,like Mr. Metema Yohaness’s insult on the Kemant Professor has little contribution, but I hope the attacker will lean positive lesson from the forum’s tolerance. A issue of democratic diversity held by Mr. Mesele Desta deserves carrot not a stick. I hope the situation will not happen again.

  7. chmbalala says:

    MIsgina has correctly responded for such backward reaction which is really the sign of defeat! Arrogant persons always prefer force when they are unable to convince others through deliberative democracy! we are asking our rights which have been clearly put in our constitution! Why you become so angry, mr Metema Yohannes? You know also the strong side of those Agaws! But, still we strictly adhere the peaceful and civilized ways for everything!

  8. Shame on you Metema Yohannes, you said you are christian Amara (African Monkeys around River Abay), and at the same time you assume yourselves as masters of Agaw people. How on earth?

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