Agaws Should Align with whom as Ethiopian Opposition Forces Competing?

The ruling party’s secrecy around Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s medical status has created puzzlement, uncertainty and mistrust in the system. Two weeks ago, Communication Minister, Ato Bereket Simon briefed at news conference Mr. Meles’ recovery and expected return to his job before long. In an interview with VOA, Ato Sibhat Nega one of core the ruling party officials confirmed Mr. Meles’ medical treatment in an unnamed European country, believed to be Belgium. A number of blogs noted Zenawi’s return to Addis Ababa on July 17, 2012. Afterwards, public knows nothing about the Prime Minister’s status more than conflicting rumors on his clinical condition. The situation has induced concern and uneasiness in public.

The situation has also triggered uncertainty the Ethiopian political direction and hard to predict an outcome in post EPRDF Ethiopia. We can be sure only in one thing in the Ethiopian political process, the existences two competing opposition forces. One of the forces is led by liberation minded Oromos, Sidamas, Ethiopian Sumalis, Afars, some Tigreans and other oppressed nationalities. The block of this force appeared to be determined for free-will union or self-determination up to sovereignty. Fayysis (Fayis) one of Oromo political scientists indicated a vision for probable union in certain conditions in his article published on this site on May 26, 2012 (read). He also made it clear important roles of Oromos and Agaws in the expected union. In an effect, idealism of democracy, equality and freedom is into consideration in the context of the same principle; the old style political arrangement, which puts this block in a second class citizenship status is unacceptable at any cost. The second force is the usual oppressive element, which wants to grip the power in the name of national unity and liberal democracy. If this block succeeds in assuming state power, definitely, it will swear in the name of “motherland” and democracy till it consolidates and repositions itself. Eventually, it will impose its interest at least through propaganda machinery on the population under its rule, or it can reinforce full scale repression on nations and nationalities.

This is not exaggerated statement; look at the behavior of residual ideologists in Amare Kill; any one with doubt can check political economic statuses of Kemants, Wag Lasta, Semen, Agaw-Bija, Felasha (Beta Israel), Awi, Agaw Gojjam and Gafats. The poorest area in the country with neglected social and economic development is the Agaw area including Lalibela, once the land of wisdom. The Agaw people political experience in so called Amhara Region is ridiculous; denial of Kemant’s self-administration is blunt insult to the constitution of the country and utter suicide for democracy. Both Oromos and Agaw designated nationality administrative areas have no even local FM to communicate with public on their respective affairs; the regional TV is renamed to “Amhara Television” and the broadcast is restricted to Amharic Language only. Moreover the Agaws have been banned from exercising basic constitutional rights, organizing, assembling and demonstrating to put forward their grievance to public. Even if the assembly is permitted in a special circumstance, it takes more than 30-days, to secure a meeting hall/place due to unnecessary bureaucratic ups-downs. If officials do not feel pleased with the gathering, they can send their agents to harass, disrupt and disperse. That is what the practice of democracy and good governance in Amare Region for the last 20-years; it should be an alarming warning to other nations/nationalities in Ethiopia what comes next.

At this point, the Agaw people have two conflicting choices either to join the former block in fight against injustice that has subjected them for more than 800 years, or align with their oppressors, surrendering themselves to the worse national operation, which puts them at a second class citizenship as usual. It should be noted that the Agaws possible solidarity with the former is neither for retaliation of their oppressors nor hatred to the unity of the empire if takes place inline with a democratic principle, but just they want to free themselves from eight 800-years of bondage.

The first step for the process of equality is granting for Agaws statehood membership whatever in a possible transitional government or in a union, otherwise it is a clearly old game played by the consecutive predecessors of false Solomonic Dynasty. There is unconfirmed information on the formation of a transitional council in exile. If that true, the fate of the Agaw people is probably bad to worse. From Agaw prospective this body should be a rogue and subject to rejection since the Agaw people are not represented by a legitimate entity. Political recognition is certainly bilateral, a give and take process. The Agaws should recognize only those forces recognize their rights including statehood membership in a union, confederation or federation. The Agaw people had been cheated twice before, in 1270 and 1991. They should not be cheated again for the third time. Any opposition force is coming at the expense of the Agaw people should be considered as hostile to the Agaw people and promptly resisted.

Justice, liberty and equality for all! (editorial position)

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One Response to Agaws Should Align with whom as Ethiopian Opposition Forces Competing?

  1. chambalala says:

    Really, all issues of Ethiopia must be the issues of all. We are in the age of democracy and technology though this varies from place to place. No one will determine the destiny of Agaws except their own. As the writer of this Article has correctly mentioned, the oppression imposed on all Agaws must be eliminated without any precondition! All Agaws and other cushites must be alert and fight for their rights in collaboration more than ever.No nation can achieve its freedom without a single sacrifice!

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