Natural Disaster Occurred and Inflicted Damages in Kemant-Agaw Region, No Government Support

By Chmbalala M.

Eye witness report indicates, two kebeles of Lay Armachio Woreda, in Nort Gondar, Qemant (Kemant) Region, Ethiopia, were attacked by flood accident on July 7, 2012. The damages that occurred in these respective kebeles (villages) are follows:
Lomiye Kebele
1. 4 persons died.
2. 9 persons heavily injured.
3. 10 persons with simple injury.
4. around 128 hectares land of growing crops totally damaged.
5. 116 cattle died.
6. 58 equines died.
7. above 800 hens died.
8. above 70 farmers become homeless, since their houses were totally destroyed by such accident.
9. Gardens totally damaged, values estimated to be above 5, 000 birr.

Chira Ambezo Kebele
1. above 131 hectares land of growing crops totally damaged.
2. 16 farmers have become homeless; their houses were totally taken way by the flood.

The report confirmed that no single emergency help has given to the victims either on the side of the government or any agencies established for that purpose. Regional Government administrators did take any measures to the citizens. The government media, as well as, the government affiliated private media, like Gondar FM 98.1 did not report the catastrophe. The government’s behavior induced unhappy feelings among the Qemant community. An observer says the situation has reinforced the liberation struggle more than ever, the Qemant community is now determined to continue the liberation struggle up to end with its other Agaw brothers and other Ethiopian nations & nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia to remove permanently the tyranny of majorities in Amhara Region.
The Quest for Identity Recognition and Self-rule Interim Committee has also called on Federal Government, humanitarian agencies to support the victims. The committee has also called supporters to pass this report to concerned body.

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