It Is Natural for Me to Surrender for Facts

By Endalamaw A.
……… It is really amazing to investigate that many mishaps had happened in the due course of our historical tracings in this regard (loose understanding of actual identity). Coming by across I was linked to the idea and it first disgusts me but what I heard had logistics in it. Since it is natural for me to surrender for facts, I decided to investigate what the actual reality is; and after all it takes me about a half year to go through. —— then, found out, just same people…. one great people, “Agaw” was fragmented during the process of Politico-Christianization and……..!?

The mess is ….it needs a great insight,…keen observation, wise progress, optimism and the capacity to follow the truth. I can’t say you anymore here but it is impressive!!! The moment you get the exposure, it disgusts you; when you are genuine enough to go through it, it impresses you. But if you are rough towards it , it appears to be disgusting for you. If you are genuine enough towards it, you will see the benefits at the flip-side of it.

……Any ways let us outsmart and make it happen with wise progress and gross/holistic/ participation – possibly in a broader sense. A great means for the ever better future of the region, ever better unification both within the region and at national level, for great social mobilization and great achievement with optimistically enriched and renascenced social environment. And this video is one aspect of it. Never be and stay negligent to it!!!

=======Real mutual understanding for great African nation ‘Ethiopia’!!!=========
=========== May you feel it great!!!=======

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2 Responses to It Is Natural for Me to Surrender for Facts

  1. Kamazana says:

    It is high time for Kemants and the Agaw people in general to come together. First is to recognize that they are the same people separated by the politics of the ancients. The second point is to be able to come together as brothers and sisters. God has given us the opportunity to come together giving us the proper perspective. We do not deny we are Ethiopians but to make the present Ethiopia stronger as other ethnics are doing, we need to know our history and know who we really are. Knowing oneself is the threshold of knowing others in the right perspective. Otherwise, we cannot know others with a skewed and improper label that is stuck to our identity. Many Kemants know the hate propaganda our operators have thrown on us, like yaenchat fre, chegogot, lebu zattagn, etc. etc. We are always seen by others as outsiders. We also considered ourselves as outsiders and hence as worthless. We never wanted to be identified by our proper identity as Kemants. We developed self-hate associated with the our identity. This we had to do because the our ethnic identity had become a stigma for self hate as others wanted us to be non-entity. Yes, this scheme of avoiding us has continued till today when the false statistical compilation of the census of our area reveals it. And this in a time when Ethnic identity is supposed to be respected constitutionally. However, there has to be a stop to this kind of vicious campaign to ridicule an entire group of people as subhumans. Ethiopia will not be strong while her constituents are considered weak and worthless. We want equal treatment and justice so we can contribute our God given talent to the development of our nation. It is not fair that we are sidelined as observers of the contributions of others. This ultimately is not useful for the country anyway.
    Kemants, Agaws in general are the original people in the area. Guess what, with the new findings that humanity originated from Ethiopia, and because Agaws are the original people, it is now evident that the Agaws are the origin of humanity.
    The Kemant prophetess, Emawana, has prophesied that Gondar ultimately will be claimed by the Kemant people and that love and peace once again will dominate the area. We have to approach the request for self governance and self awareness with love and love alone. Let there be no mistake of identifying strength with might. We want to be together with our ethnic people and know our true identity in history only to come with strength to love others and join them at a higher level as Ethiopians.
    Let us surrender this our wish and our request to the Good God who alone can resolve issues that seem to be complicated.

  2. Mizigena says:

    May God bless you! I fully realize that we have more than enough knowledge, talent, skill, energy and dedicated human resource all over the planet. What we have lacked so far is common institution that brings us together and show to the world who we really are .
    Thank you again I m really immersed in the ideas you raised. we have to be like that.
    Last but least I wonder to know wether we can write like Qemant and agaw . I often read that “Qemant-Agew”. are we calling Qemant people together with its father’s name or Agaw is a different tribe from qemant but in the same family. I only ask you because I wounder of your idea. Otherwise I read a lot like this and this question goes to all of you who use this mixing up (Qemant-Agaw). Agaw is an ancestor name for Qemant, Himra, Awi, Bilen and converted others. I wrote this because by tomorrow this naming will continue and fixed as Qemant and Agaw. For me Agaw means qemant and Qemant means Agaw.
    Take For example the tribe naming Oromo. Qeryu-oromo. Borena-Oromo, Wallow-Oromo. They are all Oromo.They do not call Kereyu and Oromo. Some one from our brothers Oromo people can correct me if I make any error in my naming of the Oromo tribes within Oromo Nation.
    Thank you!
    Join hands together for our reniesence!.

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