Kemant Ethnic Members Detained in Ethiopia, Amhara Region, Armachiho without Due Justice

This site had received the fllowing report yesterday:
Violation of Article 41 of of the constituion. The Qemant people denied of access to Farming land on the pretext that conserving the Environment. This is only sytematic denial of the rights of the citizen to work by going to any part of Ethiopia. Semen Gondar Adminstration zone has prohabited the qemant people to go and farm beyond their kebele. Some of the farmers were organized demonstartion in Tikl Dingay town (Lay Armachiho Admin town) on May 30th 2012 to show their grievance on the decision. However, the woreda police aborted the demonstarion and detained participants and group leaders. Currently nine farmers have been in a custody for the last two weeks and still not seen court to defend their case. Among the farmers who are still in Tikl Dingay town prison are:
1. Yirdaw Abay
2. Mihiret Genet
3. Getachew Syoum
4. Negidew Ayana
5.Yismaw Abera
6. gizachew michael
7. Belete Tamirat
8. Asmar
This people are still in prison wihout seeing any court despite of article 19 of Federal Ethiopia constitution. The article says anyone who put under control alleged for any reason will be presented to court in 48 hours.

Beyond this there is high gross human right violation inflicted upon the Qemant people. The case in point is that during the mid term statistical sample data collection, by the federal statistics agency ,many of qemant were forced to give the required information having been categorized as Amhara nation.. Those who refused and called themselves Qemnat were flogged and jailed without any couart’s warant. This is only done by Wordea adminster Ato Worku and his accomplices.
Ato Worku Lay Armachiho woreda adminsiter, is a missioner assigned by the ANDM (Amhara Nation Democratic Movement) officials to arrest the Qemant people to stop quest for self-administration. But his attempt is only for vain. The Arab says ” the dogs are still barking but the camel continous its journey”.

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3 Responses to Kemant Ethnic Members Detained in Ethiopia, Amhara Region, Armachiho without Due Justice

  1. Kenaw T. says:

    This is unfortunate that detaining farmers who are asking for their constitutional rights. The most difficult problems we are facing these days is that the local leaders themselves violate the law that they should inforce it. Woreda administrator, ato worku should not wait the farmers from Tikel Dyngay to interprate the law for him. Both Articles 19 & 41 should be clear to him and he should take immediate action right away. If however, the motive is inteneded to show the domination power of “Amhara” tradition, then I am sorry. That era is gone for good! Please wake up and smell the coffee. I dont think we can rewind the clock!!!

    • sisay says:

      I felt sorry. our farmers are still in prison. what are we expecting? please we have to be one and raise our constitutional rights.let we arrive to the farmers as much as possible and as we can. one day we will win!!!

  2. Mizigena says:

    which farmer you mean?
    Those who are detained on June 201 2004 E.C already released, I think.

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