East Gojjamis Relocated from South Ethiopia, Maji Zone, Begurafarda Woreda, Sought Compensation

People from East Gojjam/Gaffat people who lived in South Ethiopia, Maji Zone, Begurafarda Woreda sought compensation from South Ethiopia Peoples’ Regional Government. Last week on ETV Southern Ethiopia Governor, Mr. Shiferaw Shigute Admitted relocation of 800 people whom he thought committed environmental harm, but rejected exaggeration. Some claim larger figures than officially stated. The governor also clarified that return to their original home was arranged in collaboration with Amhara Regional Government. He reported also more than 1,500 people are still living in their villages. He emphasized the citizens have constitutional rights to live and work in anywhere, Ethiopia. His government was concerned with environmental protection not on ethnicity.

His Excellency Prime Minister Melese Zenaw, whom asked by Parliament members to comment on the issue on April 17, 2012, described situation, as follows: The information disseminated was irresponsible and non-founded; there are 24,000 East Gojjamis in Begurafarda Woreda, Maji Zone who live and administrator themselves. Resettlement was acceptable; only one thing was mistaken that was disorganized private resettlement which led to adverse environmental engagement. Indeed, he said, Amhara Regional State and South Ethiopia Peoples’ governments have reached on consensus to continue resettlement in an organized state sponsor manner.

Some people who left their village claimed they left hundreds of thousands of property and sought recovery or adequate compensation. Observers also share this view, the observers say in Ethiopian relocation regulations, they should be automatically eligible for proper compensation, no matter whether relocation is carried out for investment or environmental protection. One of displaced persons said, they would continue to bring their case to the attention of the Prime Minister unless they are compensated fully or return to their villages. Another young person hoped Investigation Committee formed by Mr. Shigute would come up with fair remedy to the crisis.

Like part of South Gondar, the People of East Gojjam, historically known as Gaffat people, one of Agaw clans who contributed civilization in the medieval era. The Gaffat language is believed to be by now extinct. Professor Muse Tegegne the man who renamed Gojjam to Felege Ghion declared the people of ‘Gojjam’ were not Amhara. The declaration was made in June, 1991, in the manifesto entitled, Ghion Liberation Front in the name of Gojjam people. Later on, the same manifesto and book, StigmaGojjam’
Abbyssianian Pariah (first edition) sent to heads of states of all nations. The objectives of correspondence intended to: introduce the identity of the habitants, seek support for planned Orit Shengo, Confederal State. Professor Muse received letters in reply from US President Bill Clinton, Britain Prime Minister Toney Blair and President of Eritrea, Yisayas Afeworki in acknowledgement to his efforts to disclose the reality. See also Gaffat



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2 Responses to East Gojjamis Relocated from South Ethiopia, Maji Zone, Begurafarda Woreda, Sought Compensation

  1. Thomas from Xian, China write on topix.com/forum/world/ethiopia, Monday Apr 30, 2012 says:

    “We need it!!! let me have a question to Amhara fellows. Do you feel good when Professor Mesfin says Amhara is not name of nation? He says “There is no a nation called Amhara, it is TPLF creature so that it can rule ethiopia by dividing the people.” Do you confess this statement? if so, I don’t need the recognition of Kemant as a nation.”

  2. Mizigena says:

    Guraferda is the second case to Lay Armachiho Woreda, in Amhara Region
    Ethiopian constitution clearly says that any Ethiopian can move within and beyond Ethiopia and have any rights to engage in any activity that generates income and asset. However, the fact on the ground is different. We can simply cite the case what happened to the Amharic speaker northern people in Gurafeda. No man can imagine this act would take place a country where there is law and rules.
    Before the true Guraferda incidence took place there had happened similar acts in the Amhara region by Amhara officials against the Qemant people in 2011.The Qemant people geographically found in the high land and semi low land areas of north Gondar encircle by Amhara people.

    As a result of high population presure and the topography the land where qemant people live is highly degraded and the landholding size is below half a hectare. The people as a coping strategy go to the low land areas where relatviely there is spacely population and abundant fertile farm land. This practice has been in place for many years.
    For lack of good governace and attmept of forceful annexion of the peopl to the domain Amhara people, Qemant quest for self administration. This constitutional rights quest didn’t make happy some conservative Amhara officials and some Amhara hypocrat Amhara.
    On the pretext that the natural resource of the lowland will be destructed the hosting woredas of amhara leaders( Tach Armachiho, Mirab Armachiho) wrote a letter to zone and regions to officially protest people not to go out of their kebeles for farming purpose.But the true reason is to make the Qemant people quit up their constitutional rights quest.
    However, the Qemant people appeal to the regional government to intervention to solve the issue. After very long discussion, the Regional government approved the excuses and told the people not to go and farm out their kebele.
    In the end the Qemant people in Lay Armachiho confirmed to the regional officials, well if you deny our constitutional rights our fate will be die in hunger but before we die of famine we will take any possible solutions to stay in life. One of them is engaging in self-defensive acts. The people said to the officials, we gave you a week time to decide on, otherwise the consequence will be bad both to your administration and the Qemant people as well and said to them choose the best. After a week the people were allowed to go and farm but only for that season. I do not know what will happen this farming season. I hate any inhuman acts to happen to anyone. But even the Amhara government attempted an act like Guraferda. Guraferda is next to Qemant

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