One Year Press Contribution and Future Direction

The WLKA launched its electronic press one year ago. Since then it has served as the forum for information, self-awareness, democracy, human rights, particularly for self-determination of Kemants, Agaw people in general. It has made incredible efforts in bridging the plights of the Kemant people to public attention and a libration forum, eventually to craft solidarity with those under oppression and freedom loving ones. There should not be illusion, the journey to freedom is long and laborious, yet certainly attainable. The press goal is clear, intends to contribute its share for, no ideology of domination which imposes its alien, artificial hegemony on the indigenous people, as the case of Amhara Kilil. Imposition is adopted into three ways, either implicitly or explicitly. Firstly, depriving resources that indigenous people deserve to rehabilitate their legitimate heritage and ultimately their destine. Secondly, designating surrogate and manipulative leadership, which works for the dominators’ agenda, not for the people it claims to represent. Thirdly, intimidating and threatening directly the designated surrogates unless they execute the domination policy without precondition; in case Amhara Education Bureau is known with this arrogance at the expenses of Agaw children. Moreover, the past and present policy toward the Kemant people is like, pouring salt water on the wound, bad to worse. Subsequently, it is fair to say Ethiopia is up to date an agony for the Agaw people, which puts them at the second citizenship status.

The press should work in an effort to change the background of injustice. It needs to play a role for acceleration of democracy and equality in Ethiopia, all nations and nationalities to be treated and respected equality including exercising of true self-rule and equitable development in their respective territory. To the same end, let us all of us have courage to take part in the process, which means contribute objective investigative article(s) that can be published on the site; the factual information is real power to influence human attitudes and behaviors contrary to manipulative propaganda. Organize yourself in the name of Agaw people wherever you are to free from scenario of mental slavery that makes you others’ political ladder or ashker at the cost of the Agaw people, and prepare yourself psychologically to respond for any call; a change must start from within the self; should not hesitate briefing the plight of the Agaw people at any gathering, like university student events, usually common in North America. Introduce this site at least for your additional ten contacts either via url address or search phrase, “Agaw people“. In spite of the number of site visitors has almost tripled within the year, still much has to be done to reach those have access to Internet, Agaws, supporters and freedom loving human beings who have no information about our case.

In other words, the press should adjust itself with revealing demands of the situation on the ground. The contents of articles primarily should focus on exposing phony democracy, human right violation, particularly related to Kemants and development marginalization in the Agaw region; creating awareness indicating imminent potential threat over the Ethiopian nations and nationals beyond suffering of the Agaw people; investigating facts about the Agaw people including their natural identity, and indeed, recognizing positive episodes in the democratization process if any. In that way, the press can have positive contributions towards materialization of equality and freedom in the region.

Let us stand up in unity for our natural and constitutional rights. Lenience is not virtue by default, there is something endurable in trade off, for example, one may modify life-style, occupation, religion, political ideology, citizenship, even language, etc, but cannot alter natural identity sealed with blood and bone of forefathers, but in worse one may mask with synthetic identity in humility and disgrace. The latter is the inevitable unenthusiastic consequence unless otherwise we stand together for our basic liberty in all legitimate means including press. WISHING SUCCESS!

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2 Responses to One Year Press Contribution and Future Direction

  1. Northern Agaw says:

    Best wishes from Northern Agaw people, for the Agaw kemant, Awi, Agaw Himra (Wag Lasta) and others. Hopefully a United Agaw Nation in near future.

  2. Alamirew G/H says:

    That is a proper idea which is concerned with the maxim that “one cannot alter natural identity sealed with blood and bone of forefathers”..This is the prime factor that might be induced to Qemant People’s current struggle for political recognition and self determination .What is the real problem that hindered forwarding the positive response for the genuine demand which confront with command.I The Amhara Regional Administration and Council can be regarded as democratic one when it is seen in comparison with other Regions of the country in matters of the quest of self administration of nationalities found with in its scope.That means it has recognized two Special Agew Zones,one Oromia Zone and One Argoba Special Wereda.Then what happened to the Reginal Administration in regards to the quest of the Qemant people? I am really highly intereupted with the damn paid response.Natural identity of the i people should not be denied and ignored..The Federation Council of the Federal Government is expected to give immediate answer to the popular demand of self identity.

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