Future Flag of Agaw People

“Agaw unity and strength is the strength of Ethiopia, we are not against anybody just we want to restore our natural identity God has given.”

I Have Dream <

You can call me I have a dream; I have a personal dream, this banner shall be the futures flag of the Agaw people, Wag Lasta through East Gojjam whom bound by blood and bone, but forced to disintegrate and abandon their true identity for centuries. The blue color of the flag stands for tolerance and trustworthiness; the rows of stars signify bright future and hope ahead. The largest star in the middle symbolizes aspiration for rehabilitation and reunification to create a single Agaw state. On hoisting side of the flag, invisible horizontal green, yellow and red tricolors (partially flag of Ethiopia) associated with a genuine desire for consent unity with other Ethiopians in freedom and equality.

Stars were valuable objects in the tradition of the Agaw flocks. Prior to the invention of counting clocks, Agaw people used stars for night time estimation. Especially, the appearance of five bright stars, lately night called dawn stars were considered as indicators of impending daybreak. Those who wanted to go a religious worship place, or planned to travel before dawn had to observe the five stars to make sure dawn was approaching. Moreover, unusual star behaviors, color changes and violent animations used to be signs of probable instability in the society related to coming events, such as a state change. The long astrological belief, individual personalities association with types and characteristics of stars at the birth of a person existed also in the Agaw flocks.

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3 Responses to Future Flag of Agaw People

  1. Misigena says:

    Why we often start from scratch. I do not think the flag has anythin to do with our identity. We can go with it.

  2. Mezgebu says:

    I wish I were Agaw…

  3. adinas says:

    It will naturally come to be true

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