Kemant’s Planned Demonstration Postponed

According to source, the Kemant Community’s planned demonstration postponed for an indefinite period of time. The strike supposed to take place in the current month. According to the report, the decision was made by the Kemant Council consists of 120 representatives from nine woredas including Gondar City. The resolution was made by the majority at the meeting held on the 3rd of December 2011 in Gondar City. Some council members looked dissatisfied with the move. According to a reliable source, the regional government was informally bargaining with Professor Yigzaw Kebede for the adjournment of the planned demonstration. Professor Yigzaw appeared to enjoy considerable influence on the community.

Despite postponed, the council instructed the alternative measures to be taken in this month. About 30 council members, most of them are also woreda representatives to travel to Bahir Dar to discuss their grievance with Ayalew Gobeze, the Governor of Amhara Region. It was tentatively scheduled for January 4, 2012. Then, depending on the outcome of the session, some members expected to travel to Addis Ababa to meet with federation representatives and the rest of the delegates will returned to Gondar to inform the community on their mission.
In related latest news, Mr. Ayalew, the Governor reportedly invited Kemant executive Committee members and speakers to Bahir Dar on the same date. The speakers are to present for audience on the history of the kemant people.

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12 Responses to Kemant’s Planned Demonstration Postponed





  3. Melese Worku says:

    It is better to exhaust alternative remedies other than demonstration and if the alternatives resulted in no solution , then the demonstration inevitably comes, it should be followed firmly and properly handled to be effective and fruitful.

  4. beshaw says:

    Since Kemants are very coward people, they will not hold a public demonstration, nor will they attain their identity or self-administration. I have never seen or heard a coward people like them. They should not blame the government or the Amhara people for the failure of recognition!!!

  5. Misigena says:

    Qemant in its history never has been afraid of anyone but respect law and regulation. You can ask your mum or dad who this people is. You know them very well. Of course, they are not war mongerer and hypocrates like you and people you belong to. Beleive it or not accept it or not, we we will never be annexed to you. Enough is enough. Yes, people like you who are lawless and rude who insult people for nothing (of course you inherited this behaviour from your rude parents) will stand against our rights ,will try to delay our quest. You will see sooner or later we will declare our freedom from your bondage.
    Your name clearly indicates that you have no any limit for your bad attitud. “Simin Melak Yawtawal Yibalal”. you spit words like anything else. Let me tell you we will never convert our identity like you did.We are still Qemant

  6. Beshaw says:

    I’m still Kemant. I did not insult . I merely stated the facts, existing realities. Rather you insulted me. I can say now it is not the Amharas, it is you Kemants who are chauvinistic!

  7. Misigena says:

    Do you come back to ur true idenitity? It was you who said qemant is coward! Never in history qemant is coward. Qemant was strugling for a century both the arogant guys and the instituional form of oppression led by arogant people.

  8. Beshaw says:

    If Kemants, like you, were not coward, you would have recognized and enjoyed recognition and self-administration. Look: Harare people,only 15,000 in number have enjoyed not only recognition, but also self-administration which is Regional State. You coward people claim to be 1, 000,000 in number are denied of recognition, let alone self-administration at zonal level or Regional one . You see one Harare is better than sixty six (66) Kemants! Both the TPLF and its buchila AMDM, the remnants neftegna, will not give you what the constitutions allows and what you have asked. You foolish people say ;Ethiopia, Ethiopia. Say First Kemant! Find allies, irrespective of their relationship with the Ethiopia, you call your country, to work with or fight with, for the Recognition and Self-Administration. Fight for your right; do not beg your rights from your oppressors, the Amhara and Tigres. As far as Kemants’ rights concerned, Tigrians are not better than Amharas. Tigrians have helped more than 70 nationalities, including the Oromos, to get their independence from the oppressor Amhara.
    To sum up, if Kemants say they are not coward peope, let me see die for fighting for their rights than dying begging their rights from their oppressor Amhara region. You have been for 21 years!!!

    • Misigena says:

      I now understand what you mean. Thanks! wait and see.

      • Beshaw says:

        What you and your likes do not understand is rights can not be obtained or enforced by begging!! Waiting for until a new government comes and say no more nationality questions?! Foolishness to wait! What matters is not waiting for someone to enforce your rights, but what matters is a firm determination of your people to its objectives and their conscious ! Let me finish my comment on the issue forever! forever! OK!!!

  9. wlka says:

    Please do not use inflammable phrases when you comment. You should be able to convey your point in plain language in an interactive manner. Any inflammable statement can be subject to removal from now on. Thank you.

    • Beshaw says:

      It was a reaction to inflammable statement. A heartily people can can use an inflammable material to blow out what they consider as their enemies, let alone an inflammable statement! Whether it is removed or not, I do not care. Any ways it is my last time to give my comment on Kemant issues. Peace!!

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