Is It Genuine Conference? Kemant Leadership Must Be Vigilant!

Information coming from the region indicates some sort of conference to be held on the Kemant issue, probably to open way for self-determination, including self-governance. In principle, it sounds good and has to be welcomed. In spite of that, the desired conference genuineness is questionable. There are reasons for speculation. There is no clue that Kemant community leadership has been contacted for the same purpose. If it is designed to respond to the outstanding popular demands, the process must be owned by the Kemant people and its leadership, which has led for the past seven years the journey to freedom. They should be the one who will determine the question of who shall participants in the conference from nine of woredas and its concerned kebels. The role of federal/regional government must be facilitating the same by providing resources and meeting other necessary conditions to inaugurate self-rule.

Yet, the intension of the planned conference seemingly pseudo-conference in attempt to water down; there is a reason to say this: Firstly, actors who have involved in the case directly or indirectly are individuals with wrong motives; figures, like Merha-Tsadk L., who denied the existence of Kemants in Gondar for years, yet currently talking about he himself was Kemant, but he cannot rehabilitate himself and difficult for other people too. There is no evidence even he is native Gondaris, this position is simply trick, deception and chauvinist conspiracy. Furthermore, the same individual thinks it is dangerous to stop the Kemant movement without guaranteeing some sort of self-rule, at the same time he presumably conspires not to allow Kemants rule all of their areas although it adjacently lays. Just he likely wants to limit to three to four woredas, the intention is to minimize the Kamants’ influence in the regional power balance. In that prospect, the expected conference should be considered as pseudo-conference and hypocritical, because it down looks arrogantly sovereignty of the Kemant people and lacks genuineness, thus it will not resolve the outstanding problem and foster peaceful co-existence in the area, which is prerequisite for democracy and development.

So far, many Tigreans shown sympathy to the Agaw people, especially from Diaspora since 2008 and the recent voice of solidarity from Oromo people publications, as stated in Fayyis article is highly appreciated. Yes, it is solidarity with justice over injustice and welcome. This editorial calls on also other Ethiopians to be aware of the Kemants’ legitimate demand and play positive roles. It calls on also the neighbors, like Welkaite and Tsegadie work in cooperation with the Kemant people for common good on basis of equality. Let us live in equality and freedom!

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2 Responses to Is It Genuine Conference? Kemant Leadership Must Be Vigilant!

  1. Misigna says:

    those Amhara officials have no any apetite to act as per the constituion and respect the quest of qemant. The fact that they recognize qemant it leads to identity crisis among the so called Amhara

    • Misigna: Genocide Indicators says:

      There are indications of genocide against Kemant/Qemant race From time immemorial physical destruction as well as institutional (culture, religion and language) inflictions occurred upon the Qemant. The gone legend solomonic regime’s relics are still strongly practiced in the Amhara region against the Qemant people. It appears there is still hidden intact for purpose racial destruction. There is a campaign and strong movement supported by the regional government aimed to totally deny the existence of Kemant in the region. A case in point is the so called study conducted by the regional government missionary Ato Yaregal and his resemblance around December 2011 which falsifies facts about Kemant as stated here:
      Kemant has no any different language
      Geographically, Kemant live mixed with Amhara
      Kemant has no distinct culture from that of Amhara.

      Let me come back to the definition of genocide given by Lemkin (1943),”genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”

      Imagine, Yaregal’s so called study statment tries to prove all this: disintegration of Keemant culture, religion and language. Ineffect in justification of the previous wrong doing. Of course, more than 15 Digenas (praying places for those who still adhere to Orit or higelibona religion) have been destructed and replaced by Ethiopian Orthodox Church after EPRDF has come to power. Almost about 10, 000 older people who spoke Qementeny died without transferring the language to their children for lack of supporting institution by the regional government. This is a kind of genocide that Lemkin called. This is the kind of genocide practiced by Amhara governors upon qementy people.

      In spite of all these suppression, Kemanty is strong and intact. For example, religious ritual has been conducted in Kementeny where Yaregal himself was attending and heard the language of Kemant. However, he kept his ear close, eyes shut and tongue dumb. We ask all international community to save this people from forcefully annexing to Amhaha and processes of Amharization. The regional government’s current act is the real indication of what was happening during the legend solomonide period upon Qemant and other agaw and Cushitic people: Forceful conversion (racially, language and religion). Again, I call upon the attention of the international community and international institutions to save Qemant from total destruction via systematic genocide.

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