Ashenda 2011 Celebration at Seqota Town, Wag Lasta

  • Ashenda 2011 celebration at the Seqota town, Wag, Amhara Region. The video was taken by a layman in low quality. Some of pictures are taken in black color and others are in color. Due to poor quality/poor image some sections of videos have been discarded that include an emotional remark by a Kemant girl in her native language on the Seqota’s warm reception, Kemant priest’s prayer in his language and other cultural dances, like in Afan Oromo. However, still you can enjoy remaining diversities of folk music that had been played there, such as music of Wag-Lasta, Awi, Tigray, Kampata and Amharic. The video has been broken down into three as follows:

• Viedo-1: Agaw Kemants’ gifts to Agaw Wags: Click Here
• Viedo-2: Speech by southern Ethiopia Agaw representatives and cultural folk music and dances: Click Here
• Video-3: Continued diverse cultural folk music and dances, including hot Awi music: Click Here
For more girls videos, Link1 and

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