Finote Selam Hosts Week Long Trade Fair and Bazaar

Finote Selam is currently the Capital of Jabittanehin District, one of West Gojjam Woredas. It was the capital of Damot during Haile Silassie and Derg Regims. The town lies in the most fertile lowland Damot area. It is currently under preparation to host one week commercial Bazaar, April 30 through May 7. The town’s leadership and the steering committee formed the same purpose is coordinating the job. The whole activity is overseen by the Mayer, Mr. Animaw. The modern and cultural musical show including Agewgna is expected to make the event more colorful. The city leadership has planned to raise more than 30 million birr at the bazaar. The town residents, West Gojjam Woredas and Damot natives living outside of the district are expected contribute their share. This is the third fundraising event in the region in the same period in addition to Gojjam Museum Erection Fundraising Activity and Awi Development Association Telethon. The aim of Finote Selam Trade Fair and Bazaar appear to be:

  • Accelerate development in the town, including setting up a construction enterprise, and
  • Assert legitimacy for ongoing claim to promote Finote Selam’s status to the capital of West Gojjam.


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